Chemo and Radiation?

I met Tony at his doctors appointment to meet the surgeon.  Um, turns out our GP didn’t set up an appointment as his nurse had told us, so they had no idea we were coming.  So we waited about a good hour while they had all of his charts and lab work to be faxed to make up his file before seeing the doctor.

Even with that set back, when we finally got into the doctor, we immediately both liked the surgeon.  He went to undergrad at Madison in Wisconsin, then went to Stanford and did his surgical residency at Rush.  The only piece of the puzzle he’s waiting on is the results of the ultrasound test Tony did on Monday, which would pinpoint exactly where the tumor is.  If it’s high up in the colon, they just do surgery – all of their surgeries start out laproscopically, and only if there is a complication do they do the more invasive surgery.

However, if the tumor is lower in the colon, they do six to eight weeks of chemo and radiation.  We had both just wrapped our brains around him having a possible invasive surgery, but chemo and radiation never crossed our minds.  I know he has cancer, but we both had surgery on our brains.  When we heard chemo and radiation, it make it seem that more real that Tony has cancer.  It’s hard to describe!

The other piece of the puzzle will be next Wednesday, when they do a full body scan to make sure that the cancer hasn’t spread anywhere else, and then we’ll form a game plan at the end of next week.  Bottom line is the surgeon doesn’t want to waste any time.

There’s just one more thing.  This surgeon is a Chicago Cubs fan.  I told him that on the day of surgery, don’t be surprised if I have written “Cubs suck” and “100+ years without a World Series Title” all over Tony’s body! 😀

I had to be to work early yesterday, so I had McDonald’s oatmeal – I really like it!  And my co-worker said that you can ask for it without the maple, and it would reduce it to 6 points, but I still don’t think 7 points is too bad for a breakfast.

All of a sudden I looked up and realized I had 15 minutes to eat before leaving for the doctor appointment.  I brought my Split Pea with Smoked Turkey soup – 1 1/2 servings for 8 points.

um, maybe splashed with some Tabasco 😀

The smoked turkey was still really tender – I still have four more servings in the deep freeze too 😀  I never even tried split pea soup before just because of how it looks – missed out for so many years!

the perfect bite

Since I didn’t do a full grocery shop this week, I decided to hit up my store’s 50% off bin on the way home.  I scored and got a one pound bone-in New York strip for $4.30 and this package of veggies – Green Giant’s Healthy Colors.  While I wouldn’t spend $3 on this package, I didn’t mind spending $1.50.  Each serving is only 1 point.

My plate: 8 points

I have a full-proof gravy recipe for you.  I know I’ve talked about having the .50 cent packets of gravy mix in your pantry is nice to have on hand, but I didn’t have any more so had to make it from scratch.

Super Easy Gravy (makes 4, 1/4 cup servings – 2 points each)

  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1 cup broth (I used beef, but you could use any broth to suit what you are making)
  • salt and pepper to taste

Melt butter in sauce pan.  Add flour and stir for one minute.  Slowly add the beef broth and continue cooking for 5 minute or so, making sure the flour is combined and the gravy gets thick.  I added sauteed mushrooms for Tony and put that gravy over his steak – he loved it! 😀

This was the first time I’ve had yellow carrots – I actually never knew they existed!  I am submitting this side dish to Christina’s Friday Firsts:

I did add pepper to the veggies at the table, but these were really good.  Maybe I can use the remaining bag in a stir fry for my lunch today.

But later on in the evening, I was really hungry – I realized I’d only had 23 points for the day, so I made an unphotographed cheese and cracker tray for me and Tony – my guess is it was around 8 points.  Turns out I like cheese! 😀

Stats for Thursday

  • 31 points
  • no exercise
  • average blood sugar 134

Hope everyone has a great weekend – I’ll “see” you on Monday!






40 thoughts on “Chemo and Radiation?

  1. Keep your heads up, try not to think to far in advance and relax this weekend. Enjoy each others company and smile a lot. Remember to find laughter in something and just love, love, love. Everything will be okay, just a few hard stairs ahead. Take care my dear and remember God is there to hold your hands, lean on and he has really huge shoulders to help you bare it all. Gods blessings to you all.

  2. Keep going forward Biz – I can’t imagine how scary this is for you both, but please know we are thinking of you and praying everyday. He is going to beat this.

