Hannah is a member of the Class of 2010!

She is officially an alumni of High School!  I started out her day with a balloon that said “Class of 2010” and a dozen long stem roses.

We were doing our usual chores before my Mom came over, I swept the kitchen floor, vacuumed the living room, etc.  All of a sudden I needed to jump in the shower.  When I got out Hannah said “I have to go!”  Yikes!  I had just enough time to throw something on and take a quick picture.

My Mom and I were planning on leaving 30 minutes before we had to be there, but Hannah called and told us it was already packed – 50 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start!

So we ended up sitting on the visitors side 😦

In our hurry to get out the door, I only remembered to bring two water bottles.  No stadium seats (and we have deluxe ones from when Joe played football!), no sun screen, hats, nothing!  And it was hot!  I had no idea it was going to be that hot – and since we got there at noon and it didn’t end until 2:00, I totally got sunburned.  My mom didn’t as much, but she has more olive skin than I do.

It’s about the only time you can describe me as delicate is when you talk about my skin!

I was a sad panda last night!  (I stole your line Mari!)  I tried aloe vera “after burn” lotion, but I was still in a lot of pain – mostly my arms, neck and especially my face.  Tony did a quick search, and guess what worked??  White vinegar! I poured some on my arms, and dabbed it on my face and it took away most of the pain – I could still feel it, but no where near as much as before.  Thanks Tony!

Me and my momma - before the burn! 😀

Hannah was so happy after it was all over – she couldn’t stop smiling!

Hannah with some of her friends:

Hannah and Joe

Hannah and Carol

Hannah and Alex (whose she's known since 4th grade when we moved out here)

Hannah and Lindsey

Then this is a picture of Hannah with her advisory teacher, Mr. Marshall.  He said to me “you should be so proud of your daughter, I expect to hear great things about her in the next few years!”

And then a picture with Hannah’s favorite teacher, the German teacher, Mr. Delzell.  While most teachers only get a student for a semester here and there during a high school career, Hannah has had Mr. Delzell for every semester all four years!  They have an amazing bond, and he said to me “Hannah is so thoughtful and intelligent, I’ll miss not having her in class next year.”  It almost brought tears to my eyes!

Some Stats About Hannah’s High School:

  • to be in the top 10% of the graduating class of 444 kids, you needed a GPA higher than 4.0!
  • 2010 brought two state championships for the first time in school history – in football and volleyball
  • 92% of the students are going to college
  • Hannah’s cumulative GPA of 3.72 puts her in the 50%, which means 50% of the school had a GPA higher than 3.72!
  • The average GPA for the whole class was 3.25!
  • 1 student is headed into the military, which brought a standing ovation!

We went out to eat afterward.  I could hear everyone talking about local places they were going to lunch, so we went in a different direction and didn’t have to wait.  Um, pretty sure this place has the best tots!

While its hard to tell through the sea of tots, I got a tex-mex flat bread pizza - it had spicy shredded chicken, black beans and corn with pepper jack cheese, and a whole cup of pickled jalapenos!

Then we came home for presents.  While we gave her $$ :D, my Mom gave her a suitcase, a charm for her charm bracelet, and this collage – start in the left hand corner and go around in a circle until you get to her senior picture! 😀

The many faces of Hannah!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments yesterday – I read them all this morning!

Tomorrow begins our 101 Days of Summer Challenge!  I think I am up to 23 people now!  I will be introducing our participants tomorrow – its not too late to join – just leave a comment or send me an email letting me know what your goal is for the summer!  Run a 5K?  Lose 5 pounds?  Whatever fits you! 😀

I am going to put more vinegar on my arms and face – my before picture is going to be so sexy tomorrow with my farmers tan! 😀  Enjoy your Sunday!


60 thoughts on “Hannah is a member of the Class of 2010!

  1. YAY!! Congrats to Hannah!! Love her dress!! I can only imagine how proud you would feel to hear all of those sweet things about your daughter. Take care of that burn, Biz!! 😦 It makes me hurt just looking at that picture. I’m such a baby I’d probably go to the doctor b/c of it!!

