Happy Birthday Tony!

Yep, just one day after Joe’s birthday is TONY’S BIRTHDAY!  I’ve always loved this picture of us – taken 2 years ago on his birthday!

J & J Birthday 009

I met Tony when he was 39 – I’ll always remember his 40th birthday because it was so cold and it rained like cats and dogs!  That’s Chicago weather for you – today should be close to 80 degrees!

I’ve always liked this picture too:


We enjoyed our gazebo so much this summer – its always the saddest day of the year when we take it down!

Here is his serious pose!


With the kids:



Happy Birthday to my best friend!  I love you more every day!


30 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tony!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your loved ones!!!! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Tony! Enjoy your day!!

  3. Happy Birthday Tony! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Great pictures! Happy Birthday ‘Tiger’.

  5. aw, happy birthday to him!

  6. you guys make a lovely couple.

  7. Aw great pics!! Happy Birthday!

  8. Oh how sweet!!! Happy B-day to him!!! 😀

  9. Happy Birthday Tony!!

    (And Happy Fall!)

  10. Happy Bday Tony (and JOE too)

    birthdays are so fun! (except MINE)

    Happy day to you all

  11. GREAT pictures!! I love the one with the cigar. He looks like a mafia member…Tony Saprano anyone?! Happy B-day Tony!

  12. two birthdays in two days?! YUM 🙂 happy birthday tony!!!!! hope it’s a blast! i would definitely take the hot weather birthday over the pouring rain one for sure 🙂



  14. Happy birthday to your hub! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  15. Happy Birthday Tony!! You have a great wife!

  16. Happy Birthday to both Joe and Tony. My kids have birthdays one day apart – 2 years and one day apart.

  17. Happy Birthday Tony….You have an adorable family.

  18. Wow. One birthday after another. Love the pics!

    Happy Birthday Tony!

  19. Aw, how sweet!! I hope it is a wonderful day for all 😀

  20. Joseph Carl Velatini

    tony got a lot more birthday comments then I did

  21. Happy Birthday Tony and Joe!!! Love your place! 🙂 You have a new fan. ~w.

  22. Aw, LOVED the pictures. What a sweet family, with beautiful wide smiles!

  23. Happy birthday Tony. The family photos are cute.

  24. happy birthday tony! may you have more to come.

  25. Happy Birthday, Tony! Hope it’s a day filled with yummy food and a great year overall!

  26. Happy Birthday – we share the day!

  27. You two are just the cutest – actually – your whole darn family is the cutest! 🙂 Happy Birthday Tony!!!

    I talked about you today in my first video post ever 🙂

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