One Month Weigh In … Day 31 of 101

So I started this 101 days of summer challenge at 169 and I lost a whopping – 1.6 for the month.  I remeasured myself, and while my hips, waist and chest stayed the same, I lost 1/2 an inch on my bicep and 1/2 an inch on my thigh.

While I was expecting a better result, two things came to mind while reviewing my food journal.  A lot of days my calories from fat were above 30%, and the extra glasses of wine (which somehow never make it on my food journal) might have been the reason I basically maintained the month of June.

But then I look at the good news!  When I log into the bike machines online network, I biked 92 miles for a total of 7 hours and 32 minutes!  I am 8 miles shy of biking 100 miles for the month!   So my goal for July is to revamp my calories to ensure each day is under 30% of calories from fat, and to go easy on the wine! 😀

It was a good old breakfast sammie for me – I shredded zucchini into my eggs – makes them so creamy!

With watermelon and blueberries on the side:  311 calories, 37 fat, 20 protein, 11.4 fat and 5.9 fiber

I forgot my blood sugar Accu-Chek machine at home.  I always like to check it before working out to see where I am at.  While Tony was willing to bring it to me, I decided to just listen to my body and see how it went.  The sad thing is that to me, a good blood sugar number and a high blood sugar feel the same – its only when I start to drop that I feel anything.

I did a really hard bike ride yesterday – I didn’t realize that in the 8 mile ride at one point a hill climb was at 40% and that the last 1.6 miles was a steady hill climb!   I did eat one glucose tab while working out and I felt fine 😀

When I got back to work, lunch was a turkey wrap and my Wisconsin beer cheese soup. Although I did not make this soup!  My co-worker made my recipe and while she did put the onions in (pureed) it was absolutely delicious!  Thanks R! 😀  It’s cute because when she makes dishes, her husband rates the dishes – i.e., if they are good, they make it on the menu as if they owned their own restaurant.   This soup made it on their menu! 😀

I did add a touch more black pepper and Tabasco

with a turkey wrap: 543 calories, 36 carbs, 37 protein, 28 fat and 11.4 fiber

For dinner I made Greek marinated chicken kabobs with corn on the cob, roasted red pepper and re-heated spaetzle.  I bought the kabobs at my store – only $1.25 for each kabob!

ignore the pork shoulder on the top - that's for another meal! 😀

496 calories, 54 carbs, 52 protein, 9.1 fat and 1.3 fiber

We both thought the marinade was on the salty side, but it was still tasty! 😀   And I loved eating outside!

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 8.1 mile bike ride
  • 1,351 calories, 127 carbs, 110 protein, 49 fat and 18.6 fiber

Some things to check out:

How did you do this month?

I have a half day of work – Hannah’s home today!  She has taken 800+ pictures so that will be quite a slide show 😀

Oh, and Tony did some research – our eggs on the gazebo are from a green shield bug!

I want to see how big they get! 😀

34 thoughts on “One Month Weigh In … Day 31 of 101

  1. Huh, I’ve had that wine phenomena happen to me too. I bet if you started actually tracking that you’d be surprised at how many calories it really adds up to. It always surprises me!

    Have fun with Hannah! Hope she’s not too jet lagged for you guys to look through all those photos.

  2. I wish I had some zucchini to shred in my eggs this morning! I would totally do that!

    Yea, it’s the wine that will do it. Maintaining isn’t bad, it certainly is better than gaining. And that exercise! Certainly an accomplishment! You rock!

    Have fun with Hannah! Bet she had a great time!

  3. Zucchini in eggs?!?! I never would have thought of this! YUM!! Red peppers on the grill are one of my favorite things!

    Way to go on the mileage on the bike! That’s wonderful!

    Have fun with Hannah home! I bet she has wonderful pictures and stories to share with you!

  4. Can’t wait to hear about Hannah’s trip!

    Your kabobs look so good!