  2. Awww, I love Hannah’s dress! She look so happy, so congrats to her on her graduation!

    Vinegar is the best for a sunburn, otherwise try a bath with some milk in it too. I’m so pale, I only burn so I totally feel your pain!

  3. Glad you found the vinegar trick – it works great! Last summer, I got SO burnt that even vinegar wouldn’t work (and I swear by that!) so I had to buy aloe with lidocaine! Crazy!

    Hannah looks SO pretty – her dress & shoes are fabulous! Congratulations to her again!

    I will e-mail you later with a before picture & my goal – is it okay to have more than one goal?

  4. Congratulations Hannah!!! Beautiful dress! I love all the faces of Hannah! I’m working on a collage of my teenager right now; he’s graduating in 10 days.

    I hope your sunburn will get better soon… Glad the vinegar took away most of the pain….

  5. Biz-Thank you SO much for sharing Hannah’s graduation picture! She looks so happy!

    And about the sunburn–you should never EVER put that aloe vera stuff on a burn. Why? Check the ingredients. Probably the number one ingredient is alcohol, which just dries out your skin and actually makes the burn worse. Yeah, the aloe feels good (the cooling is from the alcohol evaporating), but it makes it worse. The best thing? A heavy duty moisturizer like Aveeno. Noel has super fair skin, so we do the burn thing a lot!

  6. Hannah looked just lovely – so happy and radiant! Cute, cute dress as well! Looks like it was a great day except for that sunburn – and oh, I recognized that awful redness all too well…I’ve had my share of sunburns, unfortunately. Another thing that helps if it’s still hurting you is to take a couple of aspirin. Bet your shower burned this morning! 😦

  7. Oooh, and outdoor ceremony – Fun! Ours was downtown Vancouver in one of the theatres, because you couldn’t have a grad class of 1000 + guests in our gym. Plus it was in September, once they knew everyone had officially graduated (have to wait for those provincial exams). Too bad about the lack of sunscreen though – ouch!

  8. Congrats to Hannah! I love her cute dress and shoes. You poor little lobster, Biz! My gramps would put vinegar on our sunburns as children but I totally forgot about that remedy. Luckily I rarely get burns now that I’m an adult. I used to PURPOSELY lay out in the sun for hours without any protection and burn myself as bad as I could. Stupid! I thought it was a way to get a quick tan, but it always peeled off. Anyway, I told you I’m in on the challenge but didn’t state a goal. My goal is to lose 15 pounds and start doing aerobic excercise at least 3 days a week and strength training 3 days a week.

  9. Love your dress Hannah!!!

    Biz, sorry about the sun burn!!!! That stinks!

    Congrats Hannah!!!

  10. Congrats to Hannah! Biz, she is just soooo gorgeous! You must be a proud mama to see her grow into such a beautiful woman, inside and out 🙂

    Okay, and that burn…OUCH!!! 😦

  11. congrats to your daughter! what a momentous occasion.

  12. Rachel Palmieri

    Congrats to Hannah! I was wondering why we didn’t get to see her in her cap and gown but then it dawned on me that her dress was way too cute to cover up!

    I hope your burn feels better. I had sympathy pains just looking at it!

  13. Hey Biz….I’ve got fair skin (red head) and when I get a sunburn, I use evaporated milk to sooth my skin. It sounds gross and it smells gross, but it feels so incredibly cooling. I learned it from my mom, also a red head, who grew up in the heat of Arizona. Congrats to Hannah!!

  14. Oh yay!!!! Congrats Hannah, great job!

    The dress is super cute and what terrific school stats! Holy cow! That is a BAD sun burn! I have olive skin so I’ve only gotten burnt a few times and nothing like that. I’ve never heard of the vinegar trick – good to know!

    J’s little brother graduates next weekend, but we can’t go. They only allow 3 people to go, which I think is ludacris. They blame it on the school being over-populated, but what school isn’t? My high school had 30+ trailers and did their graduation in an outside assembly like Hannah’s. My brother’s did two smaller assemblies where you got 6 tickets and could buy more. This school just isn’t trying – just doing it in the gym for all students at once. I think it’s pathetic and if I were a parent I’d be raising holy hell over it! How hard is it to come up w/ an alternative plan? Even if money is a factor, I’m sure many relatives would buy tickets or fund it.

