Best Chicken Tacos!

It’s funny because at work, I am extremely organized.  If you need to find one piece of paper, I am the one to find it.  Tony always jokes with me that I leave my organizational skillz at work and they don’t make it on the drive home. 😀

I’ve spent the last few days organizing at work, and it’s funny, I think “I wonder if Hannah would organize it this way?”   I will admit I am tired when I come home, but in a good way.  And I forgot to tell you guys that our dishwasher broke . . . the Thursday before Easter!  And I have told you that I am the queen of using every dish, utencil, etc., while cooking, but I’ll tell you, since having to hand wash all the dishes, I am getting to become a cleaner cook – just the swift kick in the ass I needed.  (But we’ll have our new dishwasher by Saturday at the latest!).

I went to the gym yesterday morning with the intent of doing laps, but the pool was too Bizzy.  I ended up getting the therapy pool to water jog with aqua dumbells.  It was really hard – I jogged and did upper body for a full 30 minutes – my arms were so tired by the end and I was actually sweating. 

I kinda look like this, except without the footies :

Right next to me were some old people like this:

I told Tony that I was giving the old people the evil eye if they tried to get into my space. 😀  Kidding, I am a very nice to old people. 😀

I had prepared my food the night before, but by the time I got back home from the gym, I literally needed to leave in 1o minutes.  Got all my stuff together, even had time to make coffee 😀 and realized half way to work that I forgot my camera.  So while my tacos were leftovers today, the picture below is from when I made them over the weekend.

You didn’t miss much for breakfast – just a typical egg sammie – I stole this picture off of Google.   With my egg, ham, cheese, bread and apple, breakfast was 8 points.

Tony was flipping through the channels on Saturday and he stopped it on America’s Test Ktichens to have me watch how they made chicken tacos.  The first word I heard was “chipotle peppers” which meant I was in, Tony was out.  So while I made taco seasoning chicken tacos for Tony and Hannah, they missed out on the best chicken tacos I’ve ever had – I literally had to stop myself from taking more chicken out of the bowl!

America’s Test Kitchen’s Chicken Soft Tacos

  • makes 6 servings (calories for chicken mixture only) each 4 oz. serving: 210 calories, 4.9 fat, 3.5 carbs, 35 protein, 1 fiber – 5 PointsPlus


  • 1 teaspoon canola oil
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 teaspoons minced canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
  • 3/4 cup chopped cilantro, divided
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1.5 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 teaspoon yellow mustard (in my opinion brought the whole sauce together)
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • flour, corn, or tostadas of your choice
  • any desired toppings, tomatoes, cheese, etc.

Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat until shimmering.  Stir in the garlic and chipotles and cook, stirring constantly, until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Stir in 1/2 cup of the cilantro, Worcestershire and orange juice.

Nestle the chicken breasts into the skillet and bring to a simmer, cover, reduce heat to medium-low, and cook until the thickest part registeres 160-165 degrees, about 12 – 18 minutes, flipping halfway through.

Remove the chicken from the pan and transfer to a cutting board.  Shred into bite-sized pieces using 2 forks.  Continue to simmer the sauce over medium heat until it starts to reduce, about 5 minutes.

Remove from heat, whisk in the mustard and remaining cilantro.  Stir in the chicken and season with salt and pepper to taste.  Serve with tortillas and desired toppings.

I can’t describe what a unique flavor this is – it’s slightly sweet because of the orange juice, but then you get the tang of the mustard at the end and the brightness of the fresh cilantro.  This one is a keeper – for me.  And actually when I was packing my lunch I thought how much my old WW buddies would have loved this lunch. 😦  

The other thing missing from this picture is the “refried” beans I made.  I thought I had refried beans, but I didn’t so I drained a can of cannelli beans, put it in a small sauce pan with 1 4 oz. can of green chilis.  I heated it for about 10 minutes on low heat, then used a potato masher and mashed it up – it looked like baby food, but it was so good!

