23 thoughts on “Show of Hands . . .

  1. oh totally. I do this every Monday morning! lol

  2. Snoooooze! We have three snooze slaps factored into our alarm time. 🙂

  3. i snooze SO Many times!!! I’ve had to start setting my alarm even earlier so I can actually get out of bed in time!

  4. I personally allow for one 9 minute snooze. Monday is the worst though after not having to use the alam on Saturday and Sunday.

  5. I am a jump out of bed person, but snoozing just makes me more tired. I do have the advantage of a sunrise clock so I slowly wake up as the light slowly ramps up over 15 minutes, I love this thing it makes waking up much more pleasant, by the time the alarm goes off I’m actually almost awake. But Mondays are always a struggle, we have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off so waking up after 3 days of sleeping in is BRUTAL.

  6. ME! Not once but twice!

  7. Good Morning!
    I was not able to find an email address for you. I need your help. I have not been able to find anyone to take this week, feeling very anxious about this responsibilty and not finding anyone that was able to do it. Do you have anyone that might be able to?? Here is my email michele@gvtc.com

  8. I finally had to set my alarm 30 minutes ahead to allow for my 9 minute snoozes – sometimes two or three of them!

  9. That is so funny – I definitely hit the snooze today….more than once! 😦 Sometimes, nothing is as important as a good night of sleep, IMO!

  10. I am such a snoozer. I set my alarm for 5:58 but I need to be out of bed by 6:45. I snooze as long as the alarm will let me!

  11. I used to never snooze. Until I met Noel. Now he’s got me snoozing with the best of them!

  12. Jump out of bed! I find that snoozing makes me more miserable!

  13. It must be because we are twins, because I am a TOTAL SNOOZE FEST person!

  14. I hit snooze 10 times this morning. That’s one hour my alarm clock called me to no avail. I hate rainy Mondays=(

  15. I HATE the snooze button… I am a jump out of bed person, my wife is a snooze button person

  16. (((((raising hand)))))

  17. haha i have to say i’m definitely the jump out of bed type of person. I always ALWAYS sleep past the next call if i snooze. 😛 muahahha

  18. hahaha – gotta love Monday mornings. I must admit…I hope right out of bed! If I hit snooze..I’d never get up!

  19. I’m usually a snooze person. I find the fitter I get the less I use the snooze button and it kind of sucks!

  20. Are you kidding me? I hit the snooze right up until 10 minutes before I’m supposed to leave. I’m not a morning person! Enjoy your day off from blogging. 🙂

  21. I’m a jump out of bed right away person, but I need to putter around the house (or internet) for a bit with my coffee before I really wake up.

    Too funny… today was a late morning for me too!

  22. I’m a jump out of bed right away person. If I wasn’t, I’d be sleeping till 10:00!

  23. Ooo the potstickers look fun and tasty. My boyfriend would love these!
    I’m a snoozer. Love love love extra minutes of sleepytime!!

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