Biggest Loser and Egg Sammie

Although I was sad to see Dan leave the Biggest Loser, I am so proud of him for working out so hard at home!   His teammate on the other hand I believe is struggling a bit more – it will be interesting to see how Dan’s friend ends up at the end of the show.  I liked how Tara yelled at Dan’s friend “250,000 people tried out for this show and you haven’t even tried!”

And I was glad to see Joelle finally got her act together!  She needed a bit more of a push than the others, but I think she finally got it!  Maybe it was a fear of success?

I still kinda feel like I have a chest cold.  I took a long hot shower this morning so I think that helped.  And I am drinking mango green tea – yum!

Thanks for all the suggestions for my oven fries!  I think I did overstack them, so they steamed and didn’t crisp up.  I have new ideas to try next time!

Check out Sarah’s blog for the next BSI contest – dates!

I bought egg whites at TJ’s over the weekend, so back to my egg white sammie.  Today’s was 2.2 ounce bagel, 1/2 cup egg whites, fresh baby spinach and 1/2 ounce of the Pesto jack cheese I got at Aldi – a little of that goes a long way!

292 calories, 6 fat, 38 carbs

292 calories, 6 fat, 38 carbs

Whenever I make soup, I always portion out one cup servings and put them in the freezer.  I never label them because at the time I say to myself “I’ll remember what that is!”  Well, today for lunch is mystery soup.  Possible choices: taco soup, beef chili, red lentil chili, or roasted red pepper soup!  

Morning break is over.  See you at lunch!


11 thoughts on “Biggest Loser and Egg Sammie

  1. Great looking breakfast sammie!

  2. Mango green tea? Nice!
    And tasty sandwich!

  3. Sorry you had to scrape! I hate that. But yummy breakfast!

  4. BL was so good last night – I really wanted Joelle to get it together, and I was so pissed at Dan’s partner!

  5. that sammie lookss realllyyy good!
    what kind of bagels do you use by any chance??

    and the craisins AREE delicious with my popcorn, adds a little sweet to my salty 😉

  6. Breakfast looked good!

  7. Looking forward to the mystery soup! Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Or a good soup 😉

  8. I used to not label, until one time my husband got gravy for lunch instead of soup. :-7

    Sammie looks good. I just saw pesto jack cheese in teh store the other day and wondered if it was any good.

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