A whole night without the computer?

It was stormy last night in Chicagoland.  The first sound of thunder means we have to shut down the computer.  Can I just tell you it was just weird not checking in on everyone last night?  So Tony and I caught up on some of the stuff we had on DVR – The Office last night was so funny!

So since I still had the never ending avocado bread dough in the fridge, yet another breakfast pizza was in order.  I rolled out the dough, went to the fridge and realized I’d used the last of the pizza sauce on Hannah’s pizza I made for her when she got home from work.  So I decided to see what I could use instead:

only 40 calories for two tablespoons!

two tablespoons queso with 1 ounce of Pam fried canadian bacon

with baby spinach, 1 ounce cheese and egg white

You might think that it looks like a lot of cheese, but I drizzled liquid egg whites all over the top of the pizza – about 1/4 of a cup – I had to be careful putting it in the oven because the egg whites were rolling off!

Breakfast: 387 calories, 55 carbs, 21 protein, 12.4 fat and 5.2 fiber

I knew I had about 1/2 cup of my Cincinnati chili leftover and then just started throwing things in my lunch bag!  This is what I ended up with!

the reason my carrots look wet is because I sprayed them with 1 calorie caesar dressing spritz!

This was so filling and it took me over 30 minutes to eat!  Love the spicy pepperoncini! 😀

Lunch: 428 calories, 47 carbs, 28 protein, 15.7 fat 9.2 fiber

I tried a new yogurt – I had a coupon for it and decided to give it a try.  The verdict? I loved it!  Not too sweet like some yogurts can be – this one was Honey Vanilla and is 130 calories, 19 carbs, 12 protein and 5 fat.

And then I had crack crackers, i.e. Baked Wheat Thins – I really have to portion these out in one serving bags because I could eat the whole bag no problem!

I had yet another Tyler Florence recipe in mind for dinner last night – Crispy Sesame Chicken Salad with spinach cucumber and cilantro.    I had just turned my cell phone on when I got in the car after work when it rang:

Tony:  What’s on the menu tonight?

Biz: Crispy Sesame Chicken.

Tony:  Well I was just watching t.v. and they were eating pizza – with lots of meat on it.  You know I can’t have any meat tomorrow because its Lent.

Rosati's Meat Mania pizza - canadian bacon, bacon, sausage and pepperoni

I am not going to lie – it was nice to walk in the door and just wait for the delivery guy!  Of course I added the customary Frank’s hot sauce.  I had 4 squares of pizza.  When I came back to the kitchen, I took one square and weighed it – each one came in at 3 oz.  So I go to caloriecount.com, enter in 12 ounces of meat lovers pizza and discovered this:

767 calories, 77 carbs, 22.4 protein, 36 fat and 4.8 fiber

I kind of panicked a bit.  Part of me was like “you could have only had two pieces and had a salad on the side.”  But then I had to stop and think for a second.  My day as a whole wasn’t that bad!  I also did Jillian’s 50 minute fat banish dvd – that one is hard!

still 150 calories under 2000 calories!

And then I was curious.  Back before I was diabetic, and 210 pounds, I wondered what a day in the life of that Biz stacked up nutrition wise!  Below was a typical day for me – I was a young single Mom and money was tight – sadly fast food was very affordable!

Breakfast: Burger King Crossan’wich with Sausage, Egg and Cheese, Small Hash Brown Rounds and a large regular pop.

Lunch: McDonald’s Big Mac, large fries and a large regular pop

Dinner: Jack’s original Pepperoni pizza (back in the day this pizza only cost $2.50!)  and yes, I could eat the whole thing

Snack:  4 thin mint cookies (also at times I could eat a whole sleeve in an evening

Total:  3,738 calories, 112 protein, 479 carbs, 13 fiber, 159 grams of fat!

So I am not going to sweat the extra couple of pieces of pizza! 😀

On the way home last night I had to pick up more blood sugar test strips.  My co-pay is $80 for 4 boxes – I never really looked before but was shocked when I saw how much my insurance saved me!

and my five insulin pens saved me another $220!

How are uninsured diabetics able to afford the most basic needs to manage their disease?  It’s so sad.

Alright, let’s finish off on a good note – it’s Friday and I have a crustless broccoli spinach quiche in the oven for breakfast!  You’ll just have to come back tomorrow for the recipe!

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without a computer?

Happy Friday 😀


41 thoughts on “A whole night without the computer?

  1. Rachel Palmieri

    I love that you compared your current lifestyle to your old one and proved to yourself and everyone else how wonderful your eating has become! I also think it’s great that you gave yourself a break on the pizza. So many people beat themselves up to a pulp and forget the bigger picture.

