I ate the whole thing!

Yes, I am a creature of habit!  I don’t know what it is, but I don’t really mind eating the same things over and over while reading 30+ food blogs every day, and subscribing to 5 food magazines! 

So tonight was again PIZZA PARTY FRIDAY!  I ended up making individual pizzas again.  Husband had margherita pizza (sliced tomatoes and basil).  Hannah had fresh garic, chopped peppers, and spinach.

After I pre-cooked hubby’s pizza on the bottom rack, I removed, added his toppings and put it on the top rack.  Hannah doesn’t like crispy pizza, so hers stayed on a cookie sheet.  Hers cooked while hubby’s continued to cook.

Then Hannah’s gets removed – heaven forbid its too crunchy!  Then I added my dough to pre-cook.

look at all those bubbles in my dough!

look at all those bubbles in my dough!

My ingedients:  1 ounce Mexican sausage, spinach, fresh garlic, pepperoni, fresh/dried basil:

But the Mexican sausage was a mistake – it had a weird taste after it was cooked, so Hannah happily picked it all of for me!

perfect cracker crust!

perfect cracker crust!

Does anyone have any tips on keeping dough crispy while using fresh tomatoes?  I even seeded the tomatoes, but the crust was still soggy in the middle. 

Don’t really have any concrete plans for the weekend – although I can’t wait for all the sunshine!  See you at breakfast.

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