I can’t think of another title, so good morning it is!  I had so much on the DVR last night that I couldn’t blog last night – I had to catch up on my shows! 😀

Breakfast was:

  • 1.5 ounce multi grain bread
  • 1.5 ounce steak
  • 1/2 ounce shredded mozzarella
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/3 cup sugar free apple pie filling (weird, I know, but so good! – only 30 calories and 7 carbs!)



I played the mystery soup game again today for lunch – I actually thought it was my acorn squash bisque, but it turned out to be Wisconsin cheese soup I made last January!  OMG, so good!


With Tabasco of course!  I made a spinach, strawberry salad with light balsamic on the side to round out my lunch:


I realized yesterday that I had received my 10,000 comment, and who should it be but Christina at Dinners at Christina’s!  The coincidence is that tonight I made her Dad’s homemade sweet sausage that she so graciously gave to us at our blogger meet up.  Oh my lord, the smell on the grill was amazing!


It was all linked together, but I cut it into individual links for easier grilling.


Tony wondered if I had invited people over for dinner!  I decided to cook them all to make classic Cheezy Beef and Sausage sandwiches, and whatever is left is going into a lasagna!


Can you see the caraway seeds?  Christina, be sure to tell your Dad these were awesome!!

My plate was 5 ounces cooked pasta, handful baby spinach, one link sausage (not sure on the calories, but guessed at about 230 and 24 fat?), and a tablespoon of shredded parmesan.


Stats for Wednesday:

  • 1405 calories
  • 60 fat
  • 73 protein
  • 145 carbs
  • 15.4 fiber
  • 45 minute walk at lunch
  • 38% calories from fat


So you know how I didn’t record the first hour of Biggest Loser?  My wonderful husband found the episode on our t.v., and I paid .99 cents to watch it commercial free – how cool was that!

Love that Tracy is back on the show and she was able to lose 10 pounds with limited access to exercise – still want to know exactly what happened to her, I mean I know she’s overweight, but she’s only 37 years old!

And Coach Mo’s support to rally everyone together is a true inspiration!  I hope he goes far in the show.

Shay’s breakthrough with Bob had me reaching for the Kleenex!   I love how he kept saying “this is YOUR life!”

And what’s the deal with Amanda only losing 10 pounds in two weeks?  I still think she has some issues she hasn’t addressed yet.

I kind of fast forwarded through the phone calls home, those always make me cry!

Alright I have to get ready for work now, see you later!  And thanks again for all the birthday messages for my family these last three days! :D  No more birthdays until October!


Happy Birthday Mom!

Yep, Joe’s birthday, then Tony’s birthday – and today is my Mom’s birthday!  Hannah and Nana!


I think she looks great for 69 years old! :D  She is the busiest person I know – now that she’s retired, she wonders when she had time to put in a full work day!  She volunteers at her local pantry, at the local thrift store, and is very active in her church community.  So glad you are enjoying your retirement!

So yesterday I had a typical egg sammie breakfast, but I used pepperoni as my meat – just six slices gave it an extra kick!  With strawberries on the side.



I brought in mystery soup, which ended up being chili!  I had these crackers on the side – not too bad for only 20 calories a piece!  They are Wasa brand.



So I had stopped over the weekend to pick up the crab legs at Sam’s Club, only to remember I had given my Sam’s card to Hannah so she can get cheaper gas.  I thought, no problem, she could just go pick them up for me after school yesterday.  But guess what?  They were out of King Crab!  Hannah said all they had was a bag with one leg and a bunch of knuckles!  So on to plan B.  I stopped by my local grocery store on the way home and picked up snow crab – at $5.99 a pound!




And while I usually pick off all the meat and let it sit in my melted butter for crab butter soup, I did not this time – I maybe had a tablespoon of butter in total.  We all were pleasantly surprised at how good the meat was – and agreed the claw meat was the best:


And while no one likes the knuckle meat but me, I plan on making a crab bisque out of the leftover meat.


We also had my killer carrot cake – I am taking the rest to work today – too tempting to have it in the house!

So today is Weigh-In Wednesday – drum roll . . . .


I have to double check it later, but I think I was 164.6 last week, so I am down another 1.2 pounds this week!  I still need to do my toenails too! 😀

And guess what?  I didn’t have Biggest Loser taped and didn’t realize it until 8:00, so I missed the first hour – plan to watch it tonight so we can discuss tomorrow.

