Beautiful Day!

I had such a great day yesterday!  First of all, it was nice outside, even if it was on the cool side!

After breakfast Hannah and I met up with my Mom at the local Goodwill, then hit up Trader Joe’s.  I went in to pick up some kind of dip as an appetizer, and ended up spending $4!  One product I will definitely be using this week:

Has anyone tried this before?

We also hit up the Entenmann’s outlet – check out the price of Thomas brand bagel thins!

24 pack for only $1.29! I just paid $3.99 for six at my local supermarket!

My Mom had requested ribs for dinner and we were happy to oblige!  Great ribs start out with a great rub!

We adapted this from Cook’s Illustrated – we left out the onion powder and the allspice.   We left in the allspice one time and it made the ribs taste awful!

Rib Rub (printer friendly version)

  • 1 tablespoon dry mustard
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • 1 tablespoon dark brown sugar
  • 1.5 teaspoons garlic powder
  • 1.5 teaspoons celery salt
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

We’ve discovered the secret to fall off the bone tender ribs.  After applying the dry rub, wrap really well in foil.  Place on a rack over a cookie sheet in your oven at 240 degrees.  Place a heavy skillet underneath the ribs and keep it full of water.  This helps to steam the ribs as they cook.  Cook for 4 hours.  Remove, apply bbq sauce and finish them off on the grill.

I had a Georgia mustard bbq sauce on mine – nice and mustardy and vinegary! 😀  And my daughter, the vegetarian?

she was a flexatarian yeseterday! she ate 4 ribs!

They weren’t good at all! 😀

And Tony made a great pasta salad with Paul Newman’s light balsamic dressing.  We loved the addition of edamame in this!  There is no real recipe – its 1 box of rotini pasta cooked, some chopped salami, chopped fresh mozzarella, red pepper, orange pepper, edamame and right before serving, about 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese is tossed together.

And Hannah may have gone to Portillo’s to buy a slice of chocolate cake – my Mom had never tried it!  Not gonna lie, I had a few bites too!

Thanks for coming over Mom!

Even though I am 5.2" tall - I always feel tall next to my Momma!

After my Mom left, we hung outside for a while – but it got cold!

Tony relaxing with a cigar! 😀

Until it got too cold!

Thanks to Hannah and Tony for a great Mother’s Day!  😀

I love you Hannah!

And guess what??  Hannah ditched today for senior ditch day! Even though that may jeopardize her almost perfect attendance – today is only the second day of her whole high school career she’s missed school!  When I called to let them know she was “sick” the message box was already full!  I had to send an email to her counselor!  I think she is planning on going to Chicago with friends today – but she’s still sleeping, so I’ll find out later!

Thanks for all the Momma Day wishes yesterday 😀

Alright – off to get my breakfast and lunch put together – have a great Monday! 😀


34 thoughts on “Beautiful Day!

  1. Your family is so adorable!!!

    Loving that pasta salad – my favorite party food!

    You amaze me with the great deals you find at the stores. Care to be my personal shopper ??? 😀

  2. I’m not sure if I posted yesterday, so Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

    I’ve never tried that thai sauce, but I have a green curry simmer sauce in my cabinet that I’m waiting to try from TJ’s 🙂

  3. We had ribs and such for Mr. Helen’s birthday dinner on Saturday night. Oh, I just love good ribs. And you’re right, it’s all about the rub.

    Your day sounds lovely and I really enjoyed all the photos of your beautiful daughter and your family that you’ve posted since Friday. Hannah’s prom dress was gorgeous and I loved her comfy looking fancy shoes!

    It’s cold here too. Below normal all week. In fact we’ve got a frost advisory for tonight!

  4. Awwww- what a nice Mama’s day! The ribs look like they turned out perfect. Good for your baby for skipping- you only live once

  5. Nice dinner Biz!

    Happy Mother’s Day! Love the pic with you, Mom and Hannah!

    And, I could eat that whole bowl of pasta salad!

  6. I’m glad you had a good Mother’s Day Biz!

  7. Happy late Mother’s Day to you!!! Looks like you had a great day! Love the ribs!!! We had a nice weather day here. It didn’t even get cold untill today. At least yesterday was beautiful! Hope Hannah has a fun Senior Skip day!!

  8. Aw, looks like you had a great day! 🙂
    Have a good one today too 😉

  9. Aww I’m so glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day–your family is beautiful! 🙂

  10. That rib rub looks almost like mine, but I add more cayenne (no one who doesn’t like heat around here :P)
    I rub mine and stick them in fridge over night then do the oven thing and stick them in the fridge again then put them on the grill, OMG so wonderful, ton of time but worth it 🙂

    Everything looks great as usual!

  11. What a great day! The pasta salad looks yummy and colorful!

  12. sounds like a fun day 🙂 and the ribs look great!

  13. Love the pic of you and your mom and Hannah…lovely. Glad it was a great MD!

  14. You and Hannah have the same smile – so cute! Did she have a good time at the prom?

    And wow – it’s not often when we shorties look so tall standing next to someone! I guess you were lucky to reach all of 5’2″ with your mom as little as she is!

    Glad you had such a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    • Hi Shelley! She said the prom part was kind of boring – the DJ wasn’t that good – but post prom on the boat on Lake Michigan was fun! 😀

  15. haha smokin a cig and enjoyin life all bundled up hehe.

    GIRL THAT DEAL IS AMAZING! holy crap a dollar something for 24pack. BAM! ❤ hehe xoxo

  16. There isn’t anything much better than ribs and chocolate cake 😀

  17. entenmann’s outlet?! awesome!!!

  18. Looks like a great mother’s day. I am glad she skipped. She may have regretted it later, or maybe not! Who knows! The cake looks so yummy.

  19. My mom has always driven about an hour every few months to the Flower Bread outlet – they make Nature’s Own and SunBeam and others, including sweets and boxed treats. She fills up the back of the car w/ these unbelievable deals – like 25c loaves of bread. Then the downstairs freezer would be good for a few months! I’m sure that really came in handy when my brother hit teenagehood!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your mother’s day! We had ribs too!

  20. Happy belated Mother’s Day Biz! Hannah sure is lucky to have a cool mom like you! 🙂

  21. what a lovely day! aren’t ribs the best? gods gift to carnivores that’s for sure!

    love the pictures, your family seems SO very sweet!

  22. Happy [belated] Mother’s Day!!

  23. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a pic of the famous Tony. I tried Frank’s on my pizza for the first time last night…it was good. I never thought of doing it though. My brother asked for it and then I tried it.

  24. Those ribs look phenomenal! What a wonderful day 😀

  25. happy mother’s day 🙂 glad you had a fabulous one!!

  26. Really interesting way to keep ribs moist and tender. We’ve been boiling ours for about an hour, then grilling, I bet this way is better.

  27. Aww what a fun day! Mmm…now I’m in the mood for some ribs!

  28. DiningAndDishing

    haha you better hope her counselor doesn’t read your blog! 😉

    – Beth @

  29. Sounds like a great day! I love all the photos, especially the one of you, your mom and Hannah! 🙂

    I don’t make ribs very often, but I’m writing down your tricks to make perfect ribs. If Hannah ate 4, I know they were good! 🙂

  30. oh man,i was so scared to ditch on my senior ditch day! everyone went to disneyland for our school…it’s only 8 miles away! ;D

  31. thehealthyjunky

    The picture of you and your daughter is precious! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day! I love love love portillo’s chocolate cake!

  32. […] Rib Seasoning  Recipe from:  […]

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