Dinner and Winner!

So Hannah has written her winner story below, but I am not going to read it until I publish it.   I want it to be all her words!

So the other night I made really good pork chops and I had two remaining pork chops I needed to cook up.  Now, mind you, they have been in brine since I made that recipe.  The result?  They were like licking a palm of salt from your hand!  I could only eat one bite, Tony ate about 1/2 of his, I think just out of pity though!

I did make some sauteed apples, which I sauteed in 1 teaspoon of butter and Splenda brown sugar.

these were good!

these were good!

Then I pan fried some frozen string beans from Trader Joe’s.  I cooked them in about an inch of water until they were almost done, drained the water and pan friend them with a splash of olive oil and salt and pepper.

these were good too!

these were good too!

And on the side twice baked potatoes – with shredded American cheese:

before going under the broiler for a few minutes

before going under the broiler for a few minutes

And all together:

so no protein again!!

so no protein again!!

Okay, I am anxious to read what Hannah wrote, and she is standing right behind me “did you publish it yet?”   I like not having to judge – it would have been too hard to decide! 

Without further adu, here’s Hannah!

At last, my love has come alongMeghann and Melissa’s exquisite sushi dish, staring me in the face as if love at first sight. I can’t help but choose their entry for this week’s BSI, it won over every imaginary guideline I had:

1) ingredient choice

2) appearance

3) level of expertise, if you will

4) mouthwateriness (just made that up, hope you like it)

Not that every entry didn’t appeal to me, (which all of you who entered–they all called to me one way or another and thank you for taking the time to enter), but the sushi plate seemed to somehow give me overactive saliva glands. Making me swallow about every 5 seconds or so, it was the most mouthwatering, attractive plate of food I saw. Not only gorgeous, but it was something a) I could picture myself making, b) something I wanted to eat, and c) I loved all of the ingredients together. I’m definitely a veggie person who believes in quality vs. quantity, and the fact that their dish was simple but professional-looking also scored them points. Overall, this is the dish I want to create right now. All I have left to say is Meghann and Melissa: KUDOS! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Dinner and Winner!

  1. YAY!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! The sushi was so much fun to make! Seriously you guys should try it on your own end, its a fun group acitivity! E-mail Melissa or I if you need help, but its really easy!

  2. very kewl!! i need to try that sushi, although it looked like more fun with a fellow blogger 🙂


    Those apples look amazing!

  4. OMG YAY!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! It is def easy to make and anyone can do it! I do suggest a sushi roller if you want it to be easier; but it’s not too hard either way! But if you need any help like meghann said, you can email either of us for help!

    thanks again!!!

  5. Sushi is always a winner in my books!

    Too bad about the pork chops, but at least the rest of the meal was awesome.

  6. Congrats to Meghann and Melissa!!! I loved reading their posts this weekend – too cute.

  7. Good job guys – definitely a very creative use of the zuchinni!

  8. Sorry about your pork chops, I’m always nervous about the salt level when I brine things. The rest of the meal looks delicious though!

  9. FUN!!! Great writing Hannah!

  10. Congrats to them both! They did a great job, that is for sure! And of course, the other recipes were mighty tasty as well!

  11. I have really been wanting to try brining something, but you may have talked me out of it. The pan-fried green beans look great. I love that kind of stuff.

    • South Beach Steve – don’t let me steer you away from brining – I just did it too long! The other recipe I tried called for a 30 minute brine and it was perfect.

      I flew too close to the sun on this one!

  12. those be some mouth wateri’ taters!

  13. yay! their sushi really did look amazing!

  14. […] (legs and stairs stats: 1 hr, 15 mins; 434 cals; 125 ave hr, 163 highest), I heated up a cup of my BSI entry: Zucchini-Lime Cheesecake Oatmeal. I may not have won the competition — sushi obviously […]

  15. Hannah – beautiful job! You have Mom’s talent with words.
    Congratulations to the winners

  16. Awe, congrats you two!!! I was really excited by your recipe too, and would love to try making my own sushi!

    And Hannah, I love your post! Such great writing..very well done! 🙂

  17. Congrats Melissa and Meghann. Thanks for hosting!

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