First Day of College!

While Hannah is going to community college, I couldn’t not take her picture for her first day of school.  I remember when she went to kindergarten – she was growing out her bangs at the time and I had her hair pulled back really cute.  She goes to school and the photographer handed out combs to all the kids, so she thought that meant that he wanted her to comb her hair.

Out came the cute clip and this is how I got her picture back:

I loved her turtleneck too 😀

When I asked her how her hair turned out like this, she said “I combed my hair for the picture!”  I told her she did a great job 😀

Fast forward 13 quick years:

She chose to take some night classes so that she would be available to work during the day.  She is also babysitting for three different families that she met through her job – they pay her $10 an hour!  When I babysat I remember getting .50 cents and hour – and when I made $1 an hour I thought I was all that and a bag of chips!

Hannah is a person that would rather be 20 minutes early than 2 seconds late.  She got there early, texted me and said “shit, it’s me and a bunch of 40 year olds!”  But it turned out to be okay – more kids her age showed up the closer it got to 7:00.

My camera was on its last battery, so I was lucky to even get two pictures of my breakfast and lunch.

And leftovers from our work party over the weekend.

the green salsa was really good!

I broke up my bike ride yesterday – I did a 5.5 mile hill climb that was really hard.  I did a 1 mile cool down for 5 minutes, then did that same 1 mile in a sprint – I did the mile in 2:08 seconds, which put me in 1,020th place for fastest time.  The record for that course is 1:02!   But having not worked out since last Thursday, it was tough!

Dinner was my gyros burgers.  I made 4 ounce burgers and then served them in pita pockets with tzatziki sauce, cucumber and tomato.

love the oregano in this mix

So I ended up making more bread.  The signature dough of the cookbook I got from the library is another no knead dough.  This one though has to rise for 18 hours and only calls for 1/4 of a teaspoon of yeast!  You can get the recipe here.

So I made the dough the night before last, had it sitting on the counter with plastic wrap.  When it came time to put it on my parchment paper to bake, I really, really wanted to add more flour.  The dough was super sticky and in the back of my head was like “this is never going to work!”

see how sticky it is?

I preheated my cast iron dutch oven at475 for 30 minutes.  Added the dough, put the lid on and 30 minutes later it looked like this:

Then took the lid off and baked in another 15 minutes.

The crust is amazing, and even this morning, the crust is still crispy 😀

Delicious!  This one is definitely a keeper too 😀

So in this addition of I want that . . . I need to ask my neighbor for his recipe for red beans and rice with andoille sausage:

Tony and our neighbor were talking when I got home – later in the evening he knocked on the door and said “there was just enough for Tony to have some for lunch.”  When I brought it to Tony he said “he told me he was making red beans and rice and I told him that was one of my favorite dishes.”  Excuse me? I’ve been married to this man for almost 10 years and I never knew that!  I always considered red beans and rice to be a spicy dish so I never even thought to make it!

Now I need the recipe – stat!

I didn’t do yesterday, but I think I did okay overall.  Off to cut watermelon for my breakfast – have a great Tuesday! 😀

Don’t forget about BSI this week – the secret ingredient is pistachio! Tonight I plan on making a pistachio gelato 😀


37 thoughts on “First Day of College!

  1. ok seriously i thought i was drooling when i saw your breakfast sandwich, but then i saw your gyro. YUM!! and you made bread!! im gonna check out the pistachio link! i loveeee pistachios!

  2. Good luck to Hannah at college! I’m sure she’ll do just fine:)

  3. gyros look awesome

    I love no knead bread

    tell your daughter that there’s NOTHING wrong with 40 year olds!! My sister was in her 30’s when she went back to school. She shared notes. The kids loved her.

  4. I love your relationship with your daughter. She is one lucky girl and you’re one lucky mom 🙂 I hope she likes her classes!

  5. Hannah is adorable! Love that she’s in school with oldies! I suspect she’ll scope out some cute young things like herself! I’m like her…compulsively early. Got it from my mom, and have spent probably at least 2 full years of my 57 waiting for things to happen, planes to take off, classes to start! Your food looks great.