    I love your attitude. That helps immensely, I know. I laughed at you writing all over Tony’s body about the Cubs. giggle THAT is funny.

    Thanks again for the cordon bleu recipe. I still have a half of one left for my lunch today. SO excited.

    And my sister hates me. I sent her pics. [so mean, I know. hee]

  3. Hi Biz, de-lurker here 🙂 I just wanted to send love and prayers to you and Tony and the rest of your family. I am sending good thoughts from NJ! Prayers and blessings…

  4. I like what Julie said – just take each step of this process as it comes. It’s so great that you like the surgeon, and sounds like he’s no slouch with those credentials.

    I’ll have to try McD’s oatmeal. I’m afraid it will be so good I’ll want it everyday. I’ve been making breakfast sandwich variations ala BIZ, and they’ve been great. Mustard makes them over the top! Your pea soup looks yummy. I make it about every other week or so because we all love it. I used smoked turkey wings the last time and the flavor was excellent. Hang in – that humor will help you and Tony sail through this fucking cancer!

  5. I think I’m going to make split pea soup like yours tomorrow for my dad. I like it and will keep some but the rest of the family doesn’t. My DAD loves it. Actually, my dad has colon cancer too. He did a freezing thing on his butt and he’s been doing well since. I think Tony would look good bald. 🙂

  6. I’m going to steal a word from Roxie and say try very hard not to “awfulize” the whole situation. I know it’s so very hard not to project when the stress is this high but keep that glass half full chin up!

    NO split pea for me, thank you. It’s probably the only bean soup I really dislike. But your steak dinner looks divine! Now I want steak.

  7. Glad to hear that they are attacking this stupid cancer without waiting. I know your both ready to get it taken out.

    I tried those colorful veggies and like them. It added so much color to the plate.

    Still have never tried split pea soup. But then again, I don’t like peas.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Can’t wait for my cookbook to get here!

  8. Glad you both feel comfortable with the surgeon, Biz! That’s so important!

    Your gravy recipe sounds perfect!

  9. I’m glad you like the surgeon. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

    I haven’t made split pea soup in ages. Yours looks really good.

  10. fingers crossed for you guys that the tumor is local and in a place where only surgery is required.

    Yellow carrots I have had. They are ok. I like the orange ones better, but I am not sure whether its just my brain playing tricks with me, or it’s really the way they taste. lol

  11. Sounds like you have a good Dr. Just take it one day at a time, i know easier said than done.
    I love split pea and ham soup, i usually throw a smoked ham bone in and let the meat fall off of the bone 🙂 I’ve seen smoked turkey as well, i’ll have to try that!
    Have a good weekend

  12. Amazing how certain words can carry so much more meaning than others…glad the surgeon seems to be on top of this AND that he appreciates y’all’s sense of humor! Have a good weekend! 🙂

  13. I’m sure its tough to go through all of those appointments. My heart is definitely with you two ! But I know you don’t really need it- amazing attitudes and strength over there! I honestly haven’t eaten anything from mcdonalds in ages- but I am intrigued by the oatmeal. It does look good. And split pea soup- my fav! Have a wonderful weekend

  14. Here’s hoping that Tony only needs the less invasive surgery and no chemo/radiation! I can’t imagine how you feel, but know that you have a lot of thoughts on your side!

    The split pea looks great! I must have missed that recipe in the past, but I’m bookmarking now!

  15. So glad you like your surgeon! Makes all the difference!! Hope you get a chance to have lots of fun this weekend to get your mind off of Tony’s ass! 😉

    I’ve made Emeril’s Split Pea Soup before and it was delicious! Of course none of my family would come near it, but that just meant more for me!

    Have a fantastic weekend!!!

  16. Hi there. I have just popped over from SkippyMom (I Make Soap) just to send you lots of healing and positive vibes for Tony and the family from over here in England. “In quietness and trust is your strength”.

  17. OMG that is funny, lucky I did not have a mouth full of coffee because I would have spit it out. You may not want the surgeon laughing so hard his hands shake though! Glad you can rely on humor to help through the waiting. I hope you get some good news next week! Sending good thoughts your way.

  18. Keep up the positive attitude. I can only imagine how overwhelming all of this info is to you.

  19. i love how you guys still have your sense of humor through all this!

    loving the split pea soup!

