Breakfast Nachos!

I am sure they have been done before, but I somehow got the idea to make Hannah and I breakfast nachos yesterday morning.  I cut four corn tortillas and sprayed them with Pam, sprinkled with a bit of sea salt and baked for 12 minutes at 350.

I cooked the bacon in the microwave, and chopped that up.  I then scrambled 3 eggs.  When the chips were done, I divided the eggs over top 12 chips, added 1 ounce of cheese and broiled until the cheese melted, then sprinkled with the chopped bacon.  IT WAS SO GOOD!

Hannah didn’t have to work until late afternoon so she, Tony and I went out for lunch.

I usually get the bento box, but I wasn’t sure if there was going to be gluten in the tempura batter.  So I went with this:

broiled teriyaki chicken with vegetables and rice

I forgot to say no onions!  Hannah got those 😀

Tony requested brown rice for his sushi – it looked purple to us though!

I think this had sriracha hot sauce - they were too spicy for Tony so I ate a couple of these rolls

Lunch actually gave us the idea for dinner.  I diced up some of the pork roast from Thanksgiving.

Tony was the chef last night – he used this brown rice, which I loved!

He added 2 eggs and scrambled them in the wok:

Then added canned stir fry veggies:

Then tossed in the pork:

Tony in action!

My bowl – I loved the crisp edges of some of the rice 😀

And of course, Tony thought I ruined it by adding this:


My name is Biz, and I am a paper hoarder.  I told you my big project this week was to clean our basement.   While the rest of the house is almost always company ready, the basement became just a catch all or dumping ground.  I mostly just ignore it as I go to the washer and dryer, but enough was enough.  The most embarrassing thing was that I had a pile of boxes – they were all empty from Christmas last year!

I am proud to say in just three hours, my basement is 75% clean!  My desk was a huge mess too.  I do our budget each month, and I have a folder for each month with all the bill stubs, where I write the check number and date it was paid.  I had 120 folders worth of bills.  Did I really need to keep a Com Ed bill stub from 10 years ago?

So I shredded almost three giant garbage bags of old bills.  Things that I thought I may need to keep were scanned and put on the computer.  I can actually use my desk now! 😀

By the time I came up from the basement, it was 4:30 and I realized I hadn’t done any exercise yet.  So I did Jillian’s 30 minute last chance workout on exercise t.v.   It was really hard!  Then I took our dog for a walk for 10 minutes – um, note to self, don’t walk the dog when its super cold outside after you are sweaty from a workout – I nearly froze to death in 10 minutes!

Today’s plan is to finish the last part of the basement and grocery shop so I have nothing to do tomorrow before having to go back to work on Monday.  It’s been a great week off! 😀

Have a great Saturday!


26 thoughts on “Breakfast Nachos!

  1. Enjoy the rest of your time off from work! I’m back to school Monday, blah, and with two weeks until finals, I’ve got SO much to do. On Tuesday, I have a presentation, a quiz and a test, and then on Thursday I need to hand in a 18 page paper! There’s only 2 papers, 2 tests, 1 quiz, 1 presentation, and five finals between me and vacation – I think I can, I think I can, hahah! Happy Saturday! 🙂

  2. Mmmm. I love the breakfast nacho idea. That’s inspired. Just tucking that one away for later.

    And I’m pretty sure that black rice is supposed to be purple, I’m not sure that eating black rice that is really black would be a good idea.

    And yay for the shredding and the clearing out. It always makes me feel so accomplished.

  3. Hi Biz! Love the breakfast nacho idea :0)

    The week went by fast huh?

  4. LOL…I have a room like that too, but as soon as I clear it out, I’ve already started another pile somewhere else in the house. 😛 Hi, I’m Jenn and I love to pile crap all over the place!!!

