I only had

one trick or treater tonight by the time I got home from work.  Tony only gave out six pieces of candy before I came home.  We were even sitting on our deck, bowl of candy in sight, and people walked right by us!  So since I thought we’d be sitting outside, and I really didn’t feel like cooking tonight, we ordered a pizza!

Yes, I know, I make good homemade pizza, but we did order deep dish, which is something I can’t make.  I ended up having 1 1/2 slices – um, sausage and bacon!

Tony did the grocery shopping today, and got me the ingredients for my Blogger Secret Ingredient recipe – this weeks ingredient is PEARS!  Here is the link to this week’s host: www.itzyskitchen.blogspot.com.

At first I was going to do a baked pear with goat cheese filling with a balsamic glaze, but www.fitnessista.com beat me to it!  So on to plan B!

But we tossed around some ideas and came up with this SO simple soup that I think would be an awesome first course for not only a dinner party, but for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Pear Blue Cheese Soup with Blue Cheese Crostini

  • 14.5 ounce chicken broth (can easily be substituted with veggie broth to make vegetarian)
  • 2 medium sized pears, peeled and sliced
  • 2 ounces blue cheese
  • 1.5 ounce pancetta, diced and pan fried (then cooled)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • sprinkle of Paprika

Put broth in pot and add sliced pears.  Cook until pears are soft enough to blend with a stick blender – mine took about 10 or 12 minutes.  Remove from heat, stir in blue cheese and add salt, pepper and paprika.

Tony got this squash from the store for a dollar – I think its called delicata squash?  It makes a nice presentation!  Pour soup in squash (or bowl!) and sprinkle fried pancetta and serve with crostini.

For the crostini, I just lightly buttered a piece of french bread, added about .3 ounces of blue cheese and put under the broiler.  This would be a simple make ahead recipe, because you would only need to warm it up to serve.  EDIT:  I forgot to add that this soup is not overly sweet – extremely savory with just a hint of the sweetness from the pears.  We were both pleasantly surprised not having any kind of soup like this before!

pears simmering

pears simmering

After loading the final pics on picasa, I decided I liked two:

So I hope everyone had more trick or treaters than us!  My mom is coming over tomorrow and we are going to our first Christmas craft fair!  Um, I might see some snowmen I just have to have!  See you at breakfast!


10 thoughts on “I only had

  1. whoa- beautiful presentation! Looks great! You do not need to email me, I gotcha 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, what an awesome recipe.

    Well, at least you got 1 🙂

    We did pizza tonight too – not homemade, but premade from the store and I just popped it in the oven.

  3. Joseph Carl Velatini

    that pizza looks so f****** good

  4. I read somewhere that Halloween night is statistically the most popular night for ordering pizza. Makes sense, I guess.

    I had the same thing with trick or treaters passing right by! I had the windows open, the couch is right in front and I could clearly see people (and them me) through the window. The house is decorated, light on, and spooky music playing. I’m glad it’s not just me, b/c I was starting to take it personally.

    That 2nd picture of the soup is ADORABLE! Great job! I was scarred for life by a disgusting melon soup this summer so I am gonna pass on trying out the recipe, though! 🙂

    Aww, Christmas. My weakness is nutcrackers. They are SO cute!

  5. It was quiet for me too, in terms of trick or treaters! I wonder where all the kids were tonight – it didn’t seem THAT cold outside… strange!

    And thanks for sharing such an awesome recipe! It looks sooo goood! yum yum! now I want some soup!

  6. CUTE squash/soup dish!!

    Happy belated Halloween!!! 🙂

    Have fun at the Christmas fair!!

  7. That soup looks great. I have to try it. What a great fall presentation.

    Sent you a few squash recipes.

  8. I got you all beat – after 150 kids, I closed the door at 6:30, turned off all the lights, and snuck to the kitchen! Where I too had pizza. (I peeked outside about a half-hour later, and there were still trick-or-treaters on our block!)
    The soup looks delish.

  9. Great BSI submission. I love the acorn squash bowl!

  10. How many servings of soup would you say you get from this recipe?

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