  5. Woohoo for Hannah being home!

    On the diet front, I think the alcohol could make a big difference. I’m not trying to lose weight, but I’ve had to cut out alcohol because of some health reasons, and I seem to be dropping weight. Which is not necessarily a good thing, because now I think I’m borderline underweight, which is also not good for the health issue :-/

  6. Gee, wine has calories? Shoot! Good for you for keeping with it and terrific job with the exercise!

  7. Wishes for a safe journey home for Hannah! That will be one heck of a slideshow! FUN! 🙂

    I wish I had a lil zucchini over here for that breakfast sandwich- YUM!

    I like the once a month weigh in idea- I do Weight Watchers so that scale each week can be a meanie! lol If you look at the whole month I think it evens out better. Plus just think if you were not trying or watching what you ate how much you would weigh- I know I could easily gain 15 pounds in a months time of piggin out. lol Keep up the great work! 🙂

  8. Kill those eggs NOW! Those bugs smell so bad. I had one on me one time and I showered and could still smell the yucky smell from the bug. Plus I felt like I still had the bug crawling on me. Yuck! Good luck to you for this next month. We all have months like this last one. You can do it!!! I’m glad Hannah is coming home. Just remember coming back from Europe she will have jet lag and then some for quite a while. When I went to France I was so tired and messed up with time for probably a month!

  9. I think you’re weigh in went amazing! Maintaining or losing just a few pounds is healthy and means you’re more likely to keep it off. I bet the wine was worth it too 🙂

    I want to start bike riding, what sort of bike do you ride?

  10. Yay for half days! I can’t believe the deal you got on those kebabs. Wish I could find deals like that! I used to back in CA but never in NY, ‘cept in Chinatown which is sometimes sketchy.

  11. Welcome back, Hannah! I so want to live in Germany someday!

    Your dinner plate looks so delicious and healthy. What a caloric steal for the whole plate too!

    The bug eggs still give me goosebumps!

  12. I love eating outside, too!

    You did great this month – hey, ANY loss is good in my book , so be PROUD!!!

  13. Sweet and Fit

    congrats on maintaining and doing so well with almost biking 100 miles. I feel like its somewhat harder to loose during the summer because of all the BBQs and summer parties – I’m looking forward to see how great you go in July =)

  14. Yum! That soup looks souper! Puh dum dum. 100 miles on the bike is AWESOME. What a victory. Your comment about not feeling if your sugar is normal or high really struck a cord w/ me. That is definitely one of the challenges with diabetes. Sometimes you feel fine and your sugar is through the roof. Or, some people feel bad and think their sugar is low and go eat candy without checking it. You have to know what that number is. I think it is great and very smart for you to be checking before your workouts!

  15. I love grating zucchini into things, such an easy way to add veggies.
    almost 100 miles, way to go!
    My husband is the same way he decides what goes on the menu (ie into the rotation of old favourites) and what he’d prefer I didn’t make again 😛
    Cheese and beer soup, what’s not to love???

  16. Yay for Hannah returning! Can’t wait to hear all about her trip!

    Green shield bug? Very interesting – that would explain the shape they laid their eggs in. Will be fun to see what develops.

    Yes, you pretty much maintained, and yes, you probably are having a lot more calories with the wine than you realize, but you also have been building up your muscles with all of that biking…and while it’s not showing on the scale, your metabolism has to be running better and things will start to change. I think that it takes your body a little time to decide to let go of some weight after you start an intense exercise program – and biking 100 miles in 30 days is pretty intense! So proud of you for finding something you love and going after it with gusto!

  17. I posted my monthly update today! Should I be emailing you? I want to be sure to update! I’ve been a bit under par, but I’m gearing up for an intense July!

    A loss is a loss is a loss! I’d be happy…I’ve only managed 3-4 pounds in 6 months! But, a move in the right direction is what’s important!

    That Wisconsin beer cheese soup…omg. Must try!

  18. At least you DID lose! You know, you have really been doing great and health is obviously your number 1 priority so I would declare SUCCESS!! 🙂

    I’m gonna have to try shredding zucchini into my eggs. Looks great!! 🙂

  19. Congrats on your loss – hey, the number went down and that is a huge accomplishment! I feel like it’s so hard in the summertime, because there are so many get togethers and lunches/dinners with friends….and the alcohol is flowing (beer, in my case). 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear how Hannah’s trip went – what a wonderful opportunity for her, but I’m sure you miss her!

