Where is Spring?

I was hoping the weather would have been a bit better on my day off yesterday – we had temps in the low 40s and it was rainy.  That didn’t stop us from having fun though!

I did get up and go swimming!  I got to the gym at 7:40 and every single lap swim lane was open – I swam from 7:45 to 8:25 and I was the only one in the pool the whole time.  😀  And then I sat in the hot whirl pool tub for five minutes – it was the perfect way to start the day.

Before I left to meet my sister and Mom, I made half a bagel egg sammie – none of the pictures turned out (really, hardly any natural light at 9:00 in the morning??!!), but I have a new cheese that my store now carries – it’s like they asked me to make my own cheese!  My breakfast sammie was 6 points.

We met my sister at her office and went to a Chinese restaurant called Szechwan Beijing.  It had gotten good reviews according to their website – my dish was perfect.  I ordered the kung pao shrimp and asked for extra broccoli (which I think I got 5 pieces?).  The shrimp was not breaded, cooked perfectly and a nice spicy bite.  Hannah’s sweet and sour chicken looked more like corn dog battered chicken – she wasn’t a fan.  My mom’s shrimp in lobster sauce was salty, and my sisters chicken fried rice was just okay – oh well, can’t win them all!

I am guessing 10 points for lunch - does that sound too low?

I love this picture of Nana and Hannah:

And when I went to take a picture of my sister and my Mom, Hannah jumped in at the last second!

And here is a perfect example of how not to take a picture yourself:

My Mom, Jenn and me - I can't believe we have to wear winter coats!

We spent the afternoon going to three different thrift stores.  I bought a brand new pair of Gap lounging pants for $2.99, and some t-shirts to work out in.  We laughed when Hannah would all of a sudden break into dance without warning – so funny!  I’ll have to see if she’ll let me video tape it, because it’s hilarious. 😀

We then went to one of my favorite stores in Forest Park, called Flavour Cooking School. Not only do they have tons of cooking classes, but they have a retail portion too – while I drooled over the ridiculously expensive Le Creuset tea kettles, I walked out with some bamboo wooden spoons – I only had one wooden spoon at home!

We picked up my sisters son Mark from school and went out for ice cream – lunch didn’t stick with us that long.  They had a sugar free moosetracks, but it was mostly chocolate, and I am not a huge fan of all chocolate ice cream.  So I had a zero point cup of coffee. 😀

Once back at my Mom’s house, I went through all of my Dad’s photography drawers.  He was such an avid photographer, and while he didn’t make prints of every roll he took, he made a contact sheet, clipped the negatives to that, and then perfectly described the contents in a manila folder.  There literally are THOUSANDS of pictures.  I took a few folders home with me – you may be seeing some flashback Friday posts soon. 😀

Hannah and I made our way home.  We had one of Hannah’s favorite dinners – sliders and fries.  My burgers: 3 oz. lean beef, 2 refrigerator biscuits, 4 ounces of potatoes, and I count 1 point for the oil the fries were fried in.  Dinner is 10 Points.

Stats for Wednesday:

  • 37 points (including 4 points for rice crackers eaten on our way home and wine) 😀
  • eTools said I only earned 2 points for swimming – boo!
  • 10 flex points remaining, 9 activity points earned
  • average blood sugar 98

Question of the Day:  Has spring sprung where you live?  I just saw on the news that our temps will be in the 20’s tonight with a possibility of snow – WTH?!



32 thoughts on “Where is Spring?

  1. Spring has not sprung in Dover, it is cold and rainy there and possibly snow soon…lucky for me, I’m spending the next couple weeks in Charleston with Ray. It felt more like summer here yesterday at 86* and looks like we won’t dip below 70 during our stay here.

    Looks like you had a great girls day! I love spending the day going to lunch and shopping with my mom and grandma and aunt 🙂

  2. Our spring is retreating here too. It’s supposed to be cold after today…and there’s a chance of snow this weekend!

  3. Looks like you guys had a fun day!

    Do they still give you the calculator to figure points in WW? I looked up Kung Pao Shrimp on Sparkpeople and a serving with 4 oz. shrimp has 555 cals, 35g fat, 5g fiber. That doesn’t include the rice, only the main dish. Can you figure the pointage from that?

