Cooking For Two

What a beautiful weekend we had!  One of our favorite things to do is to sit outside, fire up the Weber grill and just enjoy the outdoors.

I love you Tony! We'll have to get you some fresher cigars 😀

And Eddie loves soaking up the sun:

I may have enjoyed a glass of wine – Hannah caught me after a sip:

I did a pork roast on the Weber.  I decided to do a mustard rub:

  • 3 tablespoons Dijon mustard
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 3 gloves minced garlic
  • 2 tablespoons fresh rosemary

My mom has recently been going through her belongings.  She was contemplating buying a smaller house.  She definitely is not the “retirement community” person.  She loves having her own space, her garden etc.  On one of my last visits to her house, she had a bunch of books laying out and asked if Hannah or I would want any of them.  Hannah took all of my Dad’s Disney art books.

This one caught my eye:

This was given to my Mom from her Grandma on her 22nd birthday – just three months after her June 1962 wedding to my Dad.

I adore old books. I love their smell.  I imagine where the book has been, how many times it may have been loaned to someone else.  I had a laugh though when I read the preface.

The wife who balances a career and a home and makes a success of both has her own particular need which we have tried to meet in this book.  She must budget her time, money and energy but she is too efficient to tolerate make-shift meals.

Accolades aren’t always easy for the wife-with-a-career to win.  She must plan carefully, use many ready-prepared foods and allow for somewhat higher living costs because of this fact.  But deft touches and well-worked-out menus mean an adoring husband across the table so the rewards are worth striving for.

I grew up in a family that ate dinner together nearly every night until probably we got to high school and were busy with sports and school – even then we still ate together as a family at least three nights a week.  It would never fail that as soon as we sat down, my Dad would look at my Mom and say “where’s my coffee?”  And she would jump up and get it!  It’s just such a different generation.

One recipe that caught my eye was a Coffee Crumb Cake.  What I liked about it is that not only was it easy, but low in sugar.  This would be nice to have on Easter morning! 😀

Coffee Crumb Cake:

  • makes 9 square servings – 5 PointsPlus
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the Crumb topping:

  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter

Cream the butter, sugar and eggs.  Add the baking powder, salt and flour.  Mix well.  Add vanilla and mix well.  Put in a 8×8 greased pan.  Mix crumb topping together and spread over the top.

Now hear is where it got interesting – they said bake “in a moderate oven” which is 350 degrees, but no time was mentioned.  Just “bake in a moderate oven.”  Tony found a similar crumb cake recipe online, and I started with 25 minutes based on that recipe, and ended up baking it for 30 minutes, and then a couple minutes under the broiler to caramelize the crumb topping.

We loved it.  It is just slightly sweet, very moist and tender.  Tony made a suggestion of adding a bit of lemon to the batter next time, and I think I’ll add lemon zest to the crumb top.  Yum!

I decided to run my Cabot Cheese giveaway another week – I’ll announce a winner on Saturday for the $25 gift basket.  Just leave me a cheese recipe comment in this link – either your favorite cheese recipe, or a link to your favorite cheese recipe.  Good luck!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  See you tomorrow for Clean Eating’s Sesame Chicken Salad and Pretzel Bun Burgers!

Updated:  Check out the BSI Mango Recap at Nutmeg Nanny. 😀

Next weeks hostess:  Veronica from Recipe Rhapsody – she chose . . . cream cheese!

36 thoughts on “Cooking For Two

  1. I know what you mean by old cookbooks, such history and memories the have.

  2. I love old books like that too and what a wise saying. We do have to work doubly hard to keep that balance. Working hard here on market things but kids still expecting dinner, being run to their activites, laundry, etc. No break for me here. Worked til one am yesterday and up at seven and I hear “where’s dinner?” from those kids. Ugh! Moderate oven! That is funny, I see that all the time in those books and it is a guessing game. Also I would see a cube of butter and it means a stick- had to ask my MIL that one. Have a great week. We have to get Tony and Himself together so they can enjoy a cigar! Wish you lived closer! Wait I think hubby is going to Chicago this fall, will find out and maybe I can tag along….

  3. What a treasure to get the old cookbook!

    I can’t wait to be able to grill outside again. Your dinner looks sooo good. I’m going to give the coffee cake recipe a try with the addition of lemon. That’s a great idea. Have a wonderful week! Candace

  4. Love outdoor dinners 🙂 The zucchini rounds like so tasty. And coffee cake…mmm 🙂 Such a special and wonderful treat. My Mom used to have it around every once in a while and I enjoyed digging into it as a kid. We also ate dinner together every night. I hope to continue that with my family….at least as much as we can!

  5. That cookbook is awesome! I love, love, love vintage cookbooks.

    Tell Tony that he’s looking terrific! The picture made me smile.

  6. I love old books, too, and the smell of the library! One reason why I will never get a Kindle. I love to hold the actual book!

    Tony is looking well! Yay, Tony!

    Shoot, I just remembered I owe you a braciole recipe! Ack! Did you still need one?

