Polenta Fries!

I got home from work and Tony was in the kitchen with me while I started putting dinner together and said “a lot of people had questions about the polenta fries!”  Didn’t know they would be such a hit!  And Errign was correct – the deep fat fryer was involved! 😀

bahn mi 014

It takes a little planning!  Remember my shrimp and tomato basil suace on polenta the other night?  Well, it all started out with baking polenta.  When i saw the recipe at first, I thought that it called for too much water, but it worked out perfectly!

Baked Polenta

  • 8 cups water
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil (probably could have left this out)
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 cups polenta (I got it out of the bin the last time I was at Whole Foods)

Heat oven to 350.  Mix everything together in a 13 x 9 baking dish.  Bake for one hour, remove and let cool.  I then just cut it into squares, but my co-worker had a great idea to use cookie cutters to make cool shapes! 😀



There is no pepper in this dish, but the top kind of came out like it had pepper on it!   Since it made so much I decided to cut them into fries and deep fry.  My first batch didn’t go so well.  I put them in the deep fryer, put the lid on, and walked away – two minutes later they were one giant pile!  So I put less in the second time around and fried each batch for about 2 minutes, and repeated until I was done.  I kept the deep fryer on and right before serving, I added them all to the basket in one layer, and gently submerged the basket so they would all be hot at the table.

Remember when we went to the soft opening at The Lucky Monk earlier this month – the place with the amazing burgers??!!  Well the following week the chef was on our local t.v. station, and the only seasoning they put on their burgers is salt and pepper!  The perfect ratio?  4:14 tablespoons of salt mixed with 1 tablespoon of pepper.  I now have a mixture next to my stove and have been using it on lots of things – including the fries as soon as they came out of the fryer.  The best part?  These were not greasy at all – the fryer keeps a constant temperature so the oil never cools and gets absorbed into the food. 😀

Off to take out my Chicken Alfredo and Spinach Lasagna out of the oven – its semi-homemade – I cheated and used jarred Alfredo sauce!  See you in the morning 😀

18 thoughts on “Polenta Fries!

  1. Rarely do I force Andrew to read food blogs, but I just made him read this post so he can make these for me! They look awesome!! He has a little fry daddy (that I have no idea how to use!!) so maybe if I bug him enough, he’ll make them sometime soon! That S&P deal sounds pretty great too! Thanks for the Polenta Friese 101! 🙂

  2. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    I bet I would love those polenta fries. I just LOVE polenta!

  3. That is a great polenta recipe! I’m used to making it the traditional way on the stove, but I love the idea and ease of baking it! Thanks for sharing that!

  4. How fantastic!! I love polenta, but I rarely ever eat it. I had a piece of fried polenta at a food festival over the summer, and fell in love! I hadn’t thought of making my own, but it’s such a great idea. Yum.

  5. Those polenta fries look incredible!! What am amazing idea!!

  6. The polenta fries look & sound simply amazing.

    And thanks so much for the perfect salt/pepper ratio recipe!

    Enjoy the rest of 2009!

  7. I think I may make the polenta fries while the husband has the deep fryer out tomorrow night. I forgot all about how much I enjoy them.

    Happy New Year!!

  8. I love polenta… great to season, as it takes in flavors well

    Love the idea of fries

  9. Awesome idea! Thanks for the info about the 4:1 seasoning, I’ll have to give that a try! I throw s&p in everything – I think they’re the only seasonings needed for a lot of things if you cook them correctly and let their natural falvors come out and be enhanced!

  10. Got to try baked polanta. Sure beats standing and mixing forever to get a good batch.

  11. My bf and I went to a restaurant in Philly and the fry choices were sweet potato fries OR polenta fries (no regular ones!). We fell in love with the polenta fries!

  12. I was picturing the polenta that comes in a tube…I didn’t even know you could buy it in bulk and bake it yourself!

    I learned something new today….now I just need to get a fry daddy!

  13. Those look incredible! I showed J this post, and he now on the hunt to find his lost Fry Daddy! 🙂

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever had polenta before. It looks pretty tasty though.

  15. Polenta without constant stirring on the stove? Hmmm…I may have to try that out. Although, sometimes the arm workout is fun 😉

  16. Not sure if you still answer your blog… but I would love to know what brand of deep fryer you use?? I’ve seen you state how good it is at keeping a constant temperature and I’m looking at getting a new one.

    Your polenta fries look and sound wonderful. I LOVE Polenta so I’m definitely going to try your fries. Thanks for all the great recipes and ideas.

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