    Swimming is still great all around exercise for you – can’t always have a high cardio day. In fact I actually saw the biggest change in a co-worker who was losing weight when she cut back on some of the high intesity stuff and added in swimming 2-3 days a week.

  4. Spring…it came & went here. When I was driving in snow (big flurry chunks) this morning I felt like I was in another world after last Friday’s near 80 temps.

    That cheese!!!…YUM! I must see if that is around me…then again it could be a dangerous thing!

  5. Yesterday I had all the windows and doors open and Wallene was outside in a t-shirt and shorts playing basketball with friends. It was spring.

    Now today I am sitting in my kitchen, all the lights are off [as they are wont to be when I am home alone and saving money] and the only thing lighting up the darkness [at 9:30am] is my computer. It is so cold, dark and overcast outside that even the kidlets at the elementary school aren’t out at recess. Still, we don’t have snow, no tornadoes and I am happy with the cold and drizzle. Who knows when spring is getting here.

    I was reading an article yesterday and thought about you – They did a study on the benefits of hot sauces, hot pepper flakes and hot peppers. They said that the study showed that they significantly helped in combating certain types of cancers when they were part of a healthy diet. I know how you like your spicy, so just thought I would share.

    Your pics are lovely. Such a beautiful family. 🙂

  6. What a fun day with the ladies!! ❤ Le Creuset. I don't even own a single piece- but all of their stuff is so beautiful. Your dinner looks VERY yum. I want those fries. I hate to even type it…its been in the mid to upper 80's here…

  7. I have been asking myself the same question!! This whole week I have woken up to snow and frigid temps. Ugh!

    You have such beautiful eyes, Biz!! 🙂

    Those sliders and fries look so yummy. And I love that teapot, tres chic! 😉 I bet it’s pretty $$$$ ‘spensive. Bamboo spoons are awesome, too, though! I can never have enough cooking utensils.

  8. I can’t wait to see the old photos! Those old pictures are pure gold.

  9. I just read Jen’s post and I somehow have totally missed the fact all this time that you two are sisters. I feel like an idiot! 🙂

    Glad you guys had a great lunch. 🙂

  10. What a fun day! I drool over a lot of Le Creuset cookware too. They really have made it appealing with their bright colors…but still, $60 for a tea kettle is ri-donk!

    Spoons or spatulas, that’s usually what I walk out of kitchen stores with. 🙂

  11. I’m in Colorado and spring has been here for a while! My tulips and daffodils are blooming and my strawberry and rhubarb plants are starting to come up. Day time temps are pretty regularly in the 60’s no.
    I love all the recipies you have on here! your breakfasts always look so great. Maybe when the babies are older I’ll have time to do that too!

  12. Hannah is mini you! Great pictures of the 3 generations together. That cheese appears to be a bargain unless you only bought and ounce or so! It’s probably too hot for my wimpish taste buds.

    I have to try sliders – great idea. We tend to go for quarter pounder size burgers, but I love the manageable size of the sliders and could always have 2. They remind me of Krystal burger in Georgia – little square burgers with cut up onions cooked inside (you’d hate that part), and about 2 inches by 2 inches. On pure white soft little square buns – you could eat 4 or 5. I dated a guy who routinely had 8 of them at one sitting. Ooops – I may have given myself a craving.

  13. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Spring sprung and then went away. It’s rainy and gross now and we also have a chance of snow! What the heck is going on?!

  14. You guys all look so young! Must be something in the water and all the healthy eating. What a fun way to spend time with family.