  7. Awwwww….what an amazing find! I wish I had more stuff like that of my mom’s. 🙂

    Glad you had a nice weekend! Happy Monday, Biz!

  8. I’m distracted noticing that your grass is green. Ours is still ecru!! But, we had a lot of rain overnight and it is warm again today. The crumb cake looks delicious–that’s my favorite texture! Nice photo of Tony and his stinky cigar!!


  9. That crumb cake recipe is so similar to my great-grandmother’s – we call it “Mother Herron’s Coffee Cake” – I’ll have to dig it out and email you the recipe. I used to make it for Christmas mornings until I switched over to a strata-type casserole.

    Tony is looking good! 🙂

    Glad you got some nice backyard BBQing time in.

  10. We so enjoyed our outside time on Saturday too. It was just so nice to have blue skies and sun with moderate temperatures! Tony looks great – you can tell he’s losing weight.

    I have an old cookbook that belonged to my grandmother and lots of the recipes are vague. Always an adventure when I make something out of it.

  11. That’s awesome, especially the excerpt. It’s wild, right – I mean that wasn’t that long ago! So cool that you have the book and were able to make something yummy from it, even without the cooking time!

  12. Old books, especially cookbooks are fun to flip through.

    I’m excited to see your pretzel bun recipe – those are my very favorite type of bun!

  13. That cake looks so good, would love a slice with my coffee right now!

  14. I love old cookbooks, too! I just bought the coolest one as a gift, but nothing is as nice as one with a personal inscription and all those memories. PS: I’m all over that coffee cake recipe. Thanks for posting!

  15. Tony’s face is a riot in that top picture!

    Gotta love those old books! I found a dating book from the 40’s. It was hilarious to me!

  16. I love old cookbooks, too. Some of those recipes are amazing, but others look like so much work. It makes you realize how easy we’ve got things, even when we bake from scratch.

  17. I love old cookbooks too! What a nice heirloom to possess. I also get a kick out of reading stuff from the old days, particularly ads. So many would never fly nowadays.

  18. I love cookbooks too, I read them like novels! I have a serious addiction to them. I tell myself I won’t buy anymore but then I see one and just have to have it!

    As usual your food looks amazing!

  19. one of my fave things to do is page through old cookbooks. sometimes there are some pretty funny recipes!

  20. you guys are grill masters!!!

  21. I have a cookbook from my Grandmother that [and I kid you not] has chapterS on how to instruct your maid and housekeeper. I find it hysterical because no one in my family ever had either [too poor]. It has all these tips about entertaining, recipes that I don’t think we could even find ingredients for anymore, advice [that is so funny]. I love the book just for it’s entertainment value.

  22. OOPS I forgot to say Tony is looking great! And you have a lovely wine smile on your face 🙂

  23. It’s nice to have that cookbook to remember a little family history by. Time sure have changed, though!

  24. Looks like a great weekend! And I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who puts ice in my wine!!
    I love old books….They always smell awesome!

  25. The coffee cake looks yummy! The best part about this weather? Opening the windows and doors and letting the fresh air in. My cats were so happy sitting in the window hearing the birds chirp 🙂

  26. what an awesome book! I love how the two are all dressed up at dinner….hehe…do you think ppl back then really did dress up for dinner? I cannot imagine cooking and baking in a dress and heals a la June Clever! haha

    We had a terrific Sunday weather wise, and I think my husband, the boys and I got a weeks worth of outdoor work done in one day! Geesh! I was all set to grill…but then lost my umph, so we went out instead! Soooo steaks are going to get grilled ( maybe if it doesn’t rain) outside today OR in on the grill pan. I prefer outside!

    congrats on your sticker…I just read your post before this one. Yup…all about the stickers! haha

  27. That preface is too funny! Good thing the coffee cake recipe looks so good… it makes the book relevant despite the dated outlook.

  28. I LOVE old cookbooks too!!! I found one not long ago, it was a Betty Crocker “party” cookbook from the early 50’s. Each type of party had a chapter, and the one that cracked me up was “A Gay Picnic”. I showed it to my friend Gary, who is gay and his comment was “I don’t need a cookbook for that!”. So funny!!! Love the shots of your outdoor dinner. Have a great day Biz!

  29. DiningAndDishing

    I absolutely adoreeee coffee cake – definitely one of my favorite desserts. Books (or anything) with a history like that are just so special :).

    – Beth @

  30. I love old cookbooks!!!
    That coffee cake recipe looks identical to the one I make (handed down from my Grandma, circa 1960’s).

  31. I have a few of my mom’s old cookbooks….it’s fun looking through them. I haven’t actually made anything from that yet. Will have to get on that!

  32. I love to buy old cook books and make some of the recipes, the cake looks oh so yummy. We also did a family dinner every night of the week, the only way out was if you were old enough and had to work.

  33. I love cookbooks! Old, new, whatever. I love them!

  34. You look so classy with your wine! I love eating outside- I need to set up the patio again!

  35. I love that…”in a moderate oven” – whaaat? 🙂

    Here’s a crab queso recipe I love…maybe this one will make me a winner!

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