Breakfast Pizza/Chili/Spinach Fettuccine

I hope you have a full cup of coffee before starting to read this monster post – although it will mostly be pictures!

I am glad everyone was so concerned over my not having pizza Friday night.  Don’t worry – I took care of that as soon as I woke up Saturday morning!

spinach, Italian sausage and egg pizza!

I love the yolk like that – not runny, but slightly tender – YUM!  Tony still doesn’t get my obsession with pizza, but that’s okay! 😀

Tony had heard about a chili cook-off at the high end mall that my step-son Joe works at.  It was a fundraiser – $10 per person to visit 7 establishments and try their chili.  You could order a beer if you wanted, or they just had water – there was no pressure to buy anything, which was nice!

It started at Cooper Hawk’s.  We have not eaten there, but they are known for their winery – and they ONLY sell their wine.  Their chili was a short rib with blue cheese corn bread on top.   They had a list of the descriptions of all the chili’s, but I left it on the counter after filling out my winner 😦

their chili was good - we loved the short ribs, slightly smokey flavor, but all in all, just okay

The best chili of all was at Joe’s theater!   There is no picture, because they had the tasting in one of the theaters, and had previews of movies going on.  Tony and I split a beer here – $4.00 for one.   Their chili was three bean with jalapenos – just on the upper level of Tony’s heat register – I absolutely loved it, and told Joe they should put it on the menu.

Joe hard at work - so professional! 😀

Next up, Nozumi – a sushi place.   We have always walked right past this place, thinking it would be really expensive – and we were surprised that it was quite reasonable.  Mara, you and your husband would love this place – during lunch hours they have bento boxes are between $10 and $13 and come with shrimp tempura, house salad, rice and miso soup!

Their chili was also a short rib with Asian flavors – they handed it to us and it was loaded with red onion on the top and after taking that off, it was pretty good.

Then we went to Ruth’s Chris.  Tony and I have had the best steaks there – although the place is REALLY expensive.  With drink I think we normally spend between $125 and $150 for two people! Their secret is that right before the steak gets sent to the table, they drizzle clarified butter on the steak.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  And this place was the only one that offered Tabasco! 😀

Their chili was not memorable, in fact I think Tony just took one bite and put it aside.

but we'll go back for the steak!

The event turned out to be more popular than expected and places started to run out of chili.  Anyone who makes chili knows that you can’t really make chili on the fly – it takes time to develop the flavors.  So when we went to Froots – we both took one bite and threw it out – it tasted like tomato dish water with beans!  But Joe says they have great wraps!

Next up was L’Eiffel Bistrot & Creperie.  Mom, next time you come out by me I want to take you there!  This was our second favorite chili – mild heat but strong flavors.  And the guy serving it to us had a cool French accent! 😀

And what store happened to be right across the way??  Sur La Table!   A cooks heaven!

Actually, some of the stuff on sale was not that expensive – they had a whole wall full of wine glasses!

The store had really narrow aisles, and Tony wasn’t comfortable – next time I’ll take a longer look – I love touching everything when I shop!

Last stop – Pinstripes!  OMG, this place is huge!  Bocce courts, bowling alleys, restaurant and bar.  They even have an outdoor bocce court for the summer!  We didn’t even eat chili there, but filled out our ballot for Joe’s theater.  We then got reusable grocery bags and aprons for participating!  We sat down at the bar, I had a glass of wine and Tony had a beer.  The best part about this whole experience was that we went into places we never would have – and were mostly pleasantly surprised!

We were looking at the menu at Pinstripes, and I saw cream of tomato soup and had to get it!  I plan on making Noble Pig’s Bloody Mary tomato soup this week too!

leather couches and servers to bring drinks - score!

All in all it was a great time.  The weather, while cold, wasn’t too bad because the sun was shining and there was no wind.  It was nice to walk around and get some fresh air!

I had homemade spinach fettuccine on my menu last week, but quickly discovered since I am new at making pasta – it wouldn’t work for a week day meal.  I had to use up the spinach so last night was the night.  Hannah had to babysit, so it was a date night in for me and Tony!

Spinach Fettuccine

  • 1 pound fresh spinach
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 cups flour

That’s it! I decided to make it in my food processor and it was so simple.  First you start out what seems like a ton of spinach:

I put about 1/2 cup of water in the bottom, put a lid on and in 10 minutes it was wilted

it reduced down to this! Run cold water over it to stop the cooking process, then put in paper towels and ring out all the water

I pureed the spinach with one egg at a time

I love the color!!

then I added 1 cup of flour at a time. And yes, I am using my steel blade in the food processor and it worked out just fine

Once the flour is combined, I just dumped it on my counter and kneaded it for all of about a minute.

