First order of business

on Day 1 of Staycation.  Sleep in! Done.  I didn’t get out of bed until 10:30 this morning! 😀  I’ve been lazy so far too – I made coffee and breakfast, but other than that, I’ve been a lazy bum.  Not for too long though – we have to do our final mow of the season to get up all the leaves in the back yard and then winterize the riding mower for the season.

Since I was going to be off of work next week, I decided to bake some more of my pumpkin scones for my office.  I love how quick and easy these are to make – in 45 minutes I completed two batches.

I was so busy baking that I realized I never fixed my breakfast or lunch for the day!  I had a leftover stuffed pepper for breakfast -weird, I know, but still delicious.

I knew Hannah was going out last night, so she came to my office and we had lunch together.  She picked up Jimmy John’s – I got an Unwich and chopped it into a salad – needed more veggies, but it was good.

I was steady busy at work – I always get nervous when I am going to be away from the office because I know where everything is.  I labeled all my filing cabinets, filed every single piece of paper – it almost looks as if no one even works at my desk.  One thing I brought out that I am sure everyone is going to love in my office (not!) is that I brought out my snowman post-its! 😀

I knew I had shrimp in the freezer, so I asked Tony to defrost it.  I had the idea of making an antipasti dinner.   You need to make our shrimp cocktail – its the best recipe we’ve ever used and it is no fail!

On my way home from work I stopped at the deli – picked up some meats, cheeses, olives and marinated mushrooms.

loved the rare roast beef 😀

love marinated mozzarella, but then again, what cheese don't I like?!

And what would be better to celebrate my first night of staycation?

I let Tony do the honors – the popping cork always freaks me out.


So excited for our Chicago blogger lunch tomorrow!  Mel (check out her BSI – Bacon recipe – bacon brittle!) and her friend Sandy (who is the Milwaukee cupcake queen!)  will be driving down from Milwaukee.  Christina and her SIL are picking up my sister, and Mara will be there.   It’s not too late to join us!  Just send me an email to: if you’d like to join us.  We are meeting at Big Bowl in Schaumburg tomorrow at 12:30.

Okay, I have to get something done today – its already 12:30!  Have a great Saturday!


15 thoughts on “First order of business

  1. You got my attention with those scones,they look amazing. I love anything pumpkin! I have to tell you that I love the variety in what you eat. I often want something savory like left overs for breakfast! Nothing wrong with that.

    Have a fun blogger gathering!

  2. I’m so excited for tomorrow too!!! I have to get in touch w/ the last straglers to see if they’re coming, then I’ll email you the final count!! 🙂

    I always make J do the cork popping too!

  3. Clicked thru to you shrimp cocktail and saw Schweppes. We went there for the first time today. Looking for some new dishes, no luck but we did manage to buy a bunch of other stuff. Great store!

    Enjoy the staycation.

  4. Happy Staycation-ing! I can’t wait for Ryan’s R and R so we can have some staycation action!

  5. Nice dinner! Love that combo of stuff.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow either, it’s going to be great~

  6. So awesome that you got to sleep in. I want one of those pumpkin scones. They look so good. Have a great weekend.

  7. I would love to sleep in until 10:30 just once…. but my internal clock won’t let me and if it does, then my dog comes and pulls on my blankets to get me out of bed!

  8. Awww bummer, I would love to be at the lunch but had no clue it was going on (I’m way behind on everything getting ready for Thanksgiving and then Jamaica) but we have spin class tomorrow and we told a friend that we would help her practice for her Body Works and Abs certification. Hope ya’ll have a great time. I swear one of these days Kev and I will be able to meet up with you all.

    Those pumpkin scones look delish! I had an orange one from Panera the other day (naughty me LOL) and it was soooo good. But I bet yours are much healthier!

  9. Can I just say those pumpkin scones look to die for? Please ship some to IA:) And love your idea of shrimp cocktail and finger foods for dinner…now that is my kind of dinner!

  10. aw, i want to go! so fun, be sure to take pics. love the scones and cheese adn meat platter, great idea for thanksgiving! sleeping in is the BEST thing to do on vacation.

  11. Sounds like you started your staycation right! Have a wonderful meet-up tomorrow!

  12. Yay for a staycation! Wish I had one of your scones and I hope you all have fun at lunch today!

  13. Have a super happy Thanksgiving Biz!

  14. I am all for sleeping in whenever possible!

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