Weigh-in Monday

Believe it or not, I lost 1.1 this past week, bringing me to 163.8.  I shouldn’t complain because I only exercised once last week!  I have to get my a$$ in gear this week!

I am so happy I did a full grocery shop this weekend because now I have fruit in the house!   Strawberries were on sale – I got a quart size container for .99 cents!  I usually sprinkle them with a packet of Equal to even out the sweetness in case some of them aren’t fully ripe yet.

Strawberries with my usual egg sammie - and a big glass of water!

Strawberries with my usual egg sammie - and a big glass of water!

Thanks Roni!!

Thanks Roni!!

I got the above coupon from Roni!  She was doing a giveaway and the first 8 people to reply got a coupon – its worth up to $3.49 – I’ll have to check out their products when I shop this weekend.  

Okay, morning break is over and I am working out today, I am working out today, I am working out today.  Okay, since I said it three times now I have to!  See you at lunch.

10 thoughts on “Weigh-in Monday

  1. Yesterday I was telling my sister about your egg sammies- they always look so delicious. We were craving them all day hehe.

  2. A loss is a loss! So, great job!
    And delicious morning, like always!

  3. Woo hoo on the weigh in!

  4. yay to to the loss! keep it up youre doing amazing 🙂

  5. Great job on the weigh in! Like Sharon said, a loss is a loss 🙂

  6. Congrats, at this point I would love to loose 1.1 pounds… I know it takes time and I just got my butt kicked by the doctor 2 weeks ago and I have not started my walking yet, but that comes tomorrow. I have already set a time after work with my mother – in – law. I will get this diabetic stuff under control instead of it controlling me.

  7. Way to go! As a percentage of your body weight, that’s a very respectable showing. And, it’s more than four sticks of butter!!

  8. you lost a pound, actually more 😀 awesome!! And you eat such delicious, home-cooked, gourmet (IMO) meals that I WIIISH my mother would do for me (hehe I love her to death but the woman keeps a 10 ft radius from the kitchen)!!

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