  15. Congrats, Hannah! She looks so beautiful and happy! What a great day, minus the sunburn, of course. I have to use SPF 100 so I feel ya, friend.

    I can’t find your email address! I need to give you my goals for the challenge, so could you email me at fightfatphobia@gmail.com with your email address so I can reply? I coulda sworn I had it, but I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

  16. Oh no! Your poor skin! I burn really easily too. I hope the pain isn’t too bad.

  17. What a sweet daughter 🙂 Congrats to you both…you for raising a great daughter! I gasped when I saw your sunburn 😦 Yikes……my daughter had one of those a few weeks ago from a car wash…she used sunscreen, but completely forgot her neck and upper back! Thanks for sharing your special day.

  18. I feel you on the sunburn it’s the only time I can be called delicate as well, good to know about the vinegar.

    I love how everyone else is wearing their gowns and Hannah is showing off her cute dress.

    You must be so proud. What is she planning to do next year?

    • I am one proud momma!

      Her goal is to be a speech pathologist, and is planning on going to community college for the first two years to knock out the basics. She likes the field of speech pathology, because you can go so many different ways, from working in hospitals/nursing homes with stroke victims, in school districts, or working with accident victims. I am sure if she could move out tomorrow she would – she’s an independent woman! 😀

      • I have a friend from high school who is a traveling speech therapist now. She has worked in Texas, outside of Seattle, and is now in San Diego…all in her first couple years!

    • She’s going to community college for the first two years – she hopes to be a speech pathologist, but that may change!

  19. fattiefatterton

    Congrats to Miss Hannah and to you for raising such a wonderful daughter!

    So sorry about the sunburn – vinegar works wonders, as you found out.

  20. awwwwwwwwww congrats hannah! Her dress is totally adorable. You got cooked mama! I’ve never heard of the vinegar trick- totally using that one. The picture collage is amazing.

  21. Good to know about the vinegar! I didn’t know that. Sorry you had to find out the hard way. You sure seem like the proud mama. My oldest just turned 13 so I have a ways to go before that event.

  22. Congrats to you and Hannah.

    Ow that sun burn looks sore – amazing what white vinagar can be used for.

    Have a great Memorial day

  23. Ouch that sunburn looks awful. Interesting to read about the vinegar though 🙂
    Hannah looks great. What a class to be graduating from…don’t think ours was that tough!

  24. fitandfortysomething

    wow what a special day for you and your family. i love all the pics! you poor thing you did get sunburn!

  25. If it helps, my hubby and I got burnt yesterday on the lake! But, maybe not quite as bad:) You should be so very proud of Hannah, sounds like she has a great head on her shoulders!

  26. Congrats to Hannah, but your arm picture really caught my attention more than the graduation. You really burned! I hope it heals fast for you.

  27. Congrats to Hannah! 😀 You must be a proud mama!

    Hope that burn is feeling better! Yikes!

  28. Looks like a great time! Congrats to Hannah!

  29. What a beautiful, bittersweet day! Many congratulations to Hannah (and to you – what a good mom you are)!

    Your sunburn really looks like it hurts Biz, I hope you’re not a ring of fire today. Just emailed you – as you know, I unplugged (thank goodness for getting email on my iPhone!).

  30. Really great day for you and your family. So nice to have such a great day for it. That sunburn – OUCH!

  31. Congrats to your daughter!!

    That is one NASTY sunburn you got though 😦

  32. Congratulations to Hannah!

    You have a gorgeous daughter.

  33. Ok put down for your challenge. I will train for the full marathon as my challenge. I don’t have a firm date for the actual race yet but leaning towards Oct.10

  34. i totally have not seen a burn like that in a long time. i totally hate those ones because u can feel the sting of them for days and days.. and when u sleep and roll on it, it can totally burn and heat up. ouch!

