I can’t be the only one. . .

This is what my desk typically looks like on Friday mornings:



 I only have a couple minutes break, so this will be quick.  I made a mini egg bagel at home and brought it to work.  They are the Trader Joe brand mini whole grain bagels – they are really good!  With 1/4 cup egg whites and 1/2 ounce of fontina cheese.

I have to say I am becoming a huge fontina cheese person – just the way it melts gives it so much more flavor.  And because its kind of a stronger cheese you can use less and still get the feel of it on your tongue with each bite.

My other guinea pig at work wanted to know what was wrong with my family for not trying the chicken cranberry rollups with citrus ginger dressing!   She said it was a nice combination of flavors too!

Thanks C & R for trying my food!  Break is over – see you whenever I eat lunch!

5 thoughts on “I can’t be the only one. . .

  1. haha! i do that too, but with silverware (since I don’t drink coffee). At the end of the week, I end up with like, 4 spoons on my desk. What on earth did I use that many spoons for? haha. Happy happy Friday!

  2. I like the snowman’s mug, so cute!

  3. Hee hee! Me too, although lately I’ve been using the disposable coffee cups when I should be using reusables. (My compromise: use the disposable cup all day.)

    I thought your chicken cranberry roll-ups with ginger dressing looked terrific! I love ginger, so I’ll have to give this a try soon!

  4. hehe my desk always has 5 tupperwares on it!

    LOVE the tj’s bagels

  5. I would love to try those bagels! Sound great!

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