Impromptu Beer and Bacon

I guess in total we maybe got 9 inches of snow?   Our gazebo looks so naked and sad:

Breakfast was more overnight oats, 1 oz. granola and 1/2 a container of 0% Chobani – I was surprised how long this kept me full – probably because of the added protein of the yogurt?

Yesterday’s lunch was inspired by Mari!  The other day she made a tofu quesadilla and I knew I had all the fixins to make a tofu taco!  Before work I sauteed some red peppers:

not too long because I still like a crunch to my peppers

And then I diced up two servings of tofu – each serving is only 60 calories.  I Pam fried the tofu and sprinkled taco seasoning over the top.

My thought was to have two corn tortilla tacos, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find them, so it was on to Plan B.  I used 1 flour tortilla (100 calories) and then left some of the filling on the side – I actually ended up mixing in salsa with the extras and it was really good!  I had 1 ounce of tortilla chips on the side.

On the taco:  baby spinach, 1/4 cup refried beans, 1/2 ounce cheddar cheese, cilantro, red peppers and salsa – delicious!

This is one of my favorite salsas – even though I have to eat around the onions, it has a wonderful flavor.  If you ever get to go to a Rick Bayless restaurant in Chicago, you will not be disappointed!  Also he has a bunch of his recipes here if you are interested.

So here comes the impromptu part.  Hannah had to work yesterday afternoon – because of the weather situation, Tony dropped her off at work and she needed to be picked up at 6:15.  So there wasn’t time to make and eat dinner before picking her up, and we’d be eating pretty late if we ate after we got home, so we decided to go out!

It’s a new chain restaurant that opened up in Crystal Lake called Jameson’s.   Tony and I both had a beer:

And I ended up getting the bacon cheeseburger – apparently this place is known for their steak and burgers.  One thing Tony has taught me is to order what a restaurant is known for – you wouldn’t order a lasagna at an Irish Pub!

I am not that huge of a steak fry fan – I maybe ate about six of them.  I only ate half of the burger too – it was good but the meat was under seasoned – Tony and I both added salt and that did the trick.  I guessed my half burger at 400 calories.  Does that sound about right?

So thankfully because my breakfast and lunch were on the healthy side, I still came in okay for the day – including the beer!

Off to scrape the snow off the cars and get ready for work.  Happy Hump Day! 😀

31 thoughts on “Impromptu Beer and Bacon

  1. That’s fun that you went out. I still have to try tofu like that. I usually just add it to my muffins and pancake mix or smoothies

  2. You are so good at watching everything! Great job on keeping track when going out. That beer sounds good to me! You were only 45 minutes from me when you were in Crystal Lake 🙂

  3. I have never made tofu myself – it scares me!

  4. wow… That’s a B Plus day… But, i would take a B minus and leave out the tofu

  5. I’ve yet to bring myself to eat tofu – but if I did I would definitely make this recipe – yum!!!

  6. That oatmeal looks really healthy! I sure wish I liked oatmeal. Even when I jazz it up, I think “meh.”

  7. I have to know, did you feel the earthquake you guys got today? That tofu sounds great – nice and spicy 🙂

    • Nope, but apparently my SIL and co-worker did – it was small, only 3.8. I guess there is a pretty big fault line in Illinois!

      Thanks for thinking of me! 😀

  8. Stay warm – I can’t imagine having to scrape snow off of my car in order to go to work!

    Even if the burger was underseasoned, your picture makes it look GREAT!

  9. You always make tofu look so good. Yet, not only do I not really care for it, I can’t eat it because of my thyroid. Maybe I should try some of your tofu recipes substituting chicken – think that would work? I agree with Tony – first always try what the restaurant is known for then you can try the other things.

  10. We’re in the midst of another blizzard here in Baltimore…I don’t know what we’re going to do with it all! That tofu looks yumlish!

  11. We got the snow today! We have a snow day….aka catch up on blog day.

    I have been loving Mari’s meals as of late. They look soooo good 🙂

  12. We got a bunch more snow here last night, too. I’ve never tried any Tofu except for Tofu Shirataki noodles which I couldn’t force myself to eat. Your meal looks better.

  13. Just curious…how come the alcohol on your report is 0% with a beer? I’m all for a nice cold beer or good glass of wine. Maybe I don’t want to know how that impacts my nutrition score 😉

    • Awesome catch! 😀 I went back and wondered too! Turns out when I entered “Miller Lite” they only included the calories and carbs, nothing else.

      I went back and added “light beer” and now my grade for the day is a B-.

      I never noticed that before – thanks! 😀

  14. Those tofu quesadillas look and sound amazing! I just got a huge shipment of Morinu tofu (thanks!) so I might have to try those!!

  15. I didn’t know calorie count gives a report lie that.. that’s great.

  16. Those tacos look SO good but the cheeseburger looks even better! 😉 Steak fries are actually my favorite type of French fry. I agree with ordering what the restaurant is known for… when in Rome and all. 🙂


  17. OH yay you tried it! I am glad you liked =) BTW what Taco Seasoning do you use?

  18. J snow blowed 8″ last night and we have another 4 or 5″ on top of that this morning. It’s still coming down lightly too! I’ve been pretty good this winter so far, but this last week has made me ACHE for spring!

    Love the Rick Bayless salsas! They have them at Jewel by us. Also his chips and some soups!

    Give away on my blog! Head on over and comment!

  19. I always try to order what restaurants are known for!! Your burger looks so delicious!! 🙂

  20. I like my peppers crunchy too. YUM!

    That burger is making me sooo hungry!

  21. I’m a big fan of overnight oats. They’re perfect. Nice idea for the tofu!

    Beer + burger = tasty tasty combo.

  22. That tofu looks fantastic, I haven’t cooked with it for too long.

    Definitely a good idea to order specialties of a restaurant! Reminds me of when travelling in foreign countries and you really have to cringe when you see people ordering steak&chips or lasagne or something when in Thailand, for instance!

  23. Not loving the snow! We got about the same 10 and hubby said up in Gurnee got about 14 maybe.

    Tofu YUM! I love it and just bought a pack of cubed. Not quite sure what I’ll do with it yet.

  24. 1/2 for 400 calories sounds really high to me! Even the craziest of burgers out there are 900 : )

  25. Thanks for visiting our blog! The tofu looks amazing!! Best of luck digging out of all that snow!

  26. I used to eat Tofu quite a bit when I was single but my husband does not care it no matter how I make it.

    Gorgeous photos!

    I think we got about 11″ of snow. I hope we have a good February thaw this year, I’d like to see our grass before May!

  27. I would love to try that quesadilla. Hope your poor gazebo thaws out soon! 🙂

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