Flowers and an Impromptu Dinner Out

In honor of my 5 year anniversary at work, the firm sent me a bouquet of flowers!  A great way to start a Monday in my book. 😀  I know nothing about flowers, but I think the big one is a star gazing lily – they smell so good!

When Tony and I went to Whole Foods they had Chobani for 5 for $5 dollars!  I am kicking myself that I only bought 5 😦  For breakfast I had a vanilla chobani topped with one ounce of Nature Path’s pumpkin flax granola, then a Pam fried egg with 1/2 ounce pepper jack cheese and a really good peach:  Breakfast: 464 calories, 49 carbs, 30 protein, 16.6 fat and5.4 fiber.

I hardly have any pictures of my Mexican fiesta I made for the office!  I’ll show you the chicken and zucchini enchiladas.   This time I added cooked shredded chicken to the batch.

I went with flour tortillas this time

the six corn ones in the bottom or just zucchini

topped with sauce and cheese and ready to bake - since I made it the day before and it was cold going in the oven at work, it cooked for 30 minutes at 350

I made sure to provide an array of hot sauces!

My plate: 1 enchilada, 1 crispy taco, black beans and chips and salsa:

617 calories, 54 carbs, 24 protein, 34 fat and 11.5 fiber

It was a big hit!  Out of the 24 enchiladas, 20 crispy beef tacos, black beans, tomato cucumber corn salad, 5 liters (not gallons!) of salsa and 2 bags of chips, the only thing left was about 1 cup of the black beans, half the salsa, and half a bag of tortilla chips!

So I was worried that no one would have room for Pioneer Woman’s tres leches cake.  I decided to wait to put it out at 3:30 – and once I hit the email that it was out I immediately saw six people walking to the kitchen!  It is rich so I sliced a 10 inch round into 15 slices, and at the end of the day, only once slice was left.

Tony had an old colleague in from out of town (Hi Glenn!).  I knew Tony was going to meet him for dinner, but didn’t realize they would end up at a restaurant five minutes from my office, so I joined them.  I was so not hungry from the huge lunch I had, so I opted for the cup of chicken tortilla soup as my entree:

it needed Tabasco sauce, but it was good!

Tony’s friend got the prime rib – I am not a huge fan of that cut because its typically so fatty, but I absolutely love the horseradish sauce it comes with!

this looks surprisingly lean to me!

I had actually planned on riding my bike last night since Tony was going to be out for dinner, so I had to do some exercise when we got home.  Yesterday morning I discovered they have a Jillian Michaels channel within my Exercise on Demand.  I did her 37 minute yoga meltdown – It was really hard!  When I got home I did a 12 minute strength training session and then 10 minutes of PM yoga.

For our dessert I cut us up some watermelon:

Stats for Monday:

  • 1393 calories, 160 carbs, 71 protein, 52 protein, 23 fiber
  • 32% of calories from fat
  • 37 minute yoga meltdown
  • 12 minute upper body strength
  • 10 minute PM yoga (how about that Mari!)
  • still didn’t have a glass of wine out to dinner – 8 days alcohol free 😀

This weeks BSI hostess is my good blogger friend and fellow diabetic Veronica of Recipe Rhapsody and Going Down!   She chose flour as this weeks secret ingredient!  She is an awesome cake decorator and baker.   Please go check out her video of making this cake – I’ve seen it a dozen times and it still makes me laugh!

Off to do Level 3 of Jillian’s 30 day shred – have a great Tuesday! 😀

32 thoughts on “Flowers and an Impromptu Dinner Out

  1. That sounds like a great day! Your flowers are beautiful!! I”m so glad that they loved your lunch…everything looks amazing!!! I need to try your enchilada recipe ASAP!!

  2. How sweet that your company sent you flowers – so nice that they appreciate you! Your lunch sounds yummy and so fun…that was a really cool thing to do.

    Nice job on eight days sans alcohol… 🙂

  3. No wonder your company loves you so much!!! You do a great job and you COOK for them! I wish I worked with you… 🙂

  4. Great job on the 8 no alcohol days Biz! No wonder you got flowers… you cooked for the whole office? I want you to come work with me! Serioulsy, the flowers are beautiful and you are correct, that’s a Stargazer Lily.

  5. Sounds like a great day! I have done that Jillian Michael’s yoga workout too…please tell me I was not the only one sore the next day! I was not expecting that from yoga!

  6. “cup of the black beans, half the salsa, and half a bag of tortilla chips!”

    And I’m sure someone ate that the next day. 😛

    Seriously. Can I come work at your office?

