How to Make Perfect Rice and a Winner!

Let’s start out this Monday to find out who won the $50 CSN giveaway from Friday.  And the winner is. . .

True Random Number Generator 1 91 52

Carol says:

I have been in my house 24 years and I too have an ugly light fixture. I would love to change but have never taken the time, had the money, etc. That is what I would spend the gift card on.

P.S. Glad Tony is doing well. Keep up the blog, I love it…..

Congratulations Carol!  Send me an email at and I’ll give you the info on how to redeem the gift card – congrats!

Now onto some more fun news.  I had my weigh in on Saturday at Weight Watchers:

I earned 34 activity points last week, so that helped me enjoy some wine and pizza too!  😀  Tony is still not eating big meals, so I enjoyed pizza both Friday and Saturday night.  I’ve said how much I love my no rise pizza dough – I made some Friday night and then used the second half Saturday night – the dough on Saturday was so much better so I think I’ll make my dough the night before from now on.  I just pulled it from the fridge about an hour before using it.

I loved the spiced fresh jalapenos on top 😀

We have an electric stove, which has proved very difficult to make perfect rice.  I normally would have to keep one burner on low after the water came to a boil, put the lid on and then would move it to that burner.  But there were mixed results – either the rice on the bottom would be cooked and the top wasn’t – or the rice would still be crunchy all the way around.

Then I bought a cheap $7 rice cooker at Walgreen’s of all places.  Worked like a charm!  Any grain would work – quinoa, red beans and rice, etc.  But we’ve had it for years and the last couple times I’ve used it the rice is still crunchy – I am thinking the heating element is just shot.

So here is how to make perfect rice – I made it with both brown and white rice, both to perfect results.

Perfect Baked Rice (from Alton Brown)

  • 1 1/2 cups rice
  • 2 1/2 cups water
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt

Boil the water, butter and salt.  Put the rice in an 8×8 glass dish.  Pour the boiling water over rice, stir to combine.  Put foil tightly on the top and bake at 375 for one hour.  Remove and fluff with a fork.

fluffy and perfectly cooked 😀

Last week I saw both Marisa and Nicole make protein pancakes – I decided to make them as well, just adding lemon zest to the batter and 1/2 cup of blueberries to the pancakes before flipping them.  What’s great about these is that for me it made THREE HUGE pancakes that kept me full for hours.   The pancakes come in at 7 points – 8 points all together with 1/4 cup sugar free pancake syrup.

Protein Pancakes

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese
  • 1/2 cup egg beaters
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1/2 cup blueberries

Add all the ingredients except for blueberries in a blender.  Mix well and let the batter sit for at least 5 minutes.  Heat a non-stick skillet – I decided to make three large pancakes – I poured the batter straight from my blender container – then hand placed the blueberries in the pancake – cook about 2-3 minutes per side.  Serve with additional blueberries and 1/4 cup sugar free pancake syrup.

I think lemon zest wakes everything up 😀

They are almost the size of a dinner plate! 😀  This will definitely be a once a week treat – I think next time I’ll saute apples and put that in the batter.

Long time readers will know that I have a twin sister Jennifer.  Growing up we were always put in separate classes, otherwise I am sure we would have just been content being friends with each other and never would need to meet new people.  It was in third grade that my Mom dropped me off at my class, then took my sister to her class.  I noticed a new girl.  Minutes later my mom pulled me out of my class, pointed at the new girl in my room, took me to my sisters room and pointed me to the new girl in that class.  What?!  Another set of twins?!

Before that, we had never known any other twins.  By 8th grade we had four sets of twins in a graduating class of 90 kids, and in high school we had ten sets of twins in my graduating class of 1000 kids!

So we have been friends with D & D for 35 years.  We try to get together at least four times a year and yesterday was our first get together of 2011.  Tony loves to call these get togethers “TwinFest!”

The best part about TwinFest is that since we’ve known each other for so long, I can show up at the host house wearing pajamas, sweats, maybe a shirt with a stain on it, no contacts or makeup – which is why you will not see any pictures of us from yesterday!

We always order pizza – this time deep dish.  My guess is this piece of deep dish sausage comes in at 13 points.  I also brought my baja fresh salsa (first time I used the grill and it was COLD on Saturday) – so 7 points for chips and salsa – lunch comes in at 20 points.

And since Jenn and I have a birthday this Saturday – they sang to us with a cupcake 😀

And check out the birthday loot!

Thanks guys! 😀 I seriously can't wait for the temps to get better so I can start grilling on a regular basis again

And speaking of loot – check out this amazing package I got from Rachel over the weekend!

She wrote Tony and I the nicest card – she said:

Your humor through all this has been inspiring.  I’m so happy the cancer is gone and I hope it stays gone for good!  Hugs!

The front of the card was the best!

And this magnet is now sticking proudly on our fridge!

Thank you so much for thinking of us Rachel!

Check out the recap of last weeks BSI – proscuitto here.

Renee of My Kitchen Adventures is next weeks host – check back to her site later today for this weeks Secret Ingredient.

