A Bizzy Day . . .

at work!  Wow, I haven’t been that busy in a long time, but I loved it.  I was non-stop all day.  I even ate my lunch in front of a copier!

Luckily I had time to scarf my breakfast down before I got busy.  I used a low carb wrap and made a black bean breakfast taco.  This suprisingly kept me full for hours!  Maybe because of the protein in the beans and eggs and the high fiber of the tortilla?

I even ended up having to work late.  I had defrosted two chicken breasts to make chicken marsala and I was going to make homemade whole wheat noodles to serve with them.  I texted Tony that I would be running late, he asked if he should start dinner.  Here is where I almost always say “don’t worry about it, I’ll fix something when I I get home.”  I am kind of a control freak when it comes to the kitchen!

And another reason.  See, when it was just me and Hannah living together, I knew where all my stuff was (most of the time!).  But nothing was ever put back in the same place twice.  This makes cooking in my kitchen difficult for anyone else because where you once found soy sauce in a plastic squirt bottle in the door of the refrigerator last time, is now in the lazy susan underneath the coffee pot.  The wok that was once downstairs on the dedicated cooking shelf is now on top of the downstairs refrigerator.

So when I texted to Tony that he could make dinner, there was thawed chicken and to “be creative! I secretly cringed because a.  he didn’t have a whole lot to work with in a short amount of time and b. he probably wouldn’t be able to find anything to go with the chicken.

He did great though!  He made chicken stir fry with leftover brown rice using frozen broccoli and zucchini mix.  And it was nice and spicy just the way I like it. 😀

But we both discussed that it’s hard to do South Beach quickly.  I mean, you could make pasta in minutes, etc., but if you don’t have a plan, then you are kind of stuck!

I have a plan tonight . . . my buffalo chicken chili over homemade whole wheat pasta – a South Beach chili mac! 😀

Thankfully my day will be less hectic.  I didn’t read one blog yesterday, including comments to my own, so I’ll catch up with you guys tonight.

Happy Thursday – only two more work days and I am off for 9 days! 😀  Woot!

Make it a Great Day!

27 thoughts on “A Bizzy Day . . .

  1. My husband is a major sweetie and willing to do anything. But I learned long ago not to give him carte blanche in the kitchen because he has very bad instincts! Perhaps Tony could tutor him? Glad you survived and thrived during the Bizzy day.

  2. He did a great job! I would have eaten it. 😛

    My hubs is off all next week too and I can’t wait!

  3. Starting tomorrow at 5:00 PM, I get my husband at home for 2 1/2 weeks! I’m super excited!

    I think every time you have beans for breakfast, you don’t eat until like 3:00! 🙂

  4. Off for 9 days?!? How fun! Can’t wait to see what you do with that time!

    I don’t mind when Jeff cooks, but why oh why does he have to use all three sizes of the mixing bowls? I keep telling him “just start with the biggest bowl and the biggest pan – you always end up there” but no. Lots of dishes to wash when he cooks.

  5. Have a fun time off, are you going away?

    Now if I texted Aubrey and said I would be home late he would just say okay and I doubt he would offer to make dinner LOL 🙂 at least when he wasn’t working nights he never made dinner. He gets off easy this year cause he normally makes out TG turkey 🙂

  6. I am the same way in the kitchen, but an learning to let go. OH I have such envy of your breakfast every day. I really need to start moving beyond my mini whole wheat bagel.

  7. Man you are lucky that your husband cooks! lol I have some tv dinners for emergency uses. lol No, in all fairness- Sean works late and I am home- so it makes sense for me to be the chef. But a girl can dream of a cooking hunk right? 🙂

  8. That breakfast looks great!
    And it’s funny you mention that, because last night I told my husband to start steaming the broccoli when I went to hop in the shower and when I was done he had actually saute’d some peppers and garlic, too. I was shocked!! 🙂

  9. My husband would never offer to make dinner, and honestly I don’t think I would want him to. He can’t cook much of anything and doesn’t know where anything in the kitchen is.

    And…Woo Hoo…9 days off is awesome!

  10. I am glad Tony rocked it in the kitchen. Your breakfast looks a little like my dinner last night. Are you going anywhere on your 9 days off?

    • Nope – its a Stay-Cation, which is fine with me. I have some projects I want to do around the house (i.e. basement!) and plan on spending time with Hannah and Tony 😀

  11. Nice job Tony! You won’t be surprised that I am the same exact way in my kitchen!!


  12. What a guy! The stir-fry looks scrumptious. Good work, both of you!

  13. Way to go Tony on pulling together a fabulous looking meal!! And your breakfast looks even more delicious. Did you use muenster cheese? Its totally my fav

  14. That was a nice dinner for no notice! Lucky you 9 days off!

  15. Glad your man pulled off a great meal! I am kind of a control freak in the kitchen too. But when I have let J. Alabama do his thang I am always glad I did. And sometimes it’s just a nice treat to come home to dinner already being made. 🙂 Enjoy it!

  16. Woohoo 9 days is a great treat! Johnny quit his job – his last day is tomorrow. He starts his new job the 29th – so I think he might have off 9 days too!

    I wish J was more useful in the kitchen. If I put him in charge of dinner (which I’ve done like 3 times in our 4+ yrs) he either complains or just gets take out. The stir fry looks great and is a cool way to use up the leftover brown rice for something totally different.

  17. we are off for 9 days starting tomorrow too. I am so antsy about it.

    I am a control freak in the kitchen too. Drives Andy nuts.

    I laughed at your comment about putting things away in different places, I totally do that!

  18. You have to love a good meal that you can throw together in a few minutes. Especially i fit helps you clean out the freezer or pantry. Lucky you for having such a nice long break from work! You’ll enjoy it.

  19. Stir fry is definitely the way to go for a quick delicious meal! Cool that you get to take 9 days off! Enjoy!

  20. I love the breakfast taco. Looks like melted muenster on the bottom? My favorite cheese. Btw, thanks for visiting my site. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  21. what a guy, the stirfry looks awesome! i remember enjoying busy days too, they always went by so quickly!

  22. Nine days off? I want nine days off.

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