  7. I’m so jealous of your co-workers!! Your chicken and zucchini enchiladas looks soooooo good!! And that crispy taco looks awesome too… and the cake… swoon!! 🙂

  8. Hello stranger 🙂 Wish I could have been a co-worker yesterday! Think if I break my no eating at “fast food” joints it will end up being Taco Bell. I know it’s crappy mexican but it’s mexican and I’m starting to crave me some!

  9. Wow you made a nice Mexican Feast for your office! Boy are they lucky! 🙂 YUM YUM!

    – yeah the cauliflower pizza was a knife & fork meal for sure. Pitas are easier for me to have portion control- so I think that was a once only recipe. lol

  10. Biz! What a great way to celebrate 5 years with your job. It seems like such a nice group 🙂 Love the hot sauce buffet…it’s so YOU! 😉

  11. oooh yes! star gazer lilies! i wore one of those in my hair for my senior prom 🙂

    what a feast! no wonder everyone gobbled up all that food, it looks so delicious. i wouldnt have been all that hungry for dinner either. way to go with the PM workout tho. that’s dedication!!

  12. Hi, Beth- Congrats on your five year anniversary! I should point my dear friend with Type I Diabetes to your blog. You make eating well on a diabetic diet look easy! Thanks for your inspiration.


  13. Glad your co-workers liked your lunch Biz! The enchiladas turned out great. You are lucky to have an oven at your office!

  14. Hey there…I have been reading your blog for quite a while…I enjoy your health conscious recipes and candor. I was wondering what website you use to count your calories….and do you keep a journal and and then log the whole days worth? I try to keep an eye on my cals, but I really dislike having to run to the computer and log it right before or after my meals:)

    • Hey! I use I usually weigh all my food, so its written down on a piece of paper and tucked into my lunch bag – it doesn’t take long and I usually take a couple minutes of my lunch to add my breakfast and lunches.

      And since I sometimes eat the same things over and over (think breakfast pizza!) I save that as a recipe so its one click and entered. 😀

  15. It times like these, that I miss working in an office….I remember sending emails of the baked goods I made and just watching everyone flock over to the kitchen!

  16. Love the mexican fiesta pics!! WOW – those enchiladas look really good. I bet it did go over well! So sweet to get you flowers – my 5 years at my job will be here in January. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long then it’s like well, yeah, guess it does! haha

  17. Oh my goodness – those enchiladas look to die for. And the flowers are gorgeous too.

  18. You were right, that is a star gazer lily! 😀 Lovely flowers and very thoughtful of your company to do that.

    Always love seeing your food porn pictures! LOL

  19. Haha, look at all your hot sauces. I think you would get along really well with my sister, except that she is *gasp* lactose intolerant (AKA a lactard). I actually have no idea what I am going to do with her when she visits in 2 weeks because I want her to try this cheese. Oh well.

    Beautiful flowers and a great way to start the day.

  20. The flowers are gorgeous! Please tell me there’s something bad about where you work–it’s obscene how many good things you have going for you there! LOL! That’s so nice, isn’t it? A kitchen, pool, gym, caring co-workers that send you flowers and love your food. Lovely. Congrats on 8 days of no alcohol–lol–you made it sound like you’re in AA or something–haha! Thanks for linking to me–I’m excited to be the host! I never thought I’d want to do it but I’m loving it now.

  21. Congrats on your 5 years! Those enchiladas are looking so yummy! Especially w. all the sides and great selection of hot sauces. 🙂 Nice work!

  22. i’ve heard amazing things about that tres leches cake from pw, it looks wonderful!

  23. Sounds like the perfect celebration – that was so sweet of you! I need to make your salsa 🙂

  24. Hi Biz!

    You must have some happy colleagues, if you cook them food too! 😀 Congratulats on your 5th annieversary at your and your 8 days alcohol-free.

    I’m definitely feeling thinner at the moment, I hope it lasts!

  25. WOW – that is so cheap for Chobani! I totally need to see if our WF has that sale going on.

    YUM, YUM and YUM! I think I could eat Mexican food every day.

  26. P.S. Happy 5 year work anniversary – the flowers are beautiful!

  27. Watched that cake decorating video! Hilarious!

  28. I LOVE the stargazer lily in your flowers. How sweet of your firm!

    mmm, I always load up on chobani when it’s on sale like that. I love it!

    You totally have me CRAVING enchiladas. Those look so delicious, it’s not fair! I wish I could have tried the tres leches cake also. YUM! You have some lucky coworkers.

  29. Mexican food is always so good and better when it’s homemade. I really want to try your enchiladas

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