Time to get ready for work – looking forward to the extra light tonight after work!  Happy Monday!





49 thoughts on “How to Make Perfect Rice and a Winner!

  1. Sounds like you had such a fantastic weekend! Congrats on the weigh in, the delicious looking pizza & the enjoyable time at twinfest! We had a ton of twins in my grade and my high school too! I always thought that there must have been something in the water ;). Baked rice?? Never heard of such a thing- totally trying that!

  2. I love the thought of that rice. I can’t ever cook rice well. Thanks!

  3. I’ll have to try the perfect rice recipe! I have a rice cooker, but my kitchen is so small that I don’t like using it. And the stove can be tricky… Thanks for sharing!

    TwinFest sounds like fun!

    Happy Birthday Week!! 🙂

  4. I love the gifts! 🙂

    I also use Alton’s method for rice–perfect every time!

    Give Tony a squeeze for me.

  5. Pizza is the best go-to meal ever! 🙂 That deep dish looks sooo good. All those twin vibes had to cancel out a few Points, yeah? 😉

    Twinfest is so cute!!! I’ll say it now, just for fun: Happy early birthday, Biz + Jenn!! 😀

  6. I love all the birthday loot, especially the magnets! Happy early birthday!

  7. I love the AB rice method. It never fails. We use that all the time unless we have forgotten rice and then do it in the pressure cooker.

  8. congrats to the winner!

    Oh those pancakes were amazing! I was so impressed. I made them Friday, and plan on posting tomorrow. I even bought MORE cottage cheese just so I could make more this week.

    BSI ingredient has been posted! Thanks!

    • Thanks for hosting this week – I love BUTTERMILK!

      • Once in awhile I see my Grandpa while I’m in beweten being awake and sleeping. It’s been since the fourth grade since he’s been gone. He was my best friend and taught me things faster then anyone else could. His math skills were impeccable and his wit just as smooth. His impact on my life was so huge in the little time I knew him. I miss the stories and the crossword puzzles he did in ink. And the constant talking about Notre Dame Football. I think the man did everything. Canned fruit/veggies,made homemade peanut butter,cooked everything,fought in the pacific, worked in a steel mill, worked in a warehouse, told jokes and helped me learn. So he’s here. He’s here somewhere.

  9. Twinfest sounds like such fun! Happy Birthday to you both.

    I am loving Rachel’s gifts. Neat!

  10. Congrats on the weigh in!!!
    I make protein waffles all the time (here’s a tip: they’re even better the next day!)! 🙂

    What a great gift. So thoughtful….

  11. I’m loving the protein pancakes, too! I like your addition of lemon zest – YUM!

    Congrats on your loss this week, Biz!!! You ROCK!!!

  12. congrats on the weightloss, whoo whoo!!! if you ever decide to replace the rice cooker, i’ve convinced all my family and friends to get an aroma one from target…it’s red, works like a dream and is only $15!!! i’ve used it countless times and it couldn’t be easier 🙂

  13. you can bake rice like this — who knew?!?! thanks for sharing, i’m going to have to try this!

  14. Weighting For 50

    Hi Biz, happy birthday week ot you and Jenn!!! Twin fest sounds so fun!!!! Congrats on the fantastic weigh in!!!! Have a good day! (enjoy your birthday loot!)

  15. Had a great time yesterday BIZ! Paul enjoyed the left over pizza 🙂

    I love that the pancakes are so big!

  16. Congrats on the weight loss! Happy Birthday wishes too!

    I use the oven method for making my brown rice too! I make a double batch and freeze one. Love it!

  17. Congrats on the weigh in! I’m not a fan of cottage cheese, can you taste the cottage cheese in the pancakes?

    • Not at all – because cottage cheese is salty to me, once its all blended together, there is just a hint of saltiness – but then again – I loves me some cheese – even cottage cheese!

  18. Yay for Twinfest – I love that you guys still do this!

    That rice baking is so intriguing to me – I’ll have to give it a try one of these days.

    I got a similar package from Rachel – what a sweetheart, right?!?

    • Rachel is so thoughtful – total sweetheart! 😀

      • I was really confused, and this answered all my questions.

      • Last one:It’s been a while, I’ve lost my smile.I’ve given myself, to my donems for a time.I’ve felt great joy, and gut wrenching pain,Somewhere in the middle, I thought I’d lose my mind.But, it’s always darkest,just before dawn I’ve suffered the night,and I’ve got to move on.I’ve braved through the winter,of my true discontent.Now, I’m back on the path,for the purpose which I was sent.I can never forget you,like breath you gave me life.You gave me purpose and strength,when I’d lost my will to fight.I thought I’d never recover,when your soul was called home.I felt the stranglehold of death,as it gripped at my soul.I thought I’d lost my purpose,and my will to survive.Then I recalled your beautiful voice,saying: “Daddy, please don’t cry.”No longer in bondage,to the pain of this world.You’ve been given new life,now you’re God’s little girl.The tears they still fall,and I’m still saddened that you’re gone.Please, remember Daddy loves you.And know your memory lives on.

