Day 29 of 30 day Shred Done! and TGIF?

Oh my gosh, if one more thing went wrong with my computer at work today I was ready to crack open a bottle of wine we keep in our work wine cooler leftover from Christmas!  Keeping my fingers crossed tomorrow goes smoother!

Since I didn’t do Jillian at lunch I had to do it when I got home from work.  I also wasn’t prepared for dinner.  As I was sitting at my desk waiting for my computer to reboot for the tenth time, I realized I hadn’t made the corn chowder for our soup and sammie dinner, nor did I marinate the chicken for our teriyaki chicken kabob dinner!   When all else fails – go out!  It worked out perfectly – I had plenty of time to work out, we went out to dinner, picked up a few things at Walmart on the way home and back by 8:15 – nice!

I am in the process of seeing who got voted off American Idol tonight – I usually fast forward the car commercials!  And I can’t believe they picked Jamie Foxx for the “rat pack” theme – still don’t get that one!

My lunch was delicious – I ended up making a “leftover” spaghetti lasagna which consisted of:

  • leftover spaghetti
  • cooked spaghetti squash
  • 2 cups chopped fresh baby spinach
  • 6 ounces cooked quinoa
  • 5 ounces cottage cheese
  • crushed red pepper
  • Italian seasoning
  • homemade mariara sauce
so yummy!

so yummy!

I think the quinoa makes this dish!

I think the quinoa makes this dish!

with a salad on the side

with a salad on the side

So we ended up going to TGIF – even though you can never find their nutritional info online!

Michelob Ultra was my beverage! :D

Michelob Ultra was my beverage! 😀

I got the Jack Daniels grilled chicken dinner.

I got the Jack Daniels grilled chicken dinner.

I ended up eating one of the chicken breasts, all the mashed potatoes, and just a few of the vegetables – the vegetables were awful – they tasted like they were frozen.

I saw a preview for a new show on Lifetime.  It’s called Cooking Yourself Thin.  It premieres this weekend so check out your local listings – supposedly they will have all the calories for the meals they make and also how they made the dishes calorie friendly.   Nice!

Okay I am off to make the corn chowder for tomorrow!   See you tomorrow. 😀

11 thoughts on “Day 29 of 30 day Shred Done! and TGIF?

  1. I heart TGIF…..JD Sauce is MY crack ha

  2. That sounds like a really interesting show!

  3. JD in the sauce, oh yeah!

  4. Your spaghetti lasagna looks yummy

  5. your lunch looks delicious… quinoa in pasta? cool!!! I tried quinoa for the first time yesterday! 🙂

  6. What great meals!
    I haven’t been to TGI Fridays in such a long time but that grilled chicken looks great!

  7. I saw a commercial for that show (while I was watching a really trashy 90s Lifetime movie)! I can’t wait for it to come on – I love cooking shows like that!

    Hope today is MUCH better!!

  8. i hope today is better with all the computer stuff!

  9. Love the spaghetti lasagna idea. I thought Jamie Fox ended up being an excellent mentor on AI, didn’t you?

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