  20. I’m really glad that you guys liked the surgeon, that is very important!

    I’m starring this post, since I suck at making gravy!! haha Hope you guys have a great weekend 🙂

  21. Just take it one step at a time Biz, you guys will get through this…cancer free!!! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  22. Liking the surgeon makes a big difference in your overall outlook going into this. The thought of chemo and radiation is a daunting one. It is a lot of information to process all at once.

    I love pea soup it is a favorite of mine. I too like to hit up the bargain bin for meats for hubby! I’m not a big fan of red meat but he is and I often times get some good bargains there!

  23. I’m really glad you guys like the surgeon. C’s grandma found out she had breast cancer last month and was in surgery a couple week’s later, we’re still waiting on pathology to determine the need for chemo/radiation, but it’s comforting when the doctor’s try to move quickly. My fingers are so crossed for you and Tony that it’s a new tumor that hasn’t spread/can be removed quickly.

    Have you tried the Starbucks oatmeal? I love it too!

  24. Gosh, I’m so sorry to read about your husband! I hope that all goes well and he will not be in the hospital for the Superbowl, but having been through breast cancer and chemo myself (quite a long time ago), you do what you have to do and stay positive.

    Thanks for the visit and I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for him too. It would probably help if you cheer for the Packers 😉

  25. Sending all sort of positive vibes your way!

  26. thinking a lot about you guys. keep the updates coming, and the sense of humor flowing.

    love the split pea. i think you’ve influenced me because i put hot sauce on almost everything now too!

  27. Lots of healthy vibes and positive thoughts for your family. You are so strong and supportive of each other. That is what I love about your blog.

    Split pea soup is something I have not had in a while. It looks really good. I like things that freeze well.

  28. Our hearts are filled with love and well wishes for your entire family….

  29. hang in there you two, tony is tough can handle chemo and radiation, sucks he will have to do this, but looks like the dr is really making sure that this tumor doesnt take over and spread, this is a big slap in the face but god doesnt put anything in front of us that we cant handle..hang in there, im sure the shock of all this has thrown you all for a loop, but we want tony around and if it takes chemo and radiation he can do this, do you know if they are using tarceva for his chemo…it is kind of a new one and it kicked ass on my father in laws lung cancer….didnt have the nausea and did loose a little hair but didnt go bald, but i think tony would be sexy bald:) please stay positive, we are all here for you….tony is going to kick ass on this…

  30. You and Tony have such a positive attitude and that has to be a real boon to a cancer patient (or any patient). I’m sure it’s frightening but keep up creating moments for laughter at the situation!!!!!

    I haven’t tried the McDonald’s oatmeal but it looks good. Just heard on NPR that one of the New England states (Vermont?) went to court to force McD into using real maple syrup in their state. They do. In all the other 49, they use maple-flavored syrup! = )

    I’m giving your gravy recipe a try. Gravy is my nemesis!

    Chins up and keep on adding those laugh lines.


  31. oh that soup looks so good!

  32. So glad that you like the surgeon…it’s so helpful when the doctor is someone that you like! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he just has to have the less invasive surgery and no chemo/radiation! Keep your heads up! You will beat this! And try to get some rest this weekend!

    Your soup looks amazing!

  33. Weighting For 50

    Hi Biz, I’m sending all the healing and healthy thoughts and virtual hugs yours and Tony’s way I can!!!! So hope for you both that chemo and radiation aren’t needed!!! Take care of each other!!

  34. Just when you were getting used to the idea of surgery, they whack you over the head! I think that when you’re facing something like this, there must be a lot of surprises and not many of them pleasant. Let’s hope that chemo and radition will not be necessary. Expect the best but prepare for the worst, right?

  35. I am thinking about you guys and the upcoming scan to be sure the cancer hasn’t spread. Judging by his waste no time attitude and baseball team of choice, he sounds like a winner 🙂 I’m sure Tony is in the best of hands 🙂

  36. I am so sorry to read this — I obviously missed the original post. Even amongst the challenge, I love your humor.

  37. I never knew there were yellow carrots either!? I hope Tony’s scan on Wednesday shows that it’s up high so he just has to have surgery and not all the radiation and stuff! Even if it IS to help get better!

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