Great ideas!

Wow, thanks for all the suggestions on how to get a better nights sleep.  But with all your ideas, no one recommended this, which is what I did!

Yep, I took the easy way out and had a bit of wine before bed.  My Mom did suggest Sleepy Time over the counter sleep aids, but I forgot to pick some up on my way home.   I was asleep in about 30 seconds!  I feel great this morning too.  😀

My breakfast and lunch was pretty much a repeat of yesterday – instead I had my eggs in a corn tortilla and had a 60 calorie yogurt with fresh blueberries on the side:

I actually felt like running yesterday at lunch.  My blood sugar was at 102, so I decided to have a pre-run snack.  Probably not the best choice, but it did the trick!

I should have insomnia more often (kidding!) because I ran my fastest 5k on the treadmill yesterday – 39:01!  While I know I am not going to be breaking any records soon, I was pretty happy with that time.  And I got an idea for a dinner next week – of course I watch FoodTV while I work out – Rachael Ray had a Greek inspired meal that looked delicious – I’ll have to make a different side dish because Tony doesn’t like feta, but keep a look out for it next week! 😀

I had the last of my Mexican lasagna – yesterday’s picture was a bit better!  With veggies with salsa/sour cream dip:

in case it ws dry, I added more salsa on top

Who’s totally in love with all the great recipes in the Jan/Feb Cooking Light??  They had a recipe for beer battered fish tacos with mango salsa that looked amazing.   I took that idea and cheated!

3 tenders for 230 calories

These were so crunchy out of the oven!  While I am sure its only 10% fish, these were really tasty!

I had this taco x 3! And not pictured - 30 tortilla chips 😦

I heated up some leftover Chinese food rice for a side dish – I ended up just adding about 2 tablespoons to each taco – its just 1/2 cup queso and 1/2 cup salsa mixed with the rice.

I love Mexican food – as you can tell by my whole day of food!  But tortilla chips are like crack to me 😦

Gotta scoot – I am making whole wheat blueberry pancakes for breakfast – have a great day – two more work days til the weekend!

25 thoughts on “Great ideas!

  1. Congrats on the run! Good job! 🙂
    I’ve never had authentic mexican food.. It’s not as big here as I imagine it to be in the States.

  2. WAHOO!!! Congratulations on your fastest 5K ever! That is awesome time!

  3. A good night’s sleep can make everything seem a little bit better can’t it? Wine, sadly, doesn’t work for me, it usually makes me have weird dreams which means I wake up feeling like I’ve been so busy I haven’t slept.
    Great job on that 5K. When are you going to run a race?

  4. I have never read Cooking Light, but I might start!

  5. I had a glass of Yellow Tail Shiraz last night, too. Does help going to sleep!

  6. is it bad that I knew that was a bottle of yellowtail before I even scrolled down? It’s my fave wine! lol

  7. At first glance I thought your rice concoction was a slice of cake (wishful thinking?)!

    Awesome 5K time!!! You are speedy, lady!!!

  8. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Congrats on your 5K time! That is awesome!!!

  9. That is definitely one way to get to sleep faster!! I’m so impressed by your 5K time! Go girl!!

    When I have trouble falling asleep I watch some infomercial on tv – that does it every time!

  10. I’m with you on the tortilla chips-they are like crack to me too!

  11. I keep looking through it (CL) thinking Ooooooh, I’m going to make that & you know what happens…I menu plan & completely forget about all my good intentions to try some of those recipes.

    I am going to try the fish taco cheat w/the fish sticks though. I found one recipe where the fish wasn’t fried…I want to say they poached it in a spicy broth??…but if I’m going to put fish in a taco for my husband it will have to be fried, lol. i can’t remember where I found the recipe, but I’m going to try making a cilantro slaw to go with the fish.

    Hope your pancakes were good!

  12. Tortilla chips are like crack to me too! I just try to stay away from them because I can’t control myself haha 😉 Glad the vino helped you sleep and way to rock out the run! Josh isn’t a feta fan either. I always sub in mozzarella in its place.

  13. Thanks for the blogroll update – I like the way you worded it…and YES, I am a little confused myself on my blog name!

  14. I told J about the Mexican lasagna last night and we’re both pumped to try it. That means we’ll have Mexican 3 times this week, but neither of us mind!! haha

    We had those beer battered guys a few weeks ago! I never thought to make it in a fish taco!!! I love fish tacoes!

  15. Great job on the 5k Biz!! You rock!

  16. Your food looks so yummy. I swear I get hungry reading blogs!!

    Great job on your run 🙂

  17. I agree about the chips and salsa. I just can’t be trusted around them!

  18. Now what kind of a message is that to send out to the world… you need to get sh*tfaced to sleep??? Besides, whiskey works faster…

    nic e job on the run

  19. I have been having such a hard time sleeping lately, too. I’ve started going through the alphabet, naming animals that start with a, b, c etc and then cities and then – well you get the picture :). But wine would be a good way to go.

  20. great run!!! woot! Wine makes me so sleepy too, but I can’t believe you felt fine the next day, usually it comes back to bite for me even with a glass 🙂 Your Mexican lasagna looks wonderful! have a great weekend!

  21. Yep, wine works every time!!

  22. Beth-
    As a college student, who is on a diet, with a limited budget… I can’t tell you how good your food looks. My mouth has literally been watering as I’ve been catching up on your posts! I love to cook, so the recipes (and pictures) are inspiring me to cook more 🙂

    I hope this post works, I’m not really sure how this all works yet 🙂 Have a great friday!

    p.s. GOD love you for counting the tortilla chips.. I think i lose count after 60 😉

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