Breakfast + lunch success!

It was again 50 degrees this morning, so Ed and I took another 30 minute walk.  We got almost to the river when he spotted the ducks!  He scared them away though!


Then I came home and enjoyed more peppermint coffee, thanks to Hannah!

Yep, another snowman mug!

Yep, another snowman mug!

Breakfast was oats, water, 3 oz. diced apple and a couple tablespoons of granola.  The only thing I don’t like about these bags is that in the end you are really only left with sunflower seeds and a few raisins!


So my friends K and R at work were the inspiration for my sweet potato recipe submission.  I had given each of them my recipe and asked for suggestions – glad R suggested that I reduce the amount of Splenda brown sugar.  I originally was going to put 2 tablespoons not remembering that it would be the equivalent of 4 tablespoons – it would have made it REALLY too sweet.

Since we have a kitchen at work, I brought the raw ravioli to work and boiled it here, heating up the sauce in the microwave, and made garlic bread in the oven.  EVERYONE LOVED IT and wanted the recipe.  It’s very light, the flavors work well together.  And I never would have even thought of this in a million years (I think I like sweet potatoes – who knew?!).

I had 6 ravioli and two slices of garlic bread

I had 6 ravioli and two slices of garlic bread

Lunch break is over – see you at dinner.  Um, I’m thinking pizza!  But I might make Mexican pizza with the leftover taco meat.  We’ll see!

6 thoughts on “Breakfast + lunch success!

  1. those sweet potato “pillows” look so freakin amazing!!!!

  2. Wow, beautiful shot. Just looking at that photo, and the ducks makes me want to travel and see more places. I love sweet potatoes and would love that recipe. Your breakfast looked delicious too, at first I thought the apples were mangos. Oh mangos, I had halibut with mango chutney last light. Yummy. It must be lunch time.

  3. I’m sure whatever you make for dinner will be amazing- you’re So creative in the kitchen! And you’re seriously making me want to get Christmas and festive mugs- maybe even a christmas present idea 🙂 Thanks.

    That lake is gorgeous, where about are you located?

    Have an amazing friday- and it’s no surprise the coworkers loved the recipe; I even copied it down into my recipe book because I Know it’s a hit without even trying it!!

  4. Awh, that is so cute to be able to see ducks!

    Glad everyone loved the garlic bread, because I am a sucker for garlic bread too! Yum yum!

    Happy Friday!

  5. I am going to make the roasted pepper sauce and serve it with linguine and shrimp this weekend. It looks awesome B!

  6. Pizza Friday…pinch me.

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