First Day of the Month Giveaway! Happy March 1st!

I slept in today and it felt GREAT!  I didn’t get out of bed until 9:15!  And while its sunny outside, its still cold!  Spring, where are you??

So today Hannah and I are meeting my Mom at Sweet Tomatoesfor lunch.  We love that place – Hannah especially loves their green tea mousse – have you ever been there?  I love all things soup!  So I wanted to keep breakfast light: 1 light English muffin, 2.3 ounce sliced apples and 1 ounce extra sharp cheddar cheese:


Breakfast comes in at: 248 calories, 11 fat and 31 carbs.

Giveaway!  All you need to do is leave a comment and tell me what your favorite condiment is.  Um, pretty sure you guys can guess that Tabasco is first with mustard running very close behind! 

  • An insulated lunch bag, with container on the bottom
  • An ice pack
  • Three different kinds of Tabasco! 😀
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Sponge Pack
  • A magnetic menu planner
  • Sea Salt and Pepper Grinders
  • Chicago coffee mug


a TRIO of Tabasco!! :D

a TRIO of Tabasco!! 😀

I didn’t even KNOW about the Habanero Tabasco!   So good luck!  I will pick a random winner on Tuesday, March 3. 

I am off to read some of the Sunday paper and shower.  Come back later this afternoon for my BSI recipe: Potato Salad with Chipotle Peppers and Black Beans!

56 thoughts on “First Day of the Month Giveaway! Happy March 1st!

  1. Joseph Carl Velatini


    • Hi Joe! Don’t know if I’ll see you before you get here – I bought Lobster ravioli for you and your Dad and I made a really good vodka cream sauce – hope you like it!

  2. uummm, zesty honey mustard. But hot sauce comes so close, it’s hard to call it =)

  3. We have a similar place called Soup Plantation in’s so good!! I’ve been to SP in Texas, but they closed it now boo! My fave condiment is KETCHUP hands down 😀 What a cute gift bag, i could totally use that lunchbag- thanks biz!

  4. love the browned and melty cheese, mmm. have fun at lunch!

    favorite condiment, hmmmm. is guacamole a condiment?

  5. Oh wow, that is so cool! I need hot sauce! -lol-
    Favorite condiment? Mustard!

  6. I’d have to say my favorie condiment is honey dijon mustard! MMM it goes with anything and makes my sandwiches delicious!

  7. I was just at Sweet Tomatoes on Friday!! YUM!
    So my favorite condiment has GOT to be sour cream… but close behind is Cholula hot sauce!

  8. Well, my favorite condiment is mayo, but I don’t eat that hardly ever anymore. So I would have to go with a nice spicy mustard. Although I have been adding Louisiana Hot Sauce to more and more of my meals, thanks to your love of all things Tabasco!

  9. Green tea mousse? Sounds intriguing and delicious.
    Favorite condiments? I’ll offer three: honey mustard ( I use it to flavor my tuna-celery-apple salad) sriracha hot chili sauce and, to please the Eastern Europeans out there, sour cream. We put top soups and pasta with it.

  10. my fave condiment of this week is broccoli.

    I know it doesn’t sound like a condiment but i haven’t been able to eat an egg without broccoli and cheddar cheese all week. I have also added broccoli to all my salads.

    I also love hot sauce in my scrambled eggs! add the broccoli and some FF cheddar – yummo!

  11. Mayo. I refuse to eat a sammich without it.

    But I don’t cook with it. I’d say in cooking, everything I make has extra virgin olive oil.

  12. French’s yellow mustard hands down. I love it. I use it on everything and use it in everything. I could eat buckets of it. I love tabasco as well. When you need a kick, this can’t be beat.

  13. garlic tabasco is fabulous!!!

  14. I have an addiction to Newman’s black bean salsa. I’ll eat it right out of the jar with a spoon sometimes.

  15. Great giveaway!
    My very favorite condiment is mustard with hot sauce in second place, a little sawp from yours!

  16. Where is Sweet Tomatoe near you? I love that place – we go to the one down here often. Enjoy! Have not seen the green tea mousse but will look into it. It’s perfect, FIL goes in for the soups and i pig out on all the veggies.

  17. Great giveaway. My favourite condiment is of course Tomato Ketchup.

    (BTW I did a comment while logged onto wordpress as “Life35” Just delete that)

  18. Mmmm, Sweet Tomatoes. Haven’t seen any of them here in L.A. Sadness. The best condiment=ketchup. If you can put something on/in eggs, meats, sauces, and potatoes, it’s the clear winner.

