Every Day with Rachael Ray recipe widget

Love her or hate her, I still like her recipes!

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2 thoughts on “Every Day with Rachael Ray recipe widget

  1. I like her recipes too! 🙂

  2. I love Racheal Ray – I don’t know why some people hate her so much! She’s adorable!

    About the cabbage soup on my blog – there really wasn’t that much leftover so I won’t be freezing it. But we do freeze corned beef and cabbage and the only thing I notice is sometimes it loses some of the broth as it is absorbed into the frozen things and when you thaw it, it’s somehow a little watery tasting. We usually thaw it and re-heat on the stove, adjusting the seasonings again.

    It was SUCH a good soup – I had some more for lunch today. I’m glad Johnny is such a sport about eating everything I cook. I grew up with a ridiculously picky brother so it’s cool to now have the luxury to cook and not worry if a picky eater will like all the ingredients.

    The recipe only made 4 big bowls, so maybe you could make it for yourself and just enjoy leftovers longer!! 🙂

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