    And don’t even get me started on how uninsured folks afford medications and supplies…I’m in public health and it’s a scary scary world out there!

  2. I love lunch plates like that! So much more fun to eat!! And I like the way you looked at the pizza. You are doing way better now and should be soooooo proud of yourself!! 🙂 I definitely need to step back and look at the bigger picture more often as well.

    Andrew uses the pens too. It’s amazing how much we spend on diabetic supplies even with decent health coverage. I can’t even imagine how life would be without insurance… diabetes all around just isn’t a very “fair” disease.

  3. I will definitely be back for that recipe! An occasional indulgence, like yours with the pizza last night, is fine. It’s the indulging every single day that does us in, you know?

    That weather you had is headed my way. Not looking forward to it at all!

  4. Baked wheat thins are DANGEROUS! Those things are too darn tasty.

    The longest I went was a week. The summer before I started my blog (so two years ago this June) Metro Detroit was SLAMMED with a storm – tornadoes, straight line winds, you name it. It sucked not having a computer but what sucked more was just not having power for a week!! It was awful!

  5. Thanks for your visit and good luck with the diet! We eat lots of salads during the week – sad but true.

  6. OH my gosh…love the breakfast pizza idea and I bet it is fabulous made with the Avocado Bread!

    I know my husband would love the fresh veggies with the chili dip and it’s so pretty too. Perfect for lunch!

    You make the best stuff!

  7. Oh I love the lunch plate. I am in search for good “work” lunches lately…and that snack plate is just the thing! Transportable, yummy, and takes a long time to eat 🙂

    I don’t remember the last long period I went without a computer. On our last vacation we even paid the $10/day or whatever it was, just so I could check my email! I’m hopeless.

    Hope you have a great weekend, friend!

  8. Every time you make pizza, I drool.

  9. In my house, we don’t survive very well without a computer. I’ll admit it, we coughed up $100 on our recent cruise so we could have some computer time. It was painful, but neither Noel or I thought we could go a whole week without the internet. I mean, I can barely do a whole hour and a half at the gym without my iphone!

    It is sad about diabetics without health insurance. When I was a kid my grandmother was diabetic but on disability so she had a very limited income. She used to do all sort of stuff like reuse needles and not test her sugar as often to try to make her supplies last. I realize now how sad that was, and I wonder if she would have been around a bit longer if she had been able to better manage her disease.

    Also, Biz, I’ve passed you the creative blogger award on my site today!

  10. As much as I complain about my job, I am SO completely thankful to have health insurance. I can’t imagine what my insulin and other meds would cost without it. When I didn’t have insurance, I never took my medicine because the price was too high to even THINK about.

    Hey, I wonder if it’s the same Rosati’s we have here. They’re new in town and I’ve been thinking about trying it…looks pretty good if it’s the same place! Oh yeah, and I liked that yogurt too, I tried the same one. Pretty good and not too pricey like greek yogurt can be…

  11. I used the exact same yogurt in my cake I just posted…cool!!

  12. I made some parmesan and black pepper bread like you do in the dutch oven. Only I didn’t want to dig out my dutch from the garage so I used my roasting pan and it turned out fabulous!!!! It was soft and not as dense as usual! Thanks for the tip!

  13. What a great idea for your breakfast pizza, using the queso as sauce. You are so very creative, my friend!

    Hmmm, the longest I’ve gone without a computer was the week we were in Maui – and it was strange. I missed it a little, but it was good to not have access because we were in paradise, after all!

  14. I’m a software engineer, so I sit at a computer all day. It’s no problem for me to ignore it all weekend!

    Man, I always get hungry reading your blog. Your pictures are just so amazining AND delicious looking!

    And I agree about wheat thins are crack crackers! I can eat a LOT of those babies in one sitting and not even blink!

  15. The crustless quiche sounds great! Yay for vegetarian recipes…will be on the lookout for it! At least you have TV if not computer…how’d we survive before 15 years ago?!?

  16. Wow what a difference! you have come such a long way.

  17. I just found your blog via TasteSpotting. Holy Cow! Your food looks amazing. A true testament to the fact that diet food doesn’t have to be boring.

  18. that breakfast looks amazing, as always Biz 🙂

    Hmmm..I didn’t have one almost the entire week I was in Spain! It was strange

  19. I couldn’t imagine not having the computer. For work I need to check email (from students) every 24 hours, so I could have serious trouble without the internet for that long. I even have had to go to public computers before to get online to do some work because I work online. I take my lap top everywhere, and I only stay in places with wifi available because I have actually taught classes online (live audio seminar) from hotel rooms.