  19. Favorite condiment? Roasted red pepper salsa.

  20. woooo…. that’s a fabulous package to win!
    my fav condiment? black pepper,cinnamon (if it can be considered as condiment) 🙂

  21. oh my gosh – what a NICE and sweet giveaway! thank you for doing that on your blog!

    and my favorite condiment? hot sauce – tabasco or the rooster hot sauce that i see in vietnamese restaurants – woooo! fire in my mouth!

  22. My favorite condiment is honey mustard. I only like certain brands though–French’s honey mustard and Newman’s honey mustard are the best!

  23. What an amazing prize pack! My fave condiment is Sweet Chili Sauce. Heaven. Especially with some sour cream. I think mustard comes in a close 2nd though 😀

  24. UNSWEETENED ORGANIC KETCHUP!!! (with veggie dogs, haha… actually that’s not true – i like it best with kabocha squash fries)

  25. Mmmm…
    My new favorite condiment is Trader Joe’s Wasabi Mayonnaise. I put it on salmon, along with some teriyaki sauce and it is aweeeeeeeeeesomely delicious.

    That goodie bag looks incredible! Whoa!!

  26. mine would be a toss up between ketchup and any kind of mustard – just depends on what I’m eating 🙂

  27. That is SOO hard. lol.. I LOVE Chipotle Mustard that I get from Harris Teeter. I also use so much vinegar that I consider that a condiment too. oh and Franks Red Hot Sauce. 🙂

  28. My favorite condiment is Hellman’s mayo, but I also homemade ranch dressing.

  29. I’m one of your reader’s who does most of my reading in the feed, but today, I figured I’d stop in. I never win the prizes, but for Habanero Tabasco, I’m there.

    I’m not sure if it’s my favorite, but I have a feeling it will be when I taste it………………:)

  30. My favorite is definitely a tie between salsa or BBQ sauce…

  31. I love hot sauce and salasa..they are good on everything!

  32. Heinz Ketchup! I can eat anything with ketchup on it.

  33. Happy March 1st!!

    My fave condiment is Honey Mustard! 🙂

  34. Sweet and Fit

    my favorite condiment is honey mustard too =)

  35. I ADORE HOT SAUCE… All of them. I love flavor and heat. I love to try them all! I like them spicy not just hot.
    Hubby wanted to buy me a GALLON jug of Texas Pete at Costco the other day!

    Geeze.. how long would that last.. about 2 or 3 weeks.. I love the stuff! hahaha
    Super Giveaway!

  36. My favorite condiment is Texas Pete, but I’m sure I would like Tabasco as well:)

    I really hope I win!!!
    What a great giveaway!

  38. love the giveaway!

    my favorite condiment is BBQ sauce!

  39. I was inspired by your giveaway, so I’m doing one too. I’m giving away the (new) diet book, the Instinct Diet. It’s gotten rave reviews. Come on over, people!

  40. Mine is mustard with some heat. Hot and spicy is the way to go.

  41. I think I’d have to say that Dijonnaise is my favorite condiment since I eat so many sandwiches! It’s a great combo of mustard and mayo!

  42. Wow! What an awesome giveaway!! I actually have to say that chipotle tabasco is probably my favorite! It finds its way onto my eggs, into soup for an extra zing and on the top of anything with a tex mexy flair. I love the stuff!

  43. If by “favorite” you mean “go out of your way to look for some excuse to eat the condiment,” then it would have to be BBQ sauce and vinegar. Of course, if the BBQ sauce isn’t spicy enough, I add Tabasco. 🙂 I loooove spicy food!

  44. My favorite condiment is Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. It tastes like A1 but is all natural! Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. good question… my favorite condiment definitely depends on what i’m eating. i also really like tabasco for most things (especially pasta) or sriracha for soups. i also prefer veganaise to mayonaise for dips or sandwiches because of the slight vinegary flavor.

  46. I just love your blog!

    My favorite condiment is probably ranch dressing! Not the healthiest, but oh so good!

  47. Ooh cool, good stuff! I do enjoy tabasco sauce, but my favorite (and most often used) condiment is hummus. I use it instead of a dressing on salads too 🙂

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  49. anything green – green salsa, tomatillo sauce, broccoli, spinach

    right now i am into condiments that i can add to my morning eggs.

  50. My Favorite condiment is cranberry chutney sound weird I know it goes on anything toast any kind of meat . I did a rare roast beef last week that it goes great on. Everything on your blog looks vunderful.

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