  6. Big day for your family! You’ve inspired me to try some recipes from Ad Hoc at Home!

  7. Your Hannah is a cutie! Too funny about the 40 somethings and Hannah being the 20 minute early people. (that’s me to a T). Your food looks awesome. I’m definitely going to have to search out that book. I thought the dough looked too sticky to work, too. I used to bake bread twice a week when I was first married. Then I realized that DH was eating 2 pieces and you-know-who was eating all the rest. I babysat for 50 cents and hour and love it when they were out ’til after midnight, because then I got 75 cents an hour!

  8. Best of luck to Hannah! 🙂

    That bread looked so good! YUM!

    A few weeks ago I made a crock pot red beans & rice- and a lady(who is from Louisiana) who I go to the therapy pool with saw it & made it, told me that I took a meal that she slaves over and made it easy. Guess that was a compliment. lol 🙂

  9. Homemade bread is great. Not only does it taste so much better than store bought, I love having that baking smell in the kitchen 🙂

  10. Hannah’s such a cutie-patootie! OK, she was, and now she’s beautiful. Your grub looks amazing, esp the gyro burger, bread and that red beans and rice. Your readers want the recipe too! 🙂

  11. Hannah’s turtleneck in the kindergarten picture is way too cute! I love it! I need that for my first day teaching school.

    I love red beans and rice too. When you find a good recipe, please share!

  12. those burgers look great! and the homemade bread!! im def a late person…20 min early would NEVER happen..

  13. I really want to try those gyro burgers, they sound SO good!

  14. It is weird to be in class with older people (I went to a community college, too) – and they took it so seriously! 😉 Hope Hannah has a good first semester. Oh, and I started out making 35 cents an hour babysitting – hit the big time at 50 cents and you are right, a dollar was out of this world!!!

  15. Wish I had had that breakfast sandwich this morning instead of my boring cereal!

  16. AWWWW congrats to hannah!!!!! I am sure she will love college =) Dude that bread looks soooo delish! I “gasped” so loud when I saw it, my friend asked if I was okay ha

  17. Oh my gosh – I LOVE that picture of Hannah! She is ADORABLE! Funny thing is, I rocked the same (Dorothy Hammel-ish) haircut circa 1985. 🙂 I always called it my “mushroom haircut”! I hope she has a GREAT first week of college. That is so exciting for her!

  18. I still love looking at my kids’ pictures when they are small. Seems to be a story in each of them!

    Food looks great! I love red beans and rice and have had a recipe sitting here for weeks that I keeps getting pushed back. Maybe next week it will actually get made!!

  19. good luck to hannah! it just shows that she has the responsibility and maturity of 40 year olds by showing up early!

  20. Those gyro burgers look great, have you ever made your own pita bread, not that I bake but I am curious… 😛

  21. Woo hoo! Good luck to Hannah at college!

    Mmm, those gyro burgers look great! I’ll have to try that sometime. And that’s so funny about Tony and the red beans & rice!

  22. Best wishes for Hannah starting college, how exciting!

  23. ok what is the sauce on your breakfast sandwich, looks awesome!!

  24. go hannah! i hope my daughter and i are as close as you too are. love the look of that bread!

  25. Aww adorable kindergarten story about Hannah. Cute little picture! Good luck to her in college – she’s so responsible, I love it!!

    The breakfast sandwich and gyro burgers look terrific!

  26. haha, I learn new things about what Nick likes and doesn’t like all the time! Things I THOUGHT I knew sometimes turn out to be false…..then I argue and say, “no way! You don’t like that!” yeah, as if I know better than he does.

    Congrats to Hannah on surviving day one of college! Her kindergarden picture is so adorable. I remember those little combs they would give us! I’m similar to Hanna in that I would much rather be 20 minutes early than 10 seconds late, and as she found out there are few young college students who have that same opinion!

  27. Congrats on the first day of college – what a bright future! Your recipes look great, especially the gyro

  28. omg that bread looks so good!! glad to find a baseball and pulled pork buddy like you biz!

  29. Hannah’s text cracks me up!

  30. the gyro burgers look so good! i love the school picture story too.

  31. What a cute picture of Hannah in kindergarten. I think all of us as kids had bowl cuts like that…I know if I found some of my old photos, it would be the same with the blunt bangs and all. Love it! Can’t believe you all go back to school already though – school doesn’t start here until after Labour Day!

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