I wanted it so bad.

A perm that is.  It was probably around 1984 and perms were all the rage.  My hair was straight as an arrow and I wanted curls!  So I got a perm, and it lasted all of about 3 days!  My hair can just never hold a curl!

I was reminded of this when I got a phone call from Hannah yesterday afternoon:

  • Hannah:  “So how do you feel about me dying my hair.”
  • Me: “What color?”
  • Hannah: “Just a shade darker, with a red tint.”
  • Me: “Well, it is just hair and if it looks like ass it will wash out!”

The night before my high school senior picture, I wore the smallest sponge rollers in my hair.  I had visions of big hair (it was the 80’s!) for my senior picture.  Guess how my hair turned out?

yep - that's all the curl that stayed in my hair!

the before - look atall those natural high lights! 😀

the hair dye still smells so bad!

okay, it may be hard to tell because it was getting dark, but there are hints of auburn - she likes it!

With her nose pierced, several ear piercings and her belly button pierced, lets just say I am glad she decided not to die her hair black! 😀

Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday, except with strawberries as my fruit.

I was surprised how sore my thigh muscles were from swimming yesterday morning, so at lunch I just did the elliptical for 35 minutes.  Lunch was a spinach and cheddar jack quesadilla – I used low carb tortillas – each one is only 81 calories and 6 grams of fiber.  With my chili, lunch has 18 grams of fiber!

I love the cheese oozing out!

I defrosted a couple pork chops.  I wasn’t sure what exactly I was going to do with them.  I thought of stuffing them with spinach and cheese, but didn’t think Tony would like that.  I ended up coming up with a quick paste, for lack of a better word.

  • 5 sage leaves
  • 1 teaspoon rosemary
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • cracked pepper
  • salt
  • lime zest
  • juice of 1/2 a lime
  • 2 tablespoons white wine
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

firts I just chopped this together, then added it to the wine and oil

The chops marinated maybe 20 minutes, but still came out so flavorful!

I let the chops rest in a bowl so that any juices can be poured over the top of the chops right before serving.

Hannah decided to make her own meat – breaded skinny chicken.  She was so funny – she took one bite of her chicken and smiled and then cut off two pieces for me and Tony to try – she will definitely make that for herself again!
Our side dish was my spring risotto, only subbing in zucchini for the asparagus.

next time I'll add the zucchini later in the cooking process - it kind of got lost after adding the broth

it was so creamy! I love the addition of apple (instead of onions!)

My plate:

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 30 minute swim
  • 35 minute elliptical

My arms and shoulders are sore this morning – my guess is from swimming?  So I am taking the morning off of working out.  Off to make my pumpkin pancakes!  I actually found canned pumpkin at Walgreen’s of all places!

35 thoughts on “I wanted it so bad.

  1. I wanted a perm SO bad! It was probably 1988-89 and I got my first one. I looked like a poodle. My mom told someone I looked like Roseanne Barr. That was the end of my perm days!

  2. Rachel Palmieri

    Hannah’s hair looks lovely! So does that risotto! I can’t put onions in anything b/c of Dave but I might try adding apples next time. I made a shiitake mushroom and sweet pea risotto this weekend that he HATED! We can’t figure out why those because he likes all the ingredients (though we are wondering about the shiitakes).

  3. Oh my. I had HUGE hair in the 80’s. I paid good money to keep my spiral perm going – lol!

    Honestly, if the hair was different, I would have sworn that was Hannah in the photo.

  4. I got a perm….once. It wasn’t great, but I wanted curly hair SO bad!! Hannah’s hair looks great!!

    Your quesadilla looks so yummy!

  5. I wanted to dye my hair soooo badly when I was in college so i did, and then did if for a few years, and now I want it my natural color, and it’s taking FOREVER to grow out!

  6. I used to get perms all the time in the 80s. My mom would do them. One time, the love of my life was breaking up with me on the phone and my perm was processing. I was hysterical thinking the world was ending, while my mom was trying to tell me “honey, it’s time to rinse”..I didn’t care. That perm didn’t turn out so well…ah well. LOL

    All your food pics look delicious! How do you make the quesadillas?

    • I “Pam” fry them. Spray a non-stick skillet, put one tortilla down, add cheese and spinach, but the top tortilla on, and then put a lid on – the outside will crisp up and the cheese will melt – do it over medium heat – after a few minutes, flip and in a couple more minutes you’ll be done!

  7. ALL of those meals look great!! What a fantastic Tuesday.
    Perms, uhg. If memories of the pain of childbirth fade, why can’t the memories of bad perms fade too?? ~LeslieMichele

  8. I think Hannah’s hair turned out pretty! I love it!

    Do they even have perms any more?!

