Who wants chicken from 2006? And I am hosting BSI this week!

Operation Clean Freezer/Fridge/Pantry was a success! And while it seemed like we had a lot of food, it is depressing how much I threw away – from stuff that was unidentifiable/not dated or freezer burned.  If I have one resolution to add for 2010 – label my food and use my food saver to vacuum seal.  The above mentioned 2006 chicken was vacuum sealed and didn’t have ANY freezer burn.  I just don’t think Tony deserves to eat 3 1/2 year old chicken!

So here is the plan – note that the breakfast and lunches are just for me – Tony and Hannah are on their own!



  • black bean corn chicken quesadilla
  • baked potatoes two ways (chili and broccoli cheese with bbq sauce!)
  • wonton soup with homemade pork gyoza
  • spinach lasagna roll ups
  • spicy potato tomato soup with grilled cheese


  • bolognase pasta with Italian sausge and garlic bread
  • turkey breast, mashed potatoes, stuffing with gravy
  • pork gyoza and stir fry veggies and brown rice (for me and Hannah)
  • classic tuna noodle casserole (for Tony – I don’t like tuna and I forget how much he likes this!)
  • taco fiesta
  • surf & turf: king crab legs with New York strip

So I was able to put the above menu together with almost everything I had on hand – I have a few things to pick up to round out the meals – such as fresh fruit and some veggies.

Yesterday we had brunch – we went to a 12:10 movie, so we had an early lunch at The Lucky Monk.   This is our second time back after the soft opening.  While they do have the most amazing burgers, I decided to have a cup of their White Chicken Poblano Chili and a Ceasar salad.  I LOVED the chili, and while the salad was good, I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side – so I only ate about half of the salad.

Tony's Monk Burger - classic cheddar and bacon

I am going to try to recreate this - I think it had Navy beans in it?

But it wasn’t spicy enough for me, so I added this:

I did like the fresh shaved Parmesan on the top!

Then it was off to the movies!  We saw Youth in Revolt with Michael Cera.  I loved it – because it is a quirky off beat movie – but I could see Tony begin to fade about half way through the movie.  It actually reminded me a lot of Juno!

When we got back home, I still had dough leftover from my Mexican pizza, so I baked up a loaf of bread.  I am not a huge fan of this dough and will go back to my 5 minute Artisan Bread.  I gave a piece to Tony and he almost choked on it!!

it's actually much better toasted

I liked this picture with the steam!

I have my SIL to thank for our dinner last night!  For Christmas she sent us an Omaha Steak package.  On the menu: prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes and crisp green beans (luckily since they were frozen, I was able to pick out the frozen pieces of onion!) 😀

these baked for 45 minutes in a 350 oven

I just sauteed in a hot skillet - they were really nice and crisp!

these were precooked - so after defrosting, they only needed a couple minutes on each side

Thanks Jody!  Everything was great!

In going through the freezer, I had lots of shrimp, so I made shrimp cocktail to go with our dinner.  Have any of you tried our no fail shrimp cocktail?

I rarely do my stats on the weekends – I micro-manage it so much during the week that I give myself a break.  I still test my blood sugar to make sure I am on track though! 😀

Our last hostess just started a new job, is flying to Vegas this week and is really swamped, so I am going to continue the BSI contest this week.  Good luck this week Melissa!!

Drum roll please. . . .CHEDDAR CHEESE! You know how much I like my cheese!  We’ve had ricotta and feta, but there is nothing like classic cheddar cheese!  If you participate, just send me an email with your link and you’ll be entered.   If you don’t have a food blog, just email me the recipe and I’ll post if for you.   My email:  bdl319@gmail.com.  Please submit by Sunday, January 16 and the winner will be announced on Monday and I’ll select a new host.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what the prize is!!

I love this one!

While I am pissed that Jillian is selling weight loss supplements, I love this 40 minute video – you’ll love it!

Plans for today:

  • small grocery shop
  • laundry
  • meet my mom for a movie – It’s Complicated (love Meryl Streep!)

Enjoy your day! 😀

31 thoughts on “Who wants chicken from 2006? And I am hosting BSI this week!