    Breakfast nachos sound so good! Needs some hot sauce! 😉

  5. Breakfast nachos = genius! Such a great idea! And nice job tackling the basement – it’s always so nice to have things organized 🙂

  6. Breakfast nachos??? Yum – sign me up! 🙂
    Enjoy your last days off…..they always go by so fast….

  7. I had to laugh at “And of course, Tony thought I ruined it by adding this:” because I always get mad at my husband when he does this to the food I cook. I like spicy stuff too but if he adds tobasco to something that is spiced perfectly (OK, to my tastes) I worry that he’s ruining the “perfect” flavor I created. I’m so anal sometimes! Good job on getting your basement clean–I know how much work that is! I recently had to overhaul our office and there was tons to file and lots to throw away. The office is the messiest room in the house!

  8. There has got to be a happy medium between you and I – I don’t save any bills, pay everything online, never balance my checkbook…so funny how extreme you and I are when it comes to bills and record keeping! Sounds like you made a great “clean sweep” in the basement – nice to get such a purge done. 🙂

  9. Breakfast nachos are brilliant!! I’m definitely up for trying those!

  10. Wow! I love your breakfast idea – that is so clever. I’m SO doing this. Knowing me it will be for breakfast tomorrow. Thanks, as always, for the great idea!

  11. Way to go on cleaning out the basement! We had a laid-back T-giving, just the three of us. So we started cleaning out the master bedroom closet. We have a tiny house (2 BR, 1 BA, 1100 sf, no garage, no basement, no attic), so it was packed. Haven’t quite put everything back yet, but it was SO NICE to pull EVERYTHING out at once and figure out what can go.

  12. Breakfast nachos!? Oh my goodness! Those sound SO good! I have to make those!!!

    Congrats on the basement cleaning! I keep old, meaningless stuff, too. Maybe I just need a shredder and to get to work!!! 🙂

    Happy belated Thanksgiving, Biz!!! Looks like it was a yummy one!!

  13. Love the idea of breakfast nachos, you’re so creative!

    Are you gluten free now? I didn’t know you were. Is there a specific reason for you going gluten free??

    • Hey Gina – I noticed when I did the first two weeks of South Beach with my hubs that all my stomach “issues” simply went away. When I looked back at my food journal, I realized I nearly eliminated all gluten from my diet. I brought it back in, the “issues” returned. So I am sticking with non-gluten carbs like potato and brown rice.

      We’ll see?!

  14. i actually just made myself a purple rice the other day. i don’t know about how healthy it is, but it’s sticky and delicious! my hubs and i are drooling over those breakfast nachos girl!

  15. Cheese and bacon is always a winning combo, so I didn’t even need you to tell me how good it is!

    The rice is purple because of the black rice added! The color from the black rice dyes the rice it is cooked with. It looks so pretty!

  16. Breakfast nachos sound fabulous! I will have to make some this week! Don’t you love having a husband that likes to cook? It’s so nice!

  17. Ohhh breakfast nachoes are such an awesome idea! Like a spin on the breakfast burrito!

    I love all the action shots of Tony and the stir fry. And the crispy bits – those would be my favorite too!

    While you’re in a cleaning mood do you want to come over here!? 🙂 I tackled a walk in closet of ours. I think 5 trash bags were taken out.

  18. Good job on the basement cleaning. I love the idea of the breakfast nachos. I think I want to go make some eggs now, maybe a breakfast burrito. The purple looking rice actually looks like the black rice I at my house.

  19. Oh wow, I just ate but now I’m hungry again after looking at all these pictures!

  20. Love your breakfast nachos! A healthy spin on migas 🙂
    I am lazier and use tortilla chips, they are already seasoned and everything lol. Fried in a tiny bit of oil. Eggs, cheddar, and salsa are mine. But I love the bacon idea, I’ll have to try your way!

  21. I love breakfast burritos.. I never thought to make Breakfast nachos!! That is a great idea!!

  22. lovely breakfast nachos! i’d love to try that. i just have one suggestion. why don’t you replace brown rice with black rice since it has lesser sugar and more fiber. good for diabetics. my mom is a diabetic so we finally decided to cut brown rice and switch to black rice. besides, black rice is very much appealing in preparing dishes because of its purplish color.


    i think tony’s sushi is made of black rice. not brown because of the purplish color.

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