Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve had a lovely morning so far!  I slept in until 9:00.  Hannah had already made coffee and brought in the Sunday papers.  I was greeted with a beautiful vase of flowers!

Hannah got me a big coffee cup and two different kinds of flavored teas.  She also gave me these two items that I can’t wait to try!

Whenever I make my baja salsa, I never have a bowl big enough to hold all the tomatoes!  Problem solved! 😀

13 quarts!!

But the best thing I got – well, other than the overflowing of love from both Hannah and Tony!!

An ice cream maker!!!!!!!!!

I’ve really wanted one of these for a long time, but couldn’t justify having yet another kitchen appliance.  I gave no suggestions on what I wanted this year, and I got the perfect gift!  Thank you!!

I plan on making Hannah green tea ice cream, and a watermelon sorbet for Tony – can’t wait!

And I am just about to enjoy a slice of this:

Tony made this for me!  It has cooked sliced potato on both the bottom and top, chopped frozen (thawed!) spinach, eggs and Cabot’s habanero cheddar cheese – so spicy good!   Thank you Tony!

I am off to watch last weeks episode of Glee with a cup of coffee.   Hannah and I are meeting my Mom at Goodwill early this afternoon, then she’s coming over for ribs and Tony’s awesome pasta salad! 😀

Thanks Hannah and Tony for a great start to Momma Day!  I am blessed to be so loved and appreciated!

I hope everyone enjoys time with family and friends! 😀

21 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. aww Happy moms day Beth!! I cant wait to see what you make with the ice-cream maker!!!!!

  2. Happy Mother’s day! That ice cream maker is so cool, what a wonderful gift!

  3. Oh my word…those flowers are just gorgeous!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. what a great gift! i cant wait to see what you come up with! happy mother’s day!!!!

  5. Oh man not ice cream now too! They were a previous weakness of mine. Think I’ll just gloss over yours now 🙂

  6. Happy Mother’s Day, Biz!! 🙂

    I have that same ice cream maker, but I haven’t used it yet! Looks awesome.


  7. I just had to take the extra minute to say Happy Mother’s Day! One of the (many!) reasons I read your blog is because you love being a Mother as much as I do and it really shows.
    We sort of had the same Mother’s Day experience too…I have really really wanted a Kindle, but didn’t dare even say it out loud. I was shocked when I opened my first gift this morning and there it was! My awesome kids went in together on it for me! Love my children and I am pretty sure I don’t deserve them!

  8. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAy, Biz!!! you’re one of the most dedicated, loving, and awesome mommy I’ve “met”! Hannah is super lucky to have you! Enjoy your day! 😀

  9. What a lovely day so far! The flowers are absolutely beautiful!!! And that ice cream maker? Ooh, I see some fun in your future! Happy Mother’s Day, my friend!

  10. Sleeping in, beautiful flowers, an ice cream maker (wish I had one), new products to try and that big “silver” bowl to create in. One of those graces my kitchen and I cannot tell you how much I use it. Enjoy!

    Happy Mother’s Day.


  11. Ice cream maker!! So awesome! 🙂
    Hope you’re having a great day!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day, Biz!! 🙂 Looks like you are being treated quite well today!! Enjoy this day with Tony and Hannah!! 🙂

  13. oh wow! ice cream maker!!! so exciting!!!! .. and what a celebration with the drinks. agave mmmmm, always a good addition! ❤

  14. Happy Mother’s Day, Biz!! I’m so glad that you’re having a good one!! 🙂

  15. Happy Mother’s Day! Looks like you are soooo loved. Make sure to make some ice cream with mix ins tonight 🙂

  16. Aww how special! Enjoy your mother’s day Biz! 🙂

  17. Happy Mother’s Day Biz!

    That ice cream maker looks super cool, I can’t wait to see what you make with it!

  18. That food looks delicious!!

  19. Its late, but, Happy Mom’s day!

    The flowers are beautiful, but, OMG – that ice cream maker I have wanted forever. I am the same as you – The Husband told me I had to give up one kitchen appliance to get it…..I thought of the can opener 😉 LOL…but, alas, I haven’t given up anything yet.

    I am sure you will make me want it even more with your creations 🙂

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