I don’t wear a winter coat.

I know, its weird, but I rarely wear a winter coat unless I know I am going to be outside for any length of time, like when I snow blow the driveway.    I usually pre-heat my car in the morning.  I walk 10 feet to my car in the morning to get to work, and then walk 20 feet to my office building.

I even remember in high school not wearing a winter coat most of the winter!  Not that I didn’t have one, I just didn’t wear one.  I worked two jobs – one as a bus girl at a restaurant and part time at Benetton.  Remember that store?

All I remember doing all day long was folding clothes over and over.  We had a ruler that all the shirts, sweaters, etc. had to be absolutely perfect.  I used to cringe when I customer would come in, take the bottom sweater off of a stack of sweaters, then just tossing it on top because they didn’t want it.   The clothes were ridiculously expensive too, even 26 years ago (okay, I just really felt old typing that number – 26 years ago I was 16?  how did that happen??!!)

But at the end of the season there were huge discounts, thus making the clothes somewhat affordable to me with my discount.  At the beginning of winter we got a shipment of winter clothes and a fell in love with this long red pea coat.  The starting price was $150.  We only had so many in so many sizes, but I knew it would never last the whole season and go on discount.

So as we were putting the coats out on the floor, I may have put “my” coat in a far corner of the stock room where hardly anyone went.   As we got close to the huge mark downs, I got to work one day and was in the back room with the owner when I walked to the far corner of the stock room, pulled out the coat and said “Oh my gosh, how did this get back here?”  I asked her if I could get it at the current discount and she agreed – she was none the wiser!

I wore that winter coat every day for two winters in a row! 😀  Sorry you had to read that Mom, but I wanted that coat!  Do you even remember it?

I switched up my breakfast because my avocado wasn’t ripe yet.  Two breakfast tacos – 1 egg, 1/2 cup egg white, diced ham, cheese and taco sauce.

390 calories, 24 carbs, 35 protein, 15 fat and 3 fiber

I didn’t work out at lunch yesterday – I picked up a prescription for Tony so hopefully he’ll start feeling better.  By the time I got to the drug store, picked it up, got home, gave Tony a few kisses and back to my desk, my lunch hour was just about over.

I did have time to put my lunch together.  You can barely see it, but I have another link of Christina’s dad’s sausage, 2 cups of spaghetti squash and 1/2 cup of my marinara.  Try as I might, I can’t make spaghetti squash look any more appetizing than baby barf sprinkled with cheese!  It really was delicious though!

422 calories, 66 carbs, 13.6 protein, 12.8 fat and 6.4 fiber

And since I made a big pot of my Buffalo chicken chili, while Tony ate some Campbell’s chicken and stars, I had a bowl of chili with an ounce of tortilla sauce.  My favorite way to eat chili?  Scoop some chili on my tortilla, several dashes of Tabasco, then pop it in my mouth.  😀

553 caloires, 71 carbs, 26 protein, 18 fat and 9.5 fiber

A co-worker brought in cookies yesterday.  Normally I am not tempted at all by work food, but she made oatmeal scotchies – one of my favorite cookies of all time!  So I deemed them insulin worthy and had one.  I guessed but I think one cookie is 161 calories, but totally worth it! 😀

What is your favorite cookie of all time? A good snickerdoodle comes in close second for me.

Stats for Monday:

  • 1527 calories, 186 carbs, 77 protein,53 fat, 18.9 fiber
  • 31% of calories from fat
  • 102 – average blood sugar

Okay, I may be wearing a winter coat today.  I just checked weather.com and right now its 11 degrees. . . but it feels like -1!

Make it a great day!


33 thoughts on “I don’t wear a winter coat.

  1. thehealthyjunky

    I hate wearing a winter coat too Biz. It is so unbelievable hard to drive with one on. I always have problems moving my head when I drive with a coat on. Your food pictures look amazing!

  2. Baby barf sprinkled with cheese? Ha! You are so funny 🙂

    My favorite cookie is still the basic chocolate chip!

  3. I love eating chili the same way! YUM! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, I just about spit my coffee out with the “sorry mom” comment. Great story. That store just recently closed, can you believe it lasted so long? I don’t think I ever stopped foot in there and I always wondered who shopped there.

    Oatmeal chocolate chip, with milk chocolate chips, are my all time favorites. I used to make them once a week. Ya know, back when I could eat them that often.

  5. The good ol’ chocolate chip cookie is my favorite. Molasses cookies are a pretty close second!

    I remember seeing ads in magazines for the United Colors of Benetton growing up, but never shopped there. Hope there’s no fallout with your mom after she reads this. 😉

  6. Hope Tony feels better soon. I remember that store and how they always chose these natural models from all over from every race, cool store but too pricy for me as a teen too. I wear a thin polar fleece jacket and layer up if it will get too cold, I don’t like the bulk of winter coats.

  7. I am also a winter coat hater, but the wind here is ridiculous, so I guess I will be wearing one this year. I haven’t seen any 11 degree weather since I lived in Ohio though!

  8. I wear a winter coat no matter what! I can’t stand being outside even for ten seconds without one when it’s this cold. There’s a family at my Church the same way as you–they don’t wear coats and I once even saw one of the girls wear strappy sandal type heels in the dead of winter. Ack! I always tease them but they don’t find it strange. You guys are a bunch of weirdos! LOL! Thanks for telling a story about your days at Benetton’s, that was fun to read!

  9. Baby barf and cheese. LOL gross.
    Love the Benetton story. I also do not wear a coat often. I’m not even sure I had one in high school. Of course you live somewhere that has snow!

  10. We had a Benetton here, still have one at the mall, I think! They had wool sweater, they itched, but so pretty! And I remember thinking that I could never work there because I couldn’t fold that perfectly 🙂

    Everything looks delicious! We’re having perfect weather here for the Buffalo Chicken Chili!