  20. DiningAndDishing

    I am with you…time to go easy on the wine! I love a nice glass but it can definitely add up. Great work on the weight you did drop though…every little bit counts!

    – Beth @

  21. Well, even losing 1.6 pounds is better than gaining! Look at it that way 🙂

    Welcome home to Hannah!

    You should try riding outside, Biz, if you have a bike. You can cruise along, listen to tunes if ya want, and enjoy the scenery 🙂

  22. Biz,

    While the numbers may not be what you want, just keep reminding yourself how good you are being to your body! Many people with diabetes just give up and don’t even keep track of their blood sugar. This is the reason for so many of the chronic conditions we are seeing in America, and other countries. Not to mention early deaths. You, however, are one of the few people with diabetes who really takes care of themselves and will dodge those diabetic related conditions and live a happy and healthy life to your fullest ability. Whether or not you lose all the weight you want to lose (Which you will, eventually, I know it) your motivation and tenacity will save your life.

  23. I think losing ANYTHING is good news and I really, truly admire your workout dedication! Good job, Biz! That is great! I can’t go anywhere without my meter, but that’s also b/c I keep my humalog with it. I check my blood sugar like 10 times a day! It’s excessive but I feel more in control that way. Since you liked that soup with the onions and the dressing with them, perhaps you just don’t like them raw or don’t like the texture. Maybe you do like the flavor as long as you’re not feeling them in your mouth? I don’t know why but I so badly want you to like them! Bet you’re excited to see Hannah! Those bugs are interesting–don’t think I’ve ever seen them before! It’s neat how they’re eggs are so perfect…even if it is disgusting. 🙂 As for my first month of 101DOS, I lost 5 lbs. I lost more at the beginning, gained s0me in the middle and stayed the same at the end. Overall, I’m eating more reasonably and my blood sugar is much more under control than it was before I started. I’m working on this wedding cake, cupcakes and cake balls and it’s hard for me to resist the extras (like the tops I cut off the cakes and the cake balls I messed up) but I’m hoping for a loss this week, despite not doing much in the way of excercise and having to eat fast food since there’s no room in the fridge for food! Once the cake is out of my fridge, my healthy-eating and weight loss efforts are going back into full force and I think my hubby is going to join me this time. He’s almost back to his weight pre-Weight Watchers, whish isn’t terrible but it is a little chunky. It will be nice to have a weight loss partner.

  24. Every loss is progress, no matter how small. You may have been hoping for more, but you are on the right path. You’re in a better position than most.

    I have never heard of kebabs being called kabobs before. I actually Googled it to make sure I wasn’t missing out on some “Super Kebab”. Whatever they’re called, they look good 🙂

  25. Hey Biz,
    You are so aware of what your body is telling you…….and listening. I work in Diabetes Education, and we always encourage our patients to listen to their bodies, and act accordingly. Good for you!!!
    I haven’t e-mailed my stats for the week…..we (finally, after 3 months!) got my SIL out of the hospital, so we have been super busy arranging her care, and keeping her company. I have been exercising, and still keeping a food journal. I’ve lost 1 more pound, and I’m very satisfied with my progress. Thanks for all the encouragement and support you offer!!
    Have fun with Hannah!

  26. You have probably also gained some muscle weight, and if you can measure what you’ve lost, you’re doing great! I had a tough time giving up daily wine when I was loosing weight too…never realy did kick the habit. 🙂

  27. Congrats to you on those stats! Biking almost 100 miles in a month is inspiring!

  28. Like some smart folks told me a few weeks ago…..a loss is a loss! Especially if you feel you were overdoing it in some areas. Interesting bug eggs there. Wonder if they lay there eggs in that pattern normally or just because of the screen.

  29. Just want to say that wherever you shop has good deals! You always find low prices on amazing food. In addition to your awesome workouts, that is sweet news.

  30. nice job Biz!!!! i think that any loss is good, plus some of that might be because you are gaining muscle??!! and AWESOME on the biking!!! im soooo jealous! ive been totally slacking on the bike riding, and when i went the other night, my butt hurt for hours.. ugh hahaha
    i hate those liquid calories though, i wish they didnt count.. haha

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