  19. Sad! No pictures?!

    Congrats at WW! 🙂 I know I already said that via email, but I really don’t know how you’ve held together the weight loss wagon along with everything else going on. SUPER BIZ!!!

    Sad I didn’t win the giveaway, but glad to know how to make perfect rice! I always seem to screw something up with rice…

  20. You had so many great foods in this post. I am always a sucker for pancakes with blueberries. Those looked delicious!

  21. We had identical twins in high school too and the only way to tell the guys apart was by which girlfriend was with which. I love protein pancakes and I have snuck them in on my guys and they never knew! Ooh a birthday girl soon, start the party now!!

    • Funny story – my sister was a pom pom girl, and I was the “jock.” One day I decided to wear my sisters clothes – it was a skirt and white top, with white high heels (it was the 80’s people!) and I fixed my hair AND wore make up.

      Every morning I would meet my boyfriend at his locker and as I walked towards him to give him a kiss, he backed away and said “what if Biz finds out?!”

      He didn’t believe it was me until my sister was standing next to me – which didn’t happen until lunch time!

  22. I’ve never thought of baking rice. What an interesting idea! I always cook rice in the rice cooker…but now I’m thinking about the logistics of baking rice and vegetables together in the oven. Hmmm…might have to try it!

    I LOVE that magnet!

  23. Oh lord I can’t wait for “Grilling Season” to start. I need some grilled veggies in my life ASAP!

  24. love the loot! i hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  25. Wow!!! Who knew there are so many sets of twins…I have yet to meet a twin, so it always seem so rare to me.

    I just bought a microwave rice cooker. You get perfect cooked rice from the microwave!! And it was only like $9 at CNS stores. 🙂

  26. I have an electric stove but can get good rice on it but I’ve used the baked rice recipe before and it’s even better! I always forget to do it that way, though. Don’t know why! Congrats on your weight loss-you’re kickin’ butt!

  27. Oh that is my favorite way to make rice! Comes out perfect every time! 🙂

    mmmm pizza, pancakes & look at all those sauces! YUM!

  28. This post is quite a feast.

  29. So jealous that you have twin friends! I don’t have any friends that are twins, but my own twin is my best friend, so it’s all good 🙂

    Have you ever been to Twin Days in Ohio? My dad really wants us to go, haha! Not sure how I feel about it…

    • I am not sure either – if you guys go – let us know!

      • Bman, in addition to ulitaltghrs and light sport aircraft, sailplanes are a nice way to go in some areas. Down here in AZ, you can join a club with reasonable annual dues and sign out an aircraft to fly pretty much whenever you want. Sailplanes have a faster learning curve than powered aircraft, and experience flying sailplanes translates well into powered aircraft. You can also fly those things all day here in AZ not a drop of fuel required after release from tow.For me, flying has always been more about being in the air and less about going from point to point. In my Air Force days, I soloed in a sailplane. I was about to solo in a plane before I stopped the powered lessons (medical red tape at the time). I switched to hang gliding (referred to as free flight or foot-launched flight) for quite a few years, and that was really more my style. I liked carrying my aircraft on my back (~60 lbs) and storing it on a ladder rack in my garage. I liked understanding every single bolt on my aircraft, and I liked being able to do a truly complete pre-flight check. I liked being able to buy a brand new aircraft for less than the cost of a used car. I especially liked the feeling of complete and utter freedom while in the air. I was not in the aircraft, I WAS the aircraft. No claustrophobic cockpit. What a feeling to thermal up over 13000 feet and fly over the back of a majestic mountain range.I gave up the hang gliding when I nearly killed myself on a steep mountain launch. For those of you that don’t believe in God a near death experience followed by a miraculous save all the while KNOWING that God was in the glider with me that day would have cured me from a lifetime of atheism. I would like to emphasize that the incident was completely due to pilot stupidity, and I believe hang gliding is inherently safe as long as you are properly instructed, current, and flying within your capabilities.I still think about free flight often and long to be back in the air. I have a little powered harness that converts a hang glider into a foot-launched ultralight, and I might one day take to the skies again.

  30. Rice seems to be one of those dishes that always confuses people. We’ve become a world of rice stirrers, and then we get mushy rice. No good. Alton Brown has perfect tips all the time!

  31. We got a rice cooker a couple of years ago and it gets lots of use. The best part is the rice can sit there when it’s done so I don’t have to try to time all the food just right.

  32. Superb article, refreshing website layout, continue the great work

  33. Great recipes lately!! I made the rice last night after seeing your post. I also plan on making the zucchini lasagna. Yum.

  34. ow…Sherry, sorry to hear your situation,you are so unuklcy. I and an entrecard member too. I wish i won’t face this problem and wish you good luck too!Hope your problem will be solved as soon as possible.Have a nice day !

  35. The expertise shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  36. Jeanne Rice – Hi Cara, I just heard about these pictures thruogh my best friend Vicki Wifler Brace who heard about them from Pam Knight. They are fantastic. You have an amazing talent at making the event so fun! I just love them. Miss you! Jeanne

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