One of those days. . .

Yesterday was one of those work days that just goes on and on, where you feel like you’ve been there an hour and all of a sudden it’s 4:00 in the afternoon!  I worked late last night, but expected to.  Tony was nice enough to wait for me to come home so we could have dinner together.  I love you Tony!

I took exactly seven pictures yesterday – that is so unusual for me!!!  Breakfast was egg beaters breakfast pizza.  My friend Jenn just tried making breakfast pizza too – hers turned out amazing!  She used a flat out for the dough – great idea!  My pizza comes in at: 429 calories, 57 carbs, 20 protein, 15.3 fat and 2.4 fiber.

Lunch was inspired by In Praise of Leftover’s chile tamale pie.  Although I halved the recipe, I thought it still called for too much enchilada sauce, but I was sadly mistaken.   I didn’t realize how much the corn tortillas would soak up the sauce, so the result was a somewhat dry casserole.  I also ground my own chicken and added canned pinto beans to up the fiber.  I am not going to post my recipe yet – still needs tweaking!  But since I had my baja fresh salsa on the side, it wasn’t a total loss – I just dipped each bite into the salsa!

Lunch comes in at 608 calories, 57 carbs, 41 potein, 26 fat and 13.9 fiber

My store had cornish hens on sale – buy one, get one free!  Have you tried cornish hens before? They taste just like chicken to me!  It was almost 7:15 by the time we lit the grill, so in the end we were grilling in the dark! 😀

we cook them above a cast iron skillet on a rack - this way they get crispy all the way around - and while it looks like the hens have zits, it's actually garlic from the marinade!

I had two wings, some breast meat, and 1 cup of red potato smashed potatoes.

Dinner: 423 calories, 30 carbs, 26 protein, 23 fat and 2.8 fiber

Stats for Tuesday:

  • no exercise, I worked through lunch 😦
  • 1,461 calories, 144 carbs, 87 proein, 64 fat and 19.1 fiber
  • I didn’t watch: the Biggest Loser, American Idol or Glee last night 😦
  • I watched deadliest catch and Chopped though! 😀

Today will be a much calmer day at work thankfully.  It is beautiful today so my plan is to do my 45 minute walk at lunch today – my exercise has been seriously lacking lately!

Happy Wednesday! 😀

26 thoughts on “One of those days. . .

  1. You inspire me everyday with the wonderful relationship you have with you husband!

  2. Ok, your pizzas look fantastic but I must have missed the first one – why pizza for breakfast? Sounds crazy enough to work, but doesn’t it require quite a bit of effort in the morning?

  3. Don’t read my blog then, since I did a Biggest Loser recap!

    I’ll just tell you this, it was really good!

    Sorry you had to work late B!

  4. I think I love Tony too 🙂

    I was thinking about you and how well you seem to be doing with your nutrition and it got me to wondering, how’s the wine thing going?

  5. That Breakfast pizza sounds really good right now!

  6. Breakfast pizzas are the best! 🙂 LOVE your recipes!

  7. Biz, I’ve had a lot of those days recently, so I feel your pain.

    You must go online and watch Glee from last night. SO funny! It’s the only thing on tv I watch regularly and it’s just fantastic! The Madonna tribute and Jane Lynch doing Vogue…I’m cracking up now just thinking about it!

  8. I love cornish hens, great showmanship too, that half a chicken on a plate 🙂 I have a new spicy recipe for you, the second day out the filling for my smokey BBQ pork quesadillas was super spicy, absolutely perfect 😛

  9. I am so weird. For some reason, cornish hens freak me out. I think it’s the idea of, no matter how small, eating a whole bird myself 🙂 Your little guys look tasty, though!

  10. How long does your dough keep in the fridge? I always either bake it right off or freeze it…

    Cornish hens look tasty – mm mm!

    I’ve got a giveaway right now 🙂

    • I’ve used it up to a week, and in my opinion, it tastes better when it’s been in the fridge for a while – maybe the yeast keeps working??

  11. Breakfast pizza yum! I am always so hungry in the morning that I always opt for something easy like oatmeal…. I need to expand my breakfast horizon more often, or you can come make breakfast pizza at my house hahaha:)

  12. I have Glee waiting on my DVR for tonight – and my guilty pleasure, Sixteen and Pregnant.

  13. Awww, so sweet of Tony to wait on you!! I rarely wait on Andrew, I feel bad, but I’m HUNGRY!! haha! 😉

    Your breakfast pizza looks awesome!!

  14. Every time I see your breakfast pizza I think, I NEED to try that.

    I actually think your lunch looked and sounded good 🙂

    I LOVE Chopped – too bad it’s always on so late…I am old 😀

  15. I’ve never tried a cornish hen before! Boo to missing the Biggest Loser and Glee! I love both of those shows. Although lately I just fast forward through Biggest Loser to watch the weigh-in part!

  16. breakfast pizza?!?! yum! I want to make a SWEET pbreakfast pizza with greek yogurt and fresh berries!

  17. Wow, that is unusual for you! Still love the breakfast pizza though.

    The Cornish hens taste like chicken to you b/c they ARE chicken! 😉 It’s just a young chicken so it’s smaller. Sometimes my mom would cook a few of those for holidays if it was the 4 of us instead of a big turkey and all that hassle. Other than that I haven’t eaten them or ever bought them myself. Maybe a future Friday First???

  18. Hi Biz, happy hump day we are sliding into Friday but never fast enough!! I have GOT to make cornish hens for my family they would think that they are so cute!

  19. I’m drooling between the breakfast pizza and roasted chicken! I hope the rest of your week is less stressful.

  20. Biz, you are just so good about keeping your calories under control on a consistent basis. How do you do it?! Honestly. I am never that consistent, even through weight loss. And the most impressive part is that you eat GOOD, tasty food! That is what makes you stand out from other bloggers to me.

    Just wanted to tell you 🙂

    • Thanks Lara! While my eats may be good, my exercise has been ho hum – so I don’t think I am losing anything, just maintaining. I’d like to blame it on being over 40, but in reality, I need to exercise a lot more! 😀

  21. Ah look at that chicken! I just picture it talking to me 🙂

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