I was able to use my free gym pass at lunch yesterday though – so I did 2.75 miles in 35 minutes, all while watching Pregnant and 16 on MTV.  I think every teenager should watch that show – it’s so sad seeing these super young girls having to grow up so fast when they have a baby.  Hell, it made me grow up when I had Hannah and I was 23!

We have so much leftover ham, I am trying to find ways to use it up.  I asked Tony what he had for lunch and he was like “I had a ham sandwich.”   Rats.  I thought he wouldn’t be up for having ham for dinner, because I found a recipe I wanted to make.  Cheesey Baked Penne from RecipeGirl.  I copied her recipe pretty much verbatim, except I reduced the provolone cheese and Parmesan cheese down to 1/2 a cup each instead of a full cup.  And I didn’t bake it – Tony doesn’t like baked pasta, and it looked perfect the way it was – and this literally took about 15 minutes to put together.

When I told him what I was going to make he was all over it – he loves ham and peas. 😀  I made this 6 servings since its so rich, it comes out to be 390 calories, 13.8 fat, 45 carbs, 1.4 fiber and 2.6 grams of protein, or 10 PointsPlus.

I did end up adding some pasta water to the sauce – I didn’t want a cheese sauce, but rather the sauce to just coat the pasta – this was pure comfort in a bowl. 😀

I have to tell you though I was hungry a lot yesterday.  I think I added about 10 points in extras because I was so hungry – a handful of peanuts, a piece of cheese and ham while making dinner, crackers and cheese after dinner.  I think maybe I need to add more protein?

It’s Wednesday so its . . . Hanging With Hannah! 😀  We are going to go to the gym and swim and then pick up Chipotle and probably come back and watch American Idol.  😀

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 41 points
  • 30 minute water jogging
  • 40 minute treadmill jogging (2.75 miles)
  • average blood sugar 151

Happy Wednesday!😀  Make it a great day!

33 thoughts on “Best Chicken Tacos!

  1. 16 & Pregnant is one of those shows I can’t NOT watch because it’s such a trainwreck, but it worries me how much they glam up teen pregnancy by having the Teen Mom spinoff and magazine covers etc!

    Mmm, your eats look sooo tasty!

  2. I’ve made those before, the orange juice/mustard/worcestershire mixture with the tacos. I loved it! I think I called it tangy chicken fajitas on my blog or something like that. They were awesome.

    Love your water workout! I so wish I had a pool nearby that I could do that!

  3. I have got to make those tacos! You know me…big fan of America’s Test Kitchen…for the most part, I love all of the recipes I have made of theirs and some are well….just absolutely OVER THE TOP good! Sometimes I wonder if so many other cookbooks actually MAKE the recipes before they publish them to a cookbook.

    I wish I could find a pool to work out in….I think I would love water jogging!

    Always be nice to old people, because one thing is for sure….we will ALL be old people one day! lol

  4. Those chicken tacos sound very good, love the chipotles!

  5. oh no! I hope the dishwasher gets fixed quick! I hand wash a good deal, but I throw ALL of our glasses in the dish washer. Love that thing. Glad you got in a good water workout. I need to get back in the pool for some laps. The tacos look AMAZING. And I really enjoy homemade refried beans, its nice to know what goes in them. Have fun tonight with Hannah! Jealous of the Chipotle

  6. These sound amazing! Had to laugh at the mental image of you staring down the pool geezers. 🙂

  7. The old people in the pool made me laugh! I used to do water aerobics and thought it was fun!

  8. Yum! You know, when I get super hungry, it’s usually because I have PMS. Those days, I just don’t fight it and I eat more.

  9. Yess!! That pool workout is fun & makes ya sweat! 🙂 hehe You go girl!

    The tacos look so good…so does the pasta!!!