  15. It keeps trying to get warmer here then it gets really cold. Just like last year. Those sliders look amazing. It is only 9:45am and I am drooling over them! Looks like you had so much fun. Even though I have sisters that are identical twins I can never get enough of looking at pictures of identical twins. I find it fascinating to see two people look so much alike. Maybe it is because my parents used to make me sit and look at pictures of my sisters and tell them who was who. I think Hanna looks so much like the two of you as well. So sweet and fun!

  16. spring has disappeared here too…. 😦

    I love bamboo spoons and cutting boards because they can go into the dishwasher safely! what a lovely time it sounds and looks like you all had….except for the weather..but at least it wasn’t raining, I guess.

  17. oh, and I looked up Kung Pao shrimp in the WW dining out companion for you and it gives 10 pp for a cup of it, minus the rice. But it doesn’t state whether the shrimp is battered or not in it, so it might be a bit high. I hate having to guess at things!

  18. No spring here. We are getting more snow tonight. WTF??

  19. What a fun day!! I love generation pictures. 🙂
    And those taters look AWESOME.

  20. I like to bust on in random dance AND song. I do it at work all the time and the kids just stare at me. Today 2 were fighting over a drum, so I took it away and gave them a proformance. Bahaha! I think my co-workers wonder if I do drugs…

  21. Sorry lunch was not so great for your b’day but at least the company made up for it 🙂
    Spring is here, we have had some gorgeous days and all the tulips and blossoms are out – of course the pollen has been bad and they are expecting it to be worse this year with it starting early so all the folks that have allergies are not happy.
    Like you I also don’t like chocolate ice cream and would have gone with the coffee too 🙂

  22. *Sigh* I need Spring to hurry up to Michigan too! We got a “lovely” mixture of rain/ice/snow yesterday and now a few inches of snow tonight. Yippee.

  23. Looks like a nice lunch even if the food was not so good for everyone. At least the company was good. It is cooler and rainery than it has been all winter here and I hope it stops soon because Ryan’s family is coming tomorrow. I want them to see the island when it is sunny. Guess I can’t control that. But the winter was so mild and not wet that I expected that to continue since the wet season is supposed to be at the end.

  24. Weighting For 50

    Looks like such a fun day!!!!!!!! (despite some of the meals being so-so) Oh, the treasures you must have found in your Dad’s photography archives! How fun! Have a great day Biz.

  25. Fun times!!! Love the pictures!!! You are all such lovely ladies!

    We’ve been getting a few days of sunshine lately around here, but rains are suppose to return tomorrow. But it does feel like spring is right around the corner from us!

    Crossing my fingers that Hannah shares her bitchin’ dance moves for us! 😀

  26. That cheese looks so good. Glad you had a nice birthday lunch, despite the weather. Snow in forecast tonight. Yuck!

  27. omg i feel you about spring. i just got 5 inches of snow over the weekend, more tonight and more friday/saturday. UGGG!!!

  28. I have been avoiding checking out the forecasts but I know something bad’s a-comin’. It has been so nice and today it got a lot chillier and I’ve heard a lot of people in other states complaining of snow. boooo. This is totally random, but in that last pic of you and your sister with your Mom, your sister looks a lot like Hannah to me! I know it’s weird that I didn’t say you look like her since you’re twins, but it must be something to do with the smile and hair or something. Weird!

  29. There was chilly rain today…even sunny Los Angeles is having a crappy spring weather, so cheer up, Biz! 😉
    I just realized that you and Hannah have the EXACT same beautiful greenish eyes!! I love the pic of Jenn and your mom and Hannah altogether!

  30. Le Creuset…some day. Some day.

    Your day looked perfect! You and your sister are so pretty 🙂

  31. Spring, what spring?! It’s 32 degrees in Helsinki, Finland and we still have heaps, I mean mountains, of snow. Walking outside is a bit tricky because of the ice.

    I got hungry when I saw your mini hamburgers, so I’m gonna make myself a healthy smoothie. 🙂

  32. It’s springy enough here. Like right now it’s almost 9pm and it’s 73. Been in the mid 80s for at least a week now. You should quit complaining and just move. Take I-80 to I-35, then turn left. You can’t miss it.

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