Bahn Mi

Yesterday’s lunch was so good!  You’ll have to wait to see my breakfast though! 😀

Breakfast was a zucchini frittata – the bottom layer being sliced canned potatoes, then 4 ounces of shredded zucchini, topped with1 egg, 1/2 cup of egg whites and 1/4 cup reduced fat Colby cheese.  I put it in an oven safe frying pan and baked it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  This was so filling!

bahn mi 002

Lunch was another recipe out of January’s Bon Appetit magazine – Pork Meatball Bahn Mi.  When the recipe called for 1/4 cup fresh basil, I thought it was too much, but it was perfect!  And the addition of sriracha sauce really kicked it up a notch!


I used my melon baller and got 24 meatballs out of the 1 pound mixture – or 6 meatballs per serving.


Then just Pam fried them (with about 1 tsp. sesame oil)


To assemble – I used greek yogurt mixed with sriracha sauce instead of mayo.  The only thing I should have done was used a soft bun, this one was a bit too crunchy.

bahn mi 004

bahn mi 005

bahn mi 008

It was so flavorful!  This one is definitely a keeper!  Dinner was leftovers – I had to use up left over roast beef so I made cheezy beef sammies with polenta fries. 

bahn mi 014

bahn mi 015

I had mine on an Arnold thin, 1 oz. of mozzarella cheese, 3 ounces of beef and 3 ounces of polenta – I really liked how the fries turned out!  I had trouble logging on the internet this morning, so I don’t have the exact stats for the day, but it was around 1450.  I also did a 35 minute Firm DVD at lunch with a 10 minute run after that and 5 minute cool down.

Wow, I have exactly six minutes to get ready for work – good thing I am low maintenance! 😀

21 thoughts on “Bahn Mi

  1. Having a Vietnamese girlfriend, I’ve eaten plenty of Banh Mi 🙂

    Yours looks like a pretty good attempt! If you can, next time get a small loaf of french bread, as the traditional sandwich is on a french style baguette (approximately 8 inches long).

  2. Your food always looks so good. Especially those polenta fries. Do you mind posting that recipe?

  3. Your food pics make my mouth water. Everything always looks so delicious!

  4. I love sriracha! Love pickeled japs too!

  5. Polenta fries?!!!!!! You need to open up a restaurant. Seriously. How do you come up with all of this stuff?! I love the things you cook up for lunch – way more exciting than my standard wrap!! 😉

  6. I don’t even eat meat, but your bahn mi makes me want to make some veggie meatballs! Looks delish!

  7. Oohhhhh you just saved me! I am going to make Pho for New Year’s and my husband is obsessed with Bahn Mi so I’ll add this to the menu!

  8. Polenta fries?! Those sound awesome! I’ve tried making polenta chips before, but not fries. That’s brilliant!

  9. Polenta fries? GREAT idea! How did you do them?

  10. Oh my gosh…those meatballs look fantastic AND that zucchini frittata looks excellent too!

  11. Polenta fries? They look so good…I dare not ever try them as I bet they would be addicting to me!

  12. the lunch is terrific!

    what do you season the polenta fries with???

  13. I had the same question as the others…how do you do the Polenta fries??

    Your sammie looks totally deluxe too! I’m glad you are enjoying the recycled magazines I gave you!

  14. Those polenta fries are calling my name! I need them, they look fantastic!

  15. I love hte polenta fry idea! Mmm and the basil beats look delicious in that mixture!

    haha I know what you mean about 6 minutes! I’ll sit down to check my email or to look up directions to where we’re going and next thing I know I’m sucked into googling stuff or reading blogs and have a few minutes. I’m low maint. too – I like to shower at night so morning is just face wash, brush teeth, smear of makeup and out the door!

  16. You are low maintenance, wow! I’m impressed by that and those basil meatballs! I would think 1/4 cup would be too much, too, but the look and sound amazing!

  17. why am i such a wimp and have not tried making a fritatta yet? i get so nervous about them! yours looks DELISH

  18. Bahn Mi is fricken delicious! I’ve never had pork meatball ones before though. Looks tasty!

  19. I love, love frittata – you keep reminding me to make one.

    Polenta fries look yummy – did you pull out the deep fryer?

  20. Oooo, fried polenta is so good! There’s a seafood place where I live that makes planks of it, but I imagine smaller fries like you have would be even tastier.

    And your Bahn Mi sandwiches look heavenly. A former coworker of mine introduced me to those. Yum! I thought the ingredients would work well together as a salad, too.

  21. […] A while back Bon Appetit had a recipe for a bahn mi meatball sandwich with pickled veggies.  The first time I made it, I left the veggies chopped too big, my bun was too hard and it was difficult to eat.  I also […]

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