Okay, gotta scoot – Happy Birthday Mom! 

Happy Birthday Tony!

Yep, just one day after Joe’s birthday is TONY’S BIRTHDAY!  I’ve always loved this picture of us – taken 2 years ago on his birthday!

J & J Birthday 009

I met Tony when he was 39 – I’ll always remember his 40th birthday because it was so cold and it rained like cats and dogs!  That’s Chicago weather for you – today should be close to 80 degrees!

I’ve always liked this picture too:


We enjoyed our gazebo so much this summer – its always the saddest day of the year when we take it down!

Here is his serious pose!


With the kids:



Happy Birthday to my best friend!  I love you more every day!

Great Dinner and I got carded!

Dinner was so much fun, but you’ll have to wait to hear my carding story!

I kind of threw breakfast together on the fly – 1 egg, 1 slice of bacon, 4 ounces strawberries, and 1.5 ounces of Michelle’s cashew banana breadI toasted it and put a shmear of Smart Balance butter – yum!



And while this was delicious, I was starving by 11:00 am!  I dove into 1/4 cup of almonds (still kicking myself I didn’t get the smoked salted almonds!)

170 calories, 15 fat, 6 carbs - hit the spot!

170 calories, 15 fat, 6 carbs - hit the spot!

For lunch I just tossed in 4 ounces of taco chicken meat with lettuce (all I had in the house), carrots, red pepper, radish and an ounce of mozzarella cheese and light ranch dressing.  I really missed my baby spinach!


So we planned to meet Joe at our favorite Chinese place: Heng Wing.  Imagine our disappointment when we saw this!


So it was on to plan B!  We went to another Chinese place and had the funniest waiter – he was cracking us up the whole time (not on purpose!) and there were several times we just openly laughed out loud at the table!  He asked for our drink orders and I ordered a Miller Lite.  He looks at me, then asks Hannah what she wants.  She’s fine with water, then looks back at me and back at Hannah and I was like, WTF?  Then he asked for my i.d.!  I will happily show my i.d. to drink beer at age 41!  As we were leaving the restaurant, the waiter asks Hannah “Is she your mother?!”   That made my day!

I had about 750 calories to spend, so I don’t exactly know how much I actually ate – close enough!  For my entree – spicy chicken in garlic sauce – I still had to kick it up a notch though!  Hannah had this sauce with her potstickers – tasted like soy sauce with crushed red pepper.  I asked the waiter what it was and he says “potsticker sauce!”  He did kindly give me a small container to bring home though! 😀


View chinese

Shrimp toast, wonton soup, potstickers, egg rolls and my entree – I had a little bit of everything!  So there were a couple tables when we got there around 7:15.  Music was playing.  As we were opening up our fortune cookies, we noticed that the music was turned off and we were the only table left – at 8:30 at night!


So the food was much better than our last Chinese outing which was good!  And I have my new favorite picture of Joe and Hannah!


It is still so weird to me how much they look like biological siblings!  And then I had to get a new muscle shot for good measure!


So Happy 20th Joe – and thanks to everyone who left birthday wishes in my earlier post! 😀

See you tomorrow!

Happy 20th Birthday Joe!

My step-son is 20 today!  It’s hard to believe, but I have been in his life for half of it!  I met him when he was a buzzed hair cut little boy at the age of 10.  His Dad never introduced many dates to him, so I think he was a bit apprehensive when Hannah and I started hanging around a lot!  Here is our very first family picture.  And believe it or not, it was taken only THREE WEEKS after we met!


And while I am sure it wasn’t easy for you Joe seeing your Dad with someone else, I am happy and proud of the young man you have grown to be! 





The above picture is probably one of my favorites!  We plan on meeting him for dinner tonight – if you have a chance, leave a Happy Birthday Comment! 😀


Dinner at Christina’s

Well, it was lunch, but that’s the name of her blog!  I was running about 20 minutes late but still was the first to arrive.  I was kind of nervous/anxious because while I know these women through their blogs, it can be different when you actually meet in person!  And I am considerably older than these women, so that was a variable!  But I felt at home once we started talking about food! :D  And it wasn’t until I got home that I realized that we didn’t take a group photo!