  10. I was considering a baked potato for breakfast [weird, I know…but hey!] but now I think I want your pasta. YUM!

  11. Pool workouts are so much harder than people think! I aqua-jogged in my parents’ pool the summer before last and it really firmed me up! Sadly, they sold their house to move into an active 55 community, so no more pool 😦 Well, they do have a pool in the community, but the old people give you the stink eye if you get in it 😉

  12. Before we bought our house 5 years ago, I’d never had a dishwasher so every holiday was consumed by me at the sink trying to clean up! Now that I’ve had one, I tell Mr. Helen all the time that it’s one of my favorite appliances and if it ever goes down, there’s no option, it must be replaced ASAP!

    That pasta and ham dish looks sooooooo good. I may have to buy some ham just to try it!

  13. That chicken taco recipe is really, really good. Its actually from Cook’s Country( a publication of Americas test kitchen). I made them when the mag first came out. Thanks for reminding me about them again. Did you ever announce who won your cheese contest?

    • Thank you for the reminder Randi! With all my work drama, I completely forgot about it – I plan on doing a giveaway winner post on Saturday – 😀

  14. Jake jokes with me that I leave my patience at work, just like you leave your organizational skills LOL.

    Those chicken tacos sound great! I love the OJ and mustard flavors… so different but super tasty!

  15. Yum! Cinco de Mayo’s right around the corner….perhaps dinner shall be chicken soft tacos! 🙂

  16. OMG those look delish! i would probably put a ton of jalapeno peppers on mine!

  17. copied and pasted – the tacos sound amazing!!

    That’s so funny – i’m 50/50 – sometimes I like the crunch I get from baked pasta but sometimes it’s almost too dry for me.

    The ‘water jogging’ looks hard! Sweating? In a pool? Wow! I love the pic below it- so cute – I like the aquatics oldies. 🙂

  18. The aquafit picture cracked me up!!! I have 8 more “punches” on my prepaid aquafit card which I refuse to waste, but once they’re done, my days of waving my floating noodle around in the pool will be OVER! 🙂 Maybe I’ll replace those workouts with aquajogging!!! Have a great Hang with Hannah day Biz. (and as always, your meals look YUM!)

  19. I found my blog post for those. I made them all the way back in July of 2009!

    And, I guess that’s why we are twins, because I said they were the best chicken taco’s I’ve ever had too!! 🙂

  20. Chicken tacos sound delicious. I actually had a different version of chicken tacos last night. Mixed shredded chicken with cream of chicken soup and rotel tomatoes. So good.

  21. I love 16& Preg and Teen Mom. I don’t get how the media thinks it’s “glorifying” teen pregnancy. They show some serious trials and tribulations on that show. It’s definitely made ME think about having my 1st kid and I’m 26 and about to be married!

    I love the pool exercises! If I had regular access to a pool I think I’d do those all the time!

  22. I have Mexican chicken cooking in my crock pot for tacos for tonight! Your recipe looks intriguing with the addition of orange juice and I absolutely love chipotle peppers!

    I have an Aqua Jogger to use in our pool and I’m just waiting for it to get warm enough so I can use it! It’s a great workout and so easy on the joints.

  23. Biz, I don’t know why, but your post had me giggling this morning! I’m totally going to make those tacos…sometimes I want something other than the typical ground beef taco and I think Dave would actually eat these!

  24. I so have to make those Chicken Tacos…I LOVE Chicken tacos…and have never made them at home.

  25. Oh, that pasta seriously looks amazing! And I’m sad that Tony and Hannah didn’t get to enjoy those tacos with you! They look amazing!

  26. I’ve been a food beast the last few days. I’m starting to think it’s “lady issues” coming to visit a little early. Regardless, I’ll blame them anyway! Those chicken tacos sound delish! Hope date night is fabulous!

  27. That pasta looks delish!
    I’ve never gotten into 16 & Pregnant – I’ve watched a few episodes but it doesn’t draw me in like some of the other reality shows I’m hooked on.

  28. These ARE the best tacos EVER! Made them for cinco de mayo tonight – AMAZING. Thanks for sharing another great recipe!

  29. […] Best Chicken Tacos.  I had completely forgotten about this one, but it will quickly be back on the lunches I make […]

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