  9. I always loved that my mom was cool with us dying our hair – I had purple hair once for a year or two!

    Hannah’s hair color looks pretty 🙂 I may be biased though, since my hair is auburn/red 🙂

  10. I love the color of Hannah’s hair! It looks great! I have to admit that I did dye my hair black in highschool – which at the time I loved. But when I look back on pics it was horrible and SO hard to get back to my natural color. And I had to laugh about the perm , because I also tried to perm my hair when I was growing up and it would never take. My grama tried the home perm kit and did it like 3 times in one day trying to get it to take. It’s amazing my hair didn’t just fall right out!

  11. I never wanted a perm 🙂

  12. fitandfortysomething

    hee hee i had a big perm in the 80’s-think they called it a spiral perm…… 🙂 you look so pretty in your senior pic and hannah’s hair turned out very pretty. what a great color. a bit better then those darn perms for sure 🙂

  13. Once again your dinner looks delicious!

  14. Hannah’s hair looks great. Glad she likes it! I only tried to dye my hair once, and it turned out orange – not what I had hoped for at all! I think I was about Hannah’s age.

    Great job on the exercise! 🙂

  15. you look beautiful in your senior pic!

  16. so hilarious about the 3 day perm. i never had one but i am sure i would have been the same, my hair holds NO curl. sure have missed your blog and your yummy meals!

  17. That marinade looks awesome, I bought some pork chops yesterday and will have to try it out as I had no particular plan…

  18. Killer grill marks on the chops. Looks great.

    No perm for me.

  19. count yourself lucky with the perm. I got one and i looked like a poodle.
    Oh, and tell your daughter I can see the difference. It is definately redder. It looks pretty. My daughter DOES want to dye her hair black (she isn’t allowed piercings because of the school she attends). But i keep putting her off. It’s worked so far. lol.

  20. I love risotto! One of my fave comfort foods!

  21. My first perm in the 80’s fell right out too. By my 4th perm…spiral (lol..that was the rage!!) it finally remained…probably because my hair was so fried by then.

    That quesadilla picture looks so yummy…I’ll have to wipe the slober off my computer screen!! Yum!

  22. Your food looks yum as usual and I just had a large lunch and they made me wanna eat 🙂

  23. Wow did that bring back memories 🙂 Had my first perm in 10th grade at my “grandmas” hair salon (that should clue you in). The gal rolled my hair on the pink perm rods..and I kid you not, I looked like one frizzed poodle!!!! It was so bad I refused to go to school for three days until another salon used a relaxer to help get it out! Oh…the trauma 🙂 Hannah’s hair looks gorgeous!

  24. I can’t decide which is more beautiful the hair or the food!

  25. I love that picture of you Biz, you are so pretty!

    My mom had a perm in the 80’s and it was HUGE and scary.

    Hannah’s hair looks great! I love the color. I need to dye my hair again but I’m way too lazy and not skilled.

    I can’t find canned pumpkin anywhere!!! You are lucky!!

  26. While you were going for the big hair, I was trying to “slim” mine down. It was impossible in sultry Charleston, S.C.!! Even here, my hair can go from relatively tame to not (as my mother liked to say) being able to get my head into a bushel basket! I like Hannah’s dye job–at least it isn’t purple!! I think those pork chops look and sound amazing!

    Keep cool.


  27. Your hair may not have gotten huge, but you looked cute as a button for your pic! And I really like Hannah’s hair–please post full-face pics in the sunlight soon so we can admire it better. I really love a bit of red in most hair colors. The Little Mermaid. She totally brainwashed me and I’ve LOVED red hair or any red in hair ever since.

  28. you and Hannah look so similar! case in point: ur 80’s photo! ur both gorgeous so its a complement both ways!

    altho its a little dif. situation, i just convinced my mom to highlight her hair. i bought a kit and convinced her to let me try it out. i did a relaly good job but she was so nervous cuz it was the first time she ever treated her hair lol.

    xoxo ❤

  29. I feel your pain! I have stick straight thick Asian hair that has never been able to hold a curl! I used to sleep in rags wrapped around wet hair and just woke up with an huge afro! Not a good look for a short Asian…

  30. Ha! As a small girl I wanted to have cork screw curls because I loved historical novels and movies… But like you, my hair is quite straight.

    Yes, I do remeber the perms. Mine lasted longer than three days, but I cringe at my photos from that time. 🙂

    I wish I needn’t dye my hair, but it has actually gone completely grey already!!!? Today I would be perfectly happy with my ordinary brown hair. 😦

  31. Was anybody ever satisfied with their hair in high school? I had long blonde hair that I rolled in sponge rollers (dry) and slept in to make curls, but I still wanted that stick straight look (this of course was before flat irons). Hannah’s color looks great, and I love your senior picture – you look so happy!

  32. My mom used to get angry when I would get another piercing, but then say “well, at least you aren’t doing drugs or pregnant or something!” So even if Hannah dyes her hair a colour you don’t like, it’s really not the end of the world 🙂

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