    Fave cookie is a crispy or chewy but thin chocolate chip!

  11. Wow, I would die without a coat. I sometimes where 2, a fleece liner and then the winter coat and our temp is never cold enough to snow, but the wind burns when it blows here. Think hurricane type winds. I fear I may blow off the island.

    Oh, we have a Benneton on the island. I think there is less in the US now, but still many stores in Europe.

  12. Buffalo chicken chili sounds perfect on this freezing day! You would of HAD to wear a coat in Iowa this morning. Frigid!

  13. i hope tony gets better soon! and yes i understand the whole coat situation! what is the point if you’re going to be inside all day!

  14. I don’t care how ugly spaghetti squash is, I love it! 🙂

  15. I love chocolate chip cookies. I know what you mean about the no coat thing. I’d like to do it to, but the hubby is always telling me I’ll get sick!


    Your story cracked me up. Do you know how many times my siblings and I will be talking and all of a sudden Mama Helen is all “Lalalalalalala – I don’t want to know!”

    My cookie would be a Dark chocolate chunk cookie with pecans and dried cherries. Years ago we used to ride back and forth to New York state to visit Mr. Helen’s sister and there was a store on the way that sold them, homemade. I always ate two.

  17. Just came over from Teresa’s A Blog About Food because I saw the title of your blog post. I don’t wear a winter coat either. In fact, I don’t even have one. I don’t like them and never have. If I need to be outside for awhile then I just borrow one of my husband’s. Love that you posted this. You probably get hit up with the same questions and concerns that I get. It drives people nuts to see someone NOT wearing a coat, doesn’t it? Drives me nuts when people say “where’s your coat?” I could understand it if I was a young teenager, but I’m 35 years old. I’ll wear a coat if I want to, right? Anyway, I had to stop by and say hi!

  18. i love the way you eat chili, i should adopt that method! it’s freezing here too, a good day to stay inside!

  19. I love my winter coat. Once Nov./Dec. hits I have it on – even to run and get the mail. I’m not used to these winters, I need to bundle up!!!

    My first job was at Gray’s Dept. store on the Outer Banks and it was the same type of store – Tommy Bahama and all these super expensive brands. We had so many t-shirts, cardigans, and sweatshirts w/ the Outer Banks or a town name on it that tourists would get as a souvenior. But they all had to be folded SO perfectly and stacked XL – XS. That’s the only thing I remember about that job too – folding and refolding and refolding those damn stacks over and over and over everytime somebody touched them! haha

  20. I used to never wear a coat and now I’m freezing all the time. Do you think there is a correlation? Just be careful with that no coat wearin’ business. I’m just sayin.

    Tonight I ate my dinner wearing my coat (inside the house), you don’t want to end up like me do you? Mine is a cautionary tale.

    Also, the Hummingbird Bakery Peanut Butter chocolate chip are neck and neck with a salty big fat chocolate chip cookie with pecans. What with me being a Texan and all, gotta have those pecans. Mmmm.

  21. Sometimes my pictures of food come out so unappetizing..but taste so good. I will take your word for it since I am sure you aren’t lying. 🙂
    I have too many cookies that I like but anything with chocolate scores pretty high!

  22. no winter coat?! 🙂 cute story! i’d have to go with pb as a favorite cookie… but it’s tough!! hehe, yeah there are some things that NEVER look good!

  23. I love how you ended up with your red coat – hey, sometimes teenage ingenuity is necessary to make things happen! I always wondered HOW they got those sweaters folded so perfectly – I could never work in a clothing store because I can’t fold things that pretty. Plus I would probably end up going postal on the customers who unfolded things, lol! So tell us – is your laundry folded all pretty?

    Mmmm, cookies. I love oatmeal raisin, the scotchies are also a fav, snickerdoodles, and chocolate crinkles. Hey, do you think I’m kind of hungry? 😉

    • I am lucky to wash, dry AND fold my clothes all in one day – laundry is my least favorite chore – maybe because I folded clothes for a living for so long?

  24. Heh. It was -17 today. I was definitely wearing a coat!

    Such a funny story! You are too cute. Also, I have a red peacoat, and I adore it 😀

  25. Ryan and I are such coat whores. I swear we could coat the whole Duggar family if we needed to.

  26. Love the story about the red coat! Favorite cookie? Has to be those peanut butter blossoms. You know a peanut butter cookie with the chocolate star in the middle. Yum!

  27. I am on a spaghetti squash kick here lately – love the stuff 🙂 It’s not pretty, but it tastes soooo goood 🙂 I hope Tony gets to feeling better! Chicken and Stars probably helped a little — love that stuff!

    I love snickerdoodles too. I made maple snickerdoodles this year and OMG, they were AMAZING! I think they’re my favorite cookie 🙂

    P.S. I can’t get to your blog from work, it makes me sad. There’s just a handful and yours is one of them. Mine is too…so I dunno. 😦 But it makes me sad!!!

  28. I despise wearing a winter coat! But, I’m a wuss and do wear one (however I always wait until after Thanksgiving….no matter what the temps!). They are just a pain to drive in….right???

    omg – I haven’t had an oatmeal scotchie in AGES! I loved them as a kid. Without a doubt, my fave cookie would have to be sugar with lots of icing. 🙂

  29. I loved walking through our local beneton store and just admired the clothes. I think all I ever bought were two t-shirts, but I cherished them… Great coat story! 😉

    I LOVE snickerdoodle – almost enough to try to bake some soon… And that means a lot since I really don’t bake… 🙂

  30. I’m so jealous that you don’t have to wear a winter coat. In NYC, where you walk everywhere, a heavy coat in the winter is a must.

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