Cool Mom

Mel over at A Taste of Life has dubbed me a “cool mom!”  She and her significant other “J” sent me a package of yummies!

How did they know I like spicy food??!!

How did they know I like spicy food??!!

 And then they gave me seasoned peanuts – I opened the lime and salt ones immediately – SO GOOD!


Thanks Mel and J!

Thanks Mel and J!

So at Aldi yesterday, I wondered over to the cheeses, and I found this interesting one:


So I knew that somehow this would make it into my breakfast this morning.  I sliced up 2 ounces of my homemade bread last night, and then sliced a granny smith apple really thin and used 1 ounce of the pesto cheese.  The result?  Perfect balance of sweet and savory!  The dog kept looking at me to give him a bit and I was like “no way, this is all mine!”

307 calories, 11 fat and 40 carbs

307 calories, 11 fat and 40 carbs

So today is another cooking day – yea to be me!  I am making Italian Sunday Gravy – I’ll be interested in what my mother-in-law has to say about this recipe and see if its similar to anything she’s made before.

Then there’s my superbowl recipe I need to make so I can submit it to Cathy’s contest.   Off to do a quick clean sweep as I think my sister in law is coming over to visit Tony today.  See you later!!

8 thoughts on “Cool Mom

  1. You are a cool Mom! It all sounds so delicious! Lucky you.

  2. glad you found my blog bc now ive found yours!! cant wait to keep reading 🙂

  3. Oh wow, you’re stellar Biz! Love the tasty eats!

  4. You just reminded me of my apple & cheese love! I’ll have to make a sammie like that sometime soon.

  5. Glad you liked your gifts! I tried to get you something that you haven’t gotten before! I love those peanuts too! They have two other flavors too and you can get them at Mexican grocery stores for like $1.99! Can’t beat that.

  6. The ketchup and mustard look great. I’ll have to track those down and give them a try.

  7. Haha – You are a cool mom!

  8. I love apples & cheese together. Yum!

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