Christina made two of my favorite things – baked brie and bacon wrapped cheese filled jalapenos!



She also had a vegetable tray:


I made my pizza – I wished I would have thought to make the dough in front of them because it is so easy.  Two cups flour, 1 cup warm water, 1 package of yeast and 1 teaspoon of salt, then you are ready to roll out the dough!  My pizza was pepperoni and red pepper with fresh basil.  And I used my new pizza tray which I LOVE!


Michelle from Lucky Taste Buds made this pasta salad:


And she gave us each a goodie bag – how sweet was that??


With an equally cute note tucked inside:


One of the things in the goodie bag I am most wanting to try:


Yep, read about them on tons of food blogs, but yet to try!

We were talking so much I forgot to take many pics – and am bummed I forgot to get a picture of Mara’s white chicken soup!  It was so good!

After my pizza came out of the oven, Christina unveiled her Mom’s zucchini pie recipe – which is a family secret!  I totally wanted the recipe!


The above picture was right out of the oven – my slice below – and happily NO ONIONS were present! 😀


Christina’s Dad visited recently, and not only did he make her TONS of sausage, he made this delicious hot sauce – is that a family secret too??!!  I told the girls how while I love hot sauce, I like flavorful hot sauce, and this one fit the bill!


And what a perfect hostess – she even had to go containers!!  (apparently you can buy them at the Dollar Tree – who knew?!)


But the best part is that I came home with these – hot and sweet sausage – along with homemade breakfast sausage!



I have my thinking cap on and plan on making one dinner this week from some of the sausage – THANK YOU!

And for dessert, Michelle made cashew banana chocolate chip bread – it smells so good!  You may see this as part of my breakfast tomorrow! 😀


It was so nice meeting these lovely ladies, just wish my sister would have been able to make it! 

Off to snuggle with Tony – come back tomorrow for my step-son Joe’s birthday blog! 😀

Another date night!

Gotta tell you, I kind of like blogging in the morning with a delicious cup of coffee – I think its a great way to start the day!

Hannah had to work again last night so it was just me and Tony.  I started out with my usual – an egg sammie – but I made a pepper and egg sandwich and chopped up one of my pickled jalapenos – nice!  The last time we went to Sam’s Club, we stocked up on eggs – 36 eggs for only $2.97!



Then I was on a cleaning mission!  If I have any regular readers you know that Hannah is the neat freak in our family.  But whenever I get in the mood to clean, is like one of the few times she doesn’t feel like it!  But it went quickly, I only worked an hour and got the living room, bathroom and kitchen spotless.  We had to run to the grocery store and decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Pretty sure its the first time we’ve ever gone and no one got wings!


P9190016 P9190017

I had a slice of Tony’s flatbread chicken thing – we thought it was going to be a sandwich, but it came out as a pizza!  I ate one slider and about 10 popcorn shrimp – dipped in hot sauce!

My step-son Joe is turning 20 tomorrow!  Since we are going out to dinner tomorrow, I decided to make him the ultimate cookie – and holy moly these cookies are the best cookies I have ever made!

Cinnamon/Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • 8.5 ounces of all purpose flour
  • 8.5 ounces bread flour
  • 1 1/4 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons coarse salt (plus extra to drizzle on top of cookies)
  • 2 1/2 sticks of butter, softened
  • 10 ounces light brown sugar
  • 8 ounces granulated sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 cups cinnamon chips (I got these for $5 a bag from a Great Harvest that went out of business)

Mix dry ingredients together.  In a stand mixer, mix together the butter and sugars.  Add one egg at a time and mix until fluffy.  Add extract and then slowly add dry ingredients.  Add chips at the very end.




Um, these are definitely insulin worthy!  I had just a bite of one – Joe I think you’ll love these!

Dinner was a beef roast and the last of the corn.  Look at how screaming hot our grill got!  The outside was perfectly seared, then we brought the temp down – it took about an hour and a half – take your meat off at 125 degrees and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes before cutting.



So excited that I am meeting up with some very talented local food bloggers today for a pot luck.  I thought it only appropriate that I make my famous pizza!

I am meeting:  Christina at Dinner at Christina’s; Mara at What’s for Dinner; and Michelle at Lucky Taste Buds!

Come back tonight for a recap! 😀