So while the teacher at the pasta class I went to at Williams-Sonoma was on the annoying side – I learned what I was missing while making pasta.  The last time I tried, once I ran it through the pasta roller, it had holes all over it.  But you need to take that long holey sheet, fold it in thirds, then run it through again.  And again.  And again.  It takes about 10 times at the widest setting to get it to look good.

look at how pretty!!

The woman at the store had an attachment to her kitchen aid, so was able to make the pasta by herself.  I have the old fashioned crack version, so I needed Tony’s help – he cranked while I guided the pasta out.   The picture of him helping me was hilarious, but I had it on the wrong camera setting so it didn’t turn out – but thanks for your help Tony! 😀

I have three attachments to the roller – spaghetti, angel hair pasta and fettuccine.  I decided to make the fettuccine.

don't worry if it is sticking together at this point - once you add it to the boiling water you can use your spaghetti spoon and separate the strands while they cook

don't forget to add lots of salt to the water!

the color is just amazing - I thought maybe after it cooked it would change color, but it didn't

I heated up some previously made pasta sauce and just added about 4 ounces of Italian sausage for me and Tony to split.  Then shaved good parm over the top.  After Tony finished eating he said “This is a keeper!”  Music to my ears! 😀

If you are still here, thanks for reading this giant post!   Off to go check the grill.  Yes, you read that right – we have a giant ham on the grill and it’s 20 degrees outside! 😀

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

21 thoughts on “Breakfast Pizza/Chili/Spinach Fettuccine

  1. HOW Did i not know this was going on?! We would’ve loved it! We keep meaning to go to that sushi place, and just found that there are half price gift certificates on! I’m thinking valentine’s day… 🙂

  2. What a fun foodie time!!

    How amazing you are to make homemade pasta?! WOW!! I’m super impressed. I know this sounds silly, but I always wondered if spinach pasta actually had real spinach in it… I wondered if it was just food coloring to make it look spinach-y. Now I know! 🙂 And what a compliment… that is the ultimate compliment from a man if he wants you to make it again!! 🙂

  3. what a fun event – your pasta looks great, thats my sons favorite pasta and I make it regularly for him, I cant keep enough spinach around to keep up

  4. I would have loved that chili stroll! Even though you’re a beginner that pasta looks fabulous and evidently tasted good too.

  5. The chili event sounds like it was a lot of fun!

    The pasta, however, looks amazing! I’m kinda kicking myself for not getting one when I had the chance. I think I just need a bigger kitchen to house all the gadgets!

  6. what a great post! i am so glad to hear you got your pizza 🙂 i had it last night and still have some dough leftover. pizza tonite perhaps??

    that pasta color is gorgeous. i love how you make homemade fettuccine sound so simple. i want to camp out in your kitchen for a few days!!!

  7. I loved ALL your eats.

    That breakfast pizza looks so good! I like my yolks like that too.

    Chili cook-offs are so fun to go to!

    I’m so impressed by your pasta! I love how vibrant that green is!

  8. omg, love that breakfast pizza!! and my my, that fettucine is beautiful!! i just got a pasta maker for xmas but haven’t had a chance to use it… i just need to find time!!

  9. It might be prudent to inform your readers of the chili challenge danger. After 10 bowls of chili I nearly exploded into a gasous Italian bomb.

    Thanks for a great day booger!

    • Um, yes, I did forget to mention the after effects of that much chili – at some points during the evening, I was offending even myself! 😀

      I loved spending the day with you sweets!

  10. I have always wanted to go to a chili cook-off, but somehow it never works out…

    Your pasta looks absolutely amazing! What a beautiful color! And I always love your breakfast pizzas, but I would keep the egg a bit runny of course… 😉

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  11. The chili cook off looks awesome! Did you know my office also designed Cooper’s Hawk?? I’ll have to meet you out there some time for sure!

    And your pasta turned out great!

  12. The chili cookoff looks fun! We have a Cooper’s Hawk winery by us and they always do the Taste of Orland. They’re one of my favorite booths. I got their short ribs two days this year and also their sangria made w/ their wine. mmmm can’t wait until Summer!!!!!

    Good job w/ the pasta it does look absolutely beautiful! Love that bright green color!!

  13. Okay, that bowling alley is the coolest ever!

  14. Fattie Fatterton

    I want you to come and be my personal chef. Everything you make looks sooooo good!!

  15. Your pizza looks awesome! that is SO cool about the pasta – i’d love to do that!

  16. What a great fund-raising event 🙂 I love chili and to be able to sample a lot would be even better.

    Do you deliver your pizza?

  17. The egg makes the pizza. It’s great when it’s runny. Perfect!

  18. Looks like the chili cookoff was fun and that mall sounds great! LOVE the bowling alley with the leather couches!!!

    OK, that spinach pasta looks so good – I am amazed that the color stayed so vibrant! Between this and the pea soup, you are very green…sure it’s not St. Paddy’s day? 😉

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