  1. I’m so jealous of all of your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners…. girl how do you not have leftovers?!?!? I have NEVER had 5 separate lunches and dinners in my life haha!

  2. OOOOOooooooh, cheddar cheese! YUMMY!! I’ll have to start thinking…

    I agree – Jillian pisses me off every time I see her weight loss pill commercials!! GRRRRRR!! But, the girl does know what she’s talkin about when it comes to working out.

  3. Holy cow, that is huge burger that Tony got! But it sounds like an amazing meal, perhaps one day I can talk J into going!

    You picked my favorite cheese, I may just have to make a jump back into BSI for this one! 🙂

  4. Wow, that is old! Ha-ha glad you dumped it even though it kills me to dump food.

  5. I love Cholula! That is to funny about the chicken!

  6. What a burger!

    And yeah, I just saw the infomercial (well, 2 minutes)… I was sure someone has pictures of her with a goat to get her to do that

  7. Hey girl!! I love your menus! and I am totally stealing your way of menu planning. It definitely will fit better with my want for planning breakfasts and lunches!

    I also have a serious dislike for onions!

    much love, Jen

  8. ooh you’ll like “it’s complicated.” I really enjoyed it at least.

    I love your menus. Actually made me super hungry! YUM!

  9. Your menu sounds Amazing!! I want to see that movie, too – it looks cute, glad you liked it!!

  10. OMG hilarious about the chicken! HAHAHA that’s me with my spices :-O

  11. Cholula rocks! That is so funny about the chicken! I’m amazed there was no freezer burn.

    Yay for BSI, I’ll have to brainstorm for ideas.

  12. OMG I was cleaning out the pantry before my parents came and I found a jar of mayonnaise pushed way in the back and it expired in 2007!!! I think that’s probably the oldest expired food I’ve found, thankfully. I also try to remember to label and date my freezer stuff, too. Even if only for the reason to remember to use stuff in order (ie: grab the older chicken instead of keep grabbing the newest chicken)

    My aunt is a vegetarian and one year somebody gave her a bunch of Omaha Steak stuff, so she gave it to my mom. That’s the only time I’ve had it, but it is REALLY good. We had steaks, some of the side dishes and this awesome crab stuffed fish.

    Ohh cheddar cheese! Thanks for re-resurrecting BSI (again!). I’ll put my thinking cap on!

  13. Would I qualify for BSI? Are relatives off limits?!

    I have a great idea for it :0)

    Your steaks look great, and since they are pre-cooked, you can’t really mess it up!

  14. Oooh, I will have to think of a good recipe 🙂

    Love that you found chicken in your freezer that has been there since right after I graduated high school!

  15. 2006…oops! : ) You’ve inspired me though! I organized the pantry today and made a LIST of the dinners we can make this week out of what we have. I only bought 7 ingredients at the store today and that was my must-make new recipe for the week. We can do it!

  16. I need to get the fridge and freezer(s) cleaned out soon. Your menus sound awesome. Sounds like ya’ll had a nice weekend.

    Got your comment about the 5k and YES we want to do it! The link worked but not the link when I go to that page. Do you know if it’s a run/walk? Need to chat soon. I swear I had an email from you but I can’t find it. Can you email me your info again and we can chat this week. Thanks!

  17. WHAT?!?! thats the prize! ummm.. you work in a legal office, can i file a discrimination lawsuit against the BSI people… lol i cant eat cheese! wahhhhhh…

    only kidding!

    wait a second.. why WOULDNT tony want chicken from 2006? impressive! ; )

  18. Hey Biz! I just posted my BSI submission! 🙂

  19. Here’s my BSI submission…I only just discovered the ingredient AFTER I posted my recipe, so I didn’t mention it on my post…is that ok?

    But here it is: http://www.burpandslurp.com/2010/01/11/dont-do-special-be-special/

    Okay, but I MIGHT come up with another cheddarly recipe…;-)

  20. whoa that monk burger looks SO GREAT

    not so happy about the weight loss supp’s that jillian advertises but i ❤ her

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  24. […] your Saturday!!  Oh, and one more day to submit your BSI recipes – cheddar cheese!  If you are not familiar with BSI, check out my BSI rules page up at the […]

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