My co-workers really know me!

So because I was gone over the holidays, I left all my Christmas loot at work.  So happy to bring it all home tonight!  My friend “W” at work put her presents to me in this box – love it!

isn't this THE cutest box EVER!

isn't this THE cutest box EVER!

 Then she put a bunch of cool stuff from Williams-Sonoma.  Lots of cookie cutters, recipes on making sugar cookies, a HUGE spatula, little “green man” whisk, cheese slicer, meat tenderizer, spoon rest, veggie peeler and omelet pan.  Thanks W!!  

along with my other loot - a snowman night light, snowman tray with Panera gift card, and a vegetarian cook book!

along with my other loot from co-workers! - a snowman night light, snowman tray with Panera gift card, and a vegetarian cook book!

Turns out they know I like snowmen AND cooking!  Thanks guys! 

So I came home from lunch and brought home Jimmy John’s.  I ended up with the unwich and cut it up and made it into a salad.  I added chopped cucumbers and carrots to bulk it up.

with light caesar dressing

with light caesar dressing

Although by 3:00 I was starving!  So I reached into my back up drawer and heated up 1/2 package of Ramen noodles.


For dinner tonight I did a dry-rub boneless pork tenderloin.  This one is small, about 1.75 pounds.  Even though it has a “pop-up” button, Tony suggested that I use our probe and take it out at 160 degrees.  Good thing I did, because it never popped!


On the side I made mashed potatoes and garlic/parmesan green beans. 


So I am still playing around with my camera.  I know NOTHING about cameras, but since this new one has a TON of different settings including a cuisine button, I’ll just play it by ear.  Very fun so far though!

Off to do another load of laundry and relax – see you tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “My co-workers really know me!

  1. that was so nice of w! your lunch looks really good too. hope you are liking your camera!!! love you!

  2. Nice co workers and great dinner!

  3. wow, that dinner looks so yummy!! i’ve never heard of a camera with a cuisine button!! so fancy!! and what cool gifts! i love the green man whisk 🙂

  4. yum! dinner looks good – esp those green beans! and that camera sounds so cool! great gifts, too. love the green man whisk 🙂

  5. A cuisine button – what fun!

    What excellen tpresents from W!

  6. Wow, that is so sweet of your co-worker! William Sonoma stuff is my <3!

  7. Oh I love the snowman loot. Very cute. What great taste your co-workers have!

  8. eeee! I especially love that little green man whisk! hahaha!
    William and Sonoma ROCKS!

  9. What great gifts from the co-workers!

    Your dinner looks amazing, too!

  10. What a great gift!! Let us know how you like the cookbook!

  11. Great gifts! That whisk is too cute!

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