  20. Wow, that looks so yummy! And now I’m craving pizza! 🙂

    Longest without a computer…hmmm…we had a storm a couple of years ago that left us without power for 4 days. The first day was a Friday, and I had to get some work done at home…that involved me sitting in the car with the motor running and plugging in my computer to the power supply! I did have a few days of no cell service in Kauai, but the lobby had wireless, so I could pop up there and get my fix for a few minutes each day, so that doesn’t really count.

    And yes, that’s so sad to think about how expensive diabetes supplies are. I don’t know how we’d afford it without medical insurance.

  21. Pizza sounds mighty good for dinner! And looking forward to seeing your quiche!

  22. Lately, the longest I’ve gone without a computer is just a few days. I don’t panic about it, but when I come back I can’t get to my sites fast enough to catch up!

  23. I try to remember what my OLD eating habits where when I’m beating myself up over a “splurge.” I would eat a least 2 cups of full fat ice cream a night…lots of fast food, entire sleeves of cookies, candy bars, hot dogs from the gas station, huge glasses of milk several times a day….lots of crap so yesterday when I ate 3 slices of pizza for lunch and then another 3 slices for dinner (yikes) I tried to remember that at least I didn’t top it off with chips and a candy bar from the gas station like I would have done a couple years ago….

  24. I’ve gone months without a computer which is funny because I was taking online classes at the time–don’t ask me how I worked THAT one out! HAHA

  25. Summer of 2008 I went about about 3 wks w/o computer on a relaxing vacation. My brother came week 2 and his computer had veeeerry spotty service. I think I logged in twice to delete spam from my email, that was it! The first few days are rough, but then it’s actually a relief!

    Lunch looks great! I love a mixture of a ton of stuff like that. Keeps the tastebuds happy!

    Most ppl w/o health ins. can qualify for help from the company. If you notice now at the bottom of commercials they say stuff like “If you can’t afford your testing supplies, so-and-so company may be able to help.” Although that’s not a guarantee! Scary to think you’d have to pay ~$700-800 for your stuff out of pocket! $80 doesn’t seem so bad then!

  26. wow! look how much your diet has changed, way to go!
    i go into a total panic when my laptop is down. i got a blackberry a few months ago and while that eases the pain somewhat, that tiny little screen is just not the same as usng the laptop

  27. I ate that same yogurt last night for the first time. I liked it, too, but I was wondering why they put fake honey flavor in it instead of real honey. Also, I am uninsured and check my blood several times a day, although I am not insulin dependent. I manage my type 2 with diet and exercise. Anyway, I use overstock drugstore dot com or sometimes Amazon to get testing supplies. Spendy, but it helps keep me on track and hopefully avoid some of the other health issues associated with diabetes.

  28. I have been a whole week without a computer while on a cruise. It was interesting being cut off from the outside world for a week.

    I love your meatza pizza 🙂

  29. I love your pizzas. The idea of putting egg whites on top of a pizza is really cool! Sometimes it’s good not to have the computer – leaves room for a lot of things :-). Most recently I had 8 days without a computer, when I was on vacation in Europe (well, I logged in from tourist offices to book BnB’s, does that count?)

  30. 3 days w/o the computer. I don’t b ring it on my football trips.

  31. I work in Diabetes Education at a local hospital, and it’s VERY sad how many people go without testing/ and or meds because of no insurance. There is something sooo wrong with our healthcare system!
    I loved your breakfast pizza, and I’m going to try it tomorrow morning!

  32. Isn’t it amazing how your life can change and you don’t realize it until you look back?

    Don’t even get me started on health insurance…..

  33. Your post is proof that you can eat in a fabulous way and still watch your intake.

    Thank godness for health insurance….Not so good for folks that don’t carry health insurance becasue they have to make the deicison to buy the glucose strips or not…

  34. Great breakfast pizza- I love that cheesy queso sauce! I buy it for tortilla chips sometimes and it just tastes so good.
    I think you’re right on to not sweat the pizza. You are so balanced with everything and you work out all the time too. No biggie. It is funny to look back on what you used to eat. When I think about the day of eating I used to have at 268lbs, I can hardly believe it.

  35. Mmmm, that breakfast pizza looks amazing! Love your lunch sample plate, too.

    I don’t think I’ve been longer than 24 hours without a computer in 10+ years. It’s my bread and butter, literally lol.


  36. YUM! Everything you ate looks so good!

  37. These breakfast pizzas are such a good idea I must make some for my family one morning. Yeah don’t sweat the pizza thing, as long as you are not doing that everyday it is ok!

  38. I was without a computer when we went on a four day vacation last summer. I think that’s the last time was “disconnected” for more than a few hours. I think I need to disconnect more… 😉

    Happy Weekend! 🙂

  39. I’ve gone without the computer for a week on vacation. The longest I’ve gone in the house is probably a day. That’s sad, huh?

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