Mama Rini’s – Home Version!

When I woke up yesterday morning, I was going to suggest to Tony that we go out for breakfast, but quickly realized I already had all the ingredients to make  a kicked up breakfast.  First up?  Hash browns!  This is one potato – it was huge!  I finally figured out that I have to cook the potatoes in water first, then dry them and then Pam/oil fry them.  That way they are crisp on the outside, but still tender on the inside.

try not to overcook them - if they are too done, they will fall apart in the frying process - they'll still taste good, just not as pretty! 😀

My plate: 3.5 ounce steak, hashbrowns and 1 egg sprinkled with 1/2 oz. of 75% reduced fat Cabot cheddar cheese.

I need to figure out a way to organize my pantry items.  While trying to come up with a solution, I discovered I had five boxes of spaghetti opened!

maybe that's my problem! 😀

I then hit up the gym.  5 minute warm up and then:

not breaking any speed records any time soon!

Earlier in the morning I did my full meal plan and grocery list!  When I got back from the gym, Tony and I headed out for a bite to eat before hitting the grocery store.  We have never been there before – it’s called Fire Bar & Grill and it’s in Crystal Lake.  The main reason I picked that place was because I had a coupon for buy one, get the other half off – but turns out that was for entrees only and we each got sandwiches.  Mine was really good – the chicken was so flavorful!  Another way I rate restaurants?

they had Tabasco!

I got the chipotle wrap:

I ate 3/4 of the wrap and about 7 steak fries. Here's the tricky part - how many calories?? I forgot to ask no ranch dressing, so my educated guess is lunch comes in around 676 calories, 80 carbs, 36 protein 24 fat and 4.6 fiber - do you think that's about right??

I came home and Hannah was back from work.  She was going out to dinner with friends, but we realized we still had time to hit up our local Goodwill.  I had a coupon for 25% off our entire purchase 😀  I have been looking for a new work back.  My old one was just one big bag, no pockets, so everything always fell to the bottom.  I totally scored!  Check out my new Ralph Lauren bag!!

with my 25% discount, I got this bag for $15!!!

It has two outside pockets – one is for my camera and battery charger, the other one for my phone and iPod.  On the inside it has a center pocket where I am going to put all my diabetes stuff (no more scrambling to find my insulin pen!) and an inside pocket for my make-up (chapstick and mascara – so low maintenance!).

Tony and I ate so late we decided to not eat my scheduled bbq ribs – but I still put a dry rub on them and cooked them for three hours at 250 degrees until tender.  We’ll finish them off on the grill tonight.   But I did make my Best Buffalo Chicken Chili to have later in the week for lunches and to freeze some.    I now have a printer friendly version here!  My store had boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.49 a pound – their ground chicken was $2.99 a pound, so I just ground up the chicken breasts.  I like doing that anyway, because my store doesn’t sell ground chicken breast, just “ground chicken” so I am not exactly sure what’s in it!

cook up the chicken breasts and carrots and orange pepper

The only thing I changed in this recipe was used orange peppers (since Tony bought them from the $1 rack, instead of red pepper).

the seasonings 😀

pouring in the liquid gold

Around 8:30 last night I did get hungry, so I had 1.5 cups of chili, 1 oz. 75% reduced fat Cabot cheese and 1 oz. of tortilla chips.

555 calories, 62 carbs, 47 protein, 13.9 fat and 12.2 fiber

Stats for Saturday:

  • 40 minute walk/jog on treadmill
  • 1721 calories, 170 carbs, 122 protein, 62 fat and 19.3 fiber

I had a great grocery shop – and actually think I might do it on Saturday’s from now on – it’s kind of nice to have it out of the way today!  I spent $111.00, but had $10 in coupons for a total of $101.00.

On the menu (breakfast/lunch = just me!)


  • zucchini omelet with diced potato hash
  • breakfast pizza
  • cheese and bacon oats with hot sauce 😀
  • apple cinnamon pancakes (from freezer)
  • crustless broccoli quiche


  • chili baked potato
  • grilled chicken salad with spicy peanut dressing
  • creamy orange pepper soup with spinach and carrot salad
  • chile rellenos (not fried!)
  • chicken tikka masala


  • baby back ribs with boston baked beans and potato salad
  • grilled steak sandwiches with asian slaw and oven fries
  • pork chops with Parmesan sauce with cauliflower gratin
  • Herb & Balsamic steak kabobs with herbed rice and asparagus
  • Italian burgers with balsamic green beans
  • shrimp tacos, refried pinto beans and Mexican rice

On tap for today – hopefully a trip to Whole Foods!  I still have my gift card from my parents in law!  And I have to clean around the desk I am sitting at right now.  Currently there are 4 cookbooks, 5 magazines, and about 60 sheets of printed out recipes – I think I need an intervention!  In the kitchen: making the orange pepper soup and trying to make rye bread for the first time.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

16 thoughts on “Mama Rini’s – Home Version!

  1. This seems like a great way to stick to a diet. I’ve just started to cut back and exercise, since it’s spring and all. But it’s only been a week! This must take so much discipline!

  2. That wrap looks delicious. Excellent Ralph Lauren score!! 😀 WOO HOO


  3. Wow, that breakfast – wait, who am I kidding? All that food looks delicious!

  4. Biz, your chili always makes me salivate! Looks great!! 🙂 Have fun in foodie heaven aka Whole Foods!! 🙂

  5. Looks like lots of good meals planned.

  6. I have a whole bucket full of printed out recipes I need to organize, and a 2 foot stack of magazines beside my bed, and 3 new cookbooks on the end of the couch.

  7. mmmmmmm ribs! I can’t wait til it is grilling weather here so I can make ribs. I let them sit in their dry rub for at least 12 hours, overnight is better, bake for 3 hours one day and grill the next, so tender so amazing, such a long prep time! 😛
    That Chili looks delicious, as usual! I’m making your tikka masala this week, I can’t wait, I might have to put your chili on my list for another week soon too.
    As to your workout, who needs speed, highly over-rated IMO 😉

  8. That is some good-lookin’ breakfast at the top. Thanks for the tip about BSI, I just submitted the recipe.

  9. steak and eggs for breakfast!!!

    I thought diet meant rice cakes 24/7

  10. Wow 15 bucks for a Ralph Bag???? That is GREAT!

    yuuuuums that is a great breakfast!

    Did your exchange student make it home okay?

  11. fitandfortysomething

    love the wrap and love the deal you got on that bag! how great is that? hopefully you made it to whole foods 🙂

  12. buffalo chicken chili YUMMMMM….you are the hot sawwwce queen!! 🙂

    that wrap looks fantastic!

  13. Mmm, shrimp tacos are on the menu – can I come over?

    I’m thinking of making a shrimp and bean salad for my wonton cups 🙂

  14. I laughed at the open pasta – I’ve done that so many times! I need to take a hint from you and start planning my breakfast/lunches out for the whole week. I think I’d do better with variety instead of just eating the usual salad. 🙂

    Amazing deal on the bag.

  15. I never thought to “par-boil” my potatoes first – what a GREAT idea! Thanks!

    I meal plan the same way B/L me and dinner for The Husband and I.

    I agree with you on the ground chicken versus doing it yourself. It does sorta gross me out scooping it out of the processor but it’s worth it in the end 🙂

    Can’t wait to see all the fun new eats this week.

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