    Hannah’s dress is GORGEOUS! it totally lights her up huh! she looks fabulous and chic ❤

  35. Ouch! I hope your burn is burning less. I see your beautiful Hannah didn’t get sunburned. Love the dress! Our sons’ graduations were held indoors–thank goodness because I am not a sun worshiper. After all, I am from the south!!

    We spent a good deal of yesterday in the city: Jam (west town area) for brunch–absolutely wonderful and I’m sorry that I forgot to take photos so will have to return), Fox and Obel for bread, Whole Foods and CB2. It took us 45 minutes going in and about an hour back. Guess everyone had left town!

    Enjoy your graduate. Is she going away for college?

    Happy celebrating!


  36. Congratulations Hannah!! And take care of your burn girlie!

    High school graduations make me so emotional…but, so do Hallmark commercials 🙂

  37. Congrats! She looks great and so happy. I can’t believe you got that burned. My nose always gets burned so I have to be extra careful with that. Thanks for sharing those facts about her class. That is interesting that the top 10% has greater than 4.0 GPA. Gotta love AP and honors classes.

  38. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always love graduations (my teacher heart swells with pride for all those beautiful kids ~ and their parents!). Congratulations, Biz! So happy for you. Pics are beautiful, even the tots. LOL

    Okay, jumping on the 101 Days of Summer. Will send you an e-mail. (need to go back and review the details!)

    re: white vinegar and sunburns. I’m a Florida native and have never heard that. Who knew? Thanks for that info, friend. Hope you’re feeling a bit better… as a fellow fair-skinned gal, I TOTALLY get your pain. So sorry. 😦

    HUGS from Orlando!

  39. go hannah! what a pretty dress, you should be so proud mama!

    oh my gosh, that burn! take it easy for the next few days!

  40. Your daughter looks stunning!!! 🙂 Congrats to her! And owwwwieee on your sunburn. The first burn of the year always hurts the worst. Your 101 days of summer challenge sounds awesome. I am thinking about joining in on the fun. 🙂

  41. Congrats to Hannah!!!

  42. Wow! Congrats to Hannah!! The day looked wonderful- she looked so beautiful and happy!! Glad it all went well, minus the sunburn- ouch. I have done that to myself one too many times, but I’m so glad to know white vinegar works!!

  43. Awww!! Congrats to her! She looks so happy!

    Vinegar is the best for a sunburn…I hope you are feeling better!

  44. I am new to your blog! But Congrats to your beautiful daughter. You did a good job mom!

  45. Love Hannah’s dress! She is stunning! You must be so proud! Congrats Hannah!

  46. Sad panda? Try sad lobster! I’ve been there more times than I care to admit. Good luck pickling yourself 😉 Your readers left some good tips.

    Hannah looks gorgeous! Love the dress and especially the shoes (I myself have been on a yellow patent leather shoe finding mission). Yay to her for graduation, an exceptional GPA and such wonderful feedback from her teachers!

  47. I am on track to lose 40 pounds this coming year (May 2010-May 2011). So I am happy to join you. My last year was difficult and now I am shaking away cobwebs, buying a new bike and taking it outside.

  48. Biz thanks so much for sharing Hannah’s day with us. It brings back so many memories of my own graduation! Hello Mr. Delzell, very cute teacher, I think I will practice my German more;-) Your poor skin, hope you heal up very soon. What great stats her school has, I forget if you told us where she was going to school? And studying?

  49. Hannah is so pretty! I love the dress. Congratulations to you two! 🙂

    Ouch that sunburn looks painful. I’m glad the white vinegar helped out a bit. I will have to try that next time I get a sunburn. (I’m so pale, not getting burned is unavoidable. It will happen.)

    I will sign up for the challenge. I’m so behind in my blog reading!

  50. omg your poor arms!!!!! my arms are aching just looking at that.. hopefully it gets better quick!!;
    ummm Hannah, can i borrow that dress?! it’s so cute! i love the pockets! : ) congrats on graduating!!!

  51. […] Long time readers have seen me get burnt – bad.  Remember Hannah’s high school graduation in 2010? […]

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