BSI is back = Zucchini

Well at least I am going to try to bring it back!  Let me know if you are in!!

It all started back in October or November.  One food blogger would name an ingredient, and people would submit recipes on their blogs posting back to the BSI (Blogger Secret Ingredient) host and a winner would be chosen at the end of that week.  The last host has been bogged down with work obligations and hasn’t named a winner for the last contest.  So I thought I would just jump start it since I know I had a  lot of fun with it!  You can see the history here:

So I am picking ZUCCHINI.  I love zucchini because you can make it savory or sweet and they are great both ways!   Here’s the deal:  submit a recipe to me by either posting the recipe on your blog and emailing me at so that I can keep track of the recipes.   If you don’t have a blog, just email me the recipe and I’ll put it on mine.  Submit recipes starting tomorrow and I will do a wrap up post on Sunday, January 25 and pick a winner on Monday, January 26.   Update:  The prize will be a $20 gift card to Whole Foods!

Lunch was a lot of fun today!  It’s nice to catch up with friends!   Here are D & D!  Our friends of 32 years!

they are fraternal but they look identical!

they are fraternal but they look identical!

And me and my sister – I am on the right:


After some suggestions, I did end up getting the chicken wrap on the appetizer menu – it was awesome!  My pics didn’t turn out that great – not enough light and the flash was kind of obnoxious!


They had the best cucumbers on the side – kind of vinegary (if that is even a word!) and with sesame seeds:


So Hannah was shopping while we ate.  We met her after lunch and went into Urban Outfitters.  That place is rediculously expensive and gaudy.   Hence the pants you are about to see – and these were $68!   Hannah was too busy shopping to eat, I thought she’s pick up something from the food court.  I bought her a vanilla bean bubble tea from from Chill Bubble Tea.  She loves tapioca and I’d never seen a place for them around us before.  She said it was amazing!!  

these may become my goal pants to fit into - NOT!

these may become my goal pants to fit into - NOT!

I am off to watch Dexter on DVD.  Apparently my step-son got hooked on it – its on Showtime.   He ended up going to blockbuster and rented the whole first season for Tony to watch.  Since they are watching football, Hannah and I are off to watch the first episode. 

Come back for classic roast beef and mashed potatoes tonight! 


33 thoughts on “BSI is back = Zucchini

  1. which one of your friends is sarah palin and which is tina fey? I can’t even tell anymore

  2. I would have loved to have been a worker at TCF today and seen double-double!
    4 beautiful women getting together, nice!
    PS Sarah Palin is on the right 😉

  3. Yay I’m glad that you are resurrecting the BSI. I was beginning to wonder about it!

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful lunch!

  4. Oh wow, what a blast! And that is so cool that you are a twin! You guys all look amazing!

    And it sounds great to bring back BSI!

  5. Yay BSI! I wonder what ended up happening with the carrot one- it’s been like a month!

  6. Hey, thanks for stopping by! : ) Yes, I would definitely recommend the movie but, yes, be prepared to cry!

    Those cucumbers look really good, yum!! (ha, and that homemade apple pie sounds pretty good, too ; )

    Those sure are some interesting pants! :s!

    Hope you have a great Monday : )

  7. yay! BSI!
    You should’ve gotten a yogen fruz while you were at the mall… its the best!

  8. I love Dexter! Great show!

    And thank you so much for bringing the BSI back 🙂 I will pick up a zucchini tonight and start cooking!

  9. oh my goodness, those pants are hilarious! HAHAHAHA!!

  10. YAY BSI!!!!! So exciting, I’ll help to spread the work on my blog too!

  11. […] was so happy when Biz @ Biggest Diabetic Loser decided to bring back the Blogger Secret Ingredient (BSI)!  She chose zucchini, a very versatile and tasty veggie.  I was going to make grilled […]

  12. SUHWEET! I’ve been waiting for a BSI! I’m a new blogger and love to cook, so I can’t wait to make my first entry!

  13. how did i miss this?? oops. eek, i didn’t get any zucchini this week… 😦

  14. I’ve never done BSI contests but I’ll totally do this one!

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  20. We made Zuchinni Sushi.. does that count? 🙂

  21. Ahh yay!! I’m so glad you’re bringing BSI back – perfect because I JUST picked up some zucchini at the grocery store tonight! (much to the chagrin of my hubs who claims to dislike zucchini). I’m sure I’ll be back with a submission later this week! 🙂

  22. Yay for bringing back the BSI! I wish I saw this earlier in the week but I’m glad someone started it back up! I’ve missed it.

  23. Are those the Cheescake Factory Thai Chicken wraps!? I LOVE THOSE THINGS!!!!

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  25. […] Week 16: Biz @ Biggest Diabetic Loser – Zucchini […]

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