It’s Finally Happened and Pizza Fail

Yep, it’s taken 25 years, but they have finally caught me.  I’ve never even received a notice to be a juror until a few weeks ago.  I had to fill out a questionnaire and send it back.  I didn’t think anything of it until I got that in the mail.  It is to be a juror on a “petit” trial, which could last up to a week!

They probably saw that I was a legal secretary and wanted my legal opinions. 😀  Hopefully I get excused the first day – my new job is too busy to be out that long.

Tony gave me the idea for breakfast – I used some of the smoked beef from the other night and made a beef hash with a fried egg on top – I haven’t figured out my points for yesterday yet, buy my guess is breakfast is around 10 points.

I got in another walk at lunch – walking has been my only exercise this week – it will be intersting to see how my weigh in is tomorrow.  For lunch – more beef leftovers!  This time in the form of a wrap – its 3 ounces of sliced beef, lettuce, 1/2 ounce of cheese and a good tablespoon of tzatziki sauce.  With strawberries on the side – my guess is lunch is 8 points.

When I got home it was pizza time!  I asked Hannah to turn the oven to 500 and put the baking stone in the oven, as well as take out the pizza dough that had now been in my fridge for 48 hours.  It had to come to room temperature before cooking.

When I walked in the door, I saw smoke – meaning its time to clean out my oven!  I actually have a clean cycle on my oven and I think I’ve used it twice?  Anyway, I don’t see the dough – I ask Hannah where it is and she’s like “its on the counter.”  Um, she took out the leftover gnocchi dough from the other night -my dough was still in the fridge.  It maybe sat out for about 15 minutes before I had to get moving.

Since my commute is longer, I sometimes don’t get home until six – I was surprised that the dough hardly rose at all.

I went ahead and rolled it out – Hannah and I had a sausage, pepperoni, green pepper, tiny diced mushroom and spinach pizza.

The crust was gross – had no texture at all – slightly chewy.  I was mad.  I love pizza.  I could have it every day and never get sick of it.  It’s been about TWO WEEKS since I had any, and upon first bite, declared this pizza an epic fail.  But, because I have a loving family both Tony and Hannah were like “its not that bad!”  Hannah even said that she really liked it – but I love you Hannah, but you think Domino’s pizza is delicious! 😀  Back to the drawing board on that one – all I know is that whole wheat flour will never been in my pizza dough again.

Then Hannah and I were off to Goodwill!  It had rained during dinner, but the drive over was pretty.

I found a couple pairs of pants, a new purse and some brand new slip on shoes – I’ll do a fashion show in tomorrows WI post. 😀  But this is quite possibly the worst t-shirt I’ve ever seen.

the "woman" looks like a hairy gorilla!

 We stopped at DQ on the way home – I bought a box of these – they are quite big and 190 calories each – again, I haven’t figured out the points, but I think it will be around 5?

This week went by really fast for me!  Happy its Friday. 😀  Off to get ready for work – have a great day!

Question of the Day:  Have you ever actually been a juror on a trial before?  Tony has!


36 thoughts on “It’s Finally Happened and Pizza Fail

  1. Did I ever tell you that I worked as a legal secretary for about 10 years throughout my 20s and early 30s? I think you’ll find a way to get out of jury duty! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sorry about the pizza fail. It is disappointing when you have your heart set on something and it turns out not-so-great. The picture of the shirt made me laugh. It took me a while to even figure out that the blob was supposed to be a woman!

  3. So here’s my .02 on the whole wheat pizza dough: I’ve never had it work successfully unless I made it fresh and let it rise twice. Whenever I’ve refrigerated it and/or froze it then tried to use it, well, it just fell flat. I’ve also had more success by using Hodgson Mill Yeast – they make one especially for whole grains.

    I’ve been called for jury duty 3 times. Twice I was excused and the other time I was chosen but the case settled before we had to serve. I’ve been off the rotation for a couple of years and I hope it stays that way!

  4. oh no! I got called into jury duty once, but we were let go half way through the day. Hopefully the same will happen for you! Your breakfasts always look amazing. Bummer about the pizza fail, but hooray for a supportive family. Josh is the same way. If I make something I think is terrible, he’ll usually say no no, its not bad…its just a one time make haha. Have a WONDERFUL weekend 🙂

  5. I have advice for you on the jury thing…

    Do not bathe, do not shave your armpits or legs for your entire lifetime, wear a sleeveless stained short sun dress and you will be picked and seated next to me for a three day (same dress each day) trial.

    Sorry about the dough thing. Whole wheat is tricky. I add 1/2 a cup to one of my recipes and it works terrific… Adds a little extra crispness to the crust, especially if you do a thicker Sicilian style pizza.

    And you know we are always more critical of our food than those that love us.

  6. Sorry the pizza didn’t turn out Biz!

    And of course you know not only have I been on one jury – but two! Glad it’s your turn I think I should be done for my life.

    And…Claire won her first softball game last night!

  7. Sorry about the pizza dough fail. I actually like Domino’s too. It’s by no means my favorite, but their Pacific veggie is pretty good, and their pizza has improved over the last few years.

    I have been a juror. I went through jury selection (but never made it up to the box) for trials on the death of a baby during childbirth and sexual assault. I actually WAS a juror on a trial about fish. Big vegetable truck meets fire hydrant, blows cold chlorinated water into the koi store next door = a lot of dead fish.

    It was our job to decide how much the fish was worth (the insurance company of the produce company agreed to pay, they could not agree on an amount). Answer: $367,500. It was 1.5 weeks long.

  8. sorry about the jury duty. I got called once, and excused the first day. Hopefully that will happen to you.

    ugh about the pizza dough. I’ve never done this, but I think if you would add a bit of that vital wheat gluten flour to your whole wheat pizza dough you might get better results. It is wonderful at helping leaven dough with the heaviness of whole wheat…and it would help make the crust chewy…which is a good thing with pizza dough!

    have a great weekend and a wonderful Mom’s day, Biz!

  9. I was called & selected as soon as I turned 18. It was for a drug bust and the guy sold to an undercover cop. The guilty guy was staring at me and his family was there as I had to stand up adn say that I agreed with the rest of the jury that he was guilty. I cried. His family cried….it was sad. Come on people, I was 18!!! 😦 I was dismissed on 9/11 due to the circumstances & last year I was dismissed after spending all day in a hard plastic chair. From now on I will get a doctors note…I can’t sit that long!

    I hate a bad pizza….booo! But your other EATS look FANTASTIC! 🙂

  10. Sorry about the pizza, what a bummer. I have had a few dinner fails this week myself.

    I was on a jury for two weeks once. I was picked in the first group to get questioned, then picked to stay. A messy drunk driving accident that involved a three way lawsuit; bar, driver, victim. It was crazy but was also an interesting eye opening experience. It was funny becuase another juror on the trial lived just a few blocks from me at the time.

  11. Knock on wood I’ve never been called for jury duty (and hope I don’t ever!).
    I always struggle with WW pizza dough, too. The texture is just never right. I don’t get it.

  12. I was chosen for jury duty once – I had to go in for selection three days in a row for three different trials as I was not picked for the first or the second. On the third day they booted me and as I was leaving the nice Sheriffs deputy said – “Oh you weren’t pick again, eh.” I responded “Nope.” And he explained “Well it is because you are dressed too nice.”

    I had on a dress, pantyhose, heels and make up each day [what I would wear to church] and that was TOO nice? Jeesh, what is the world coming to. I really wanted to be on jury duty too.

    I have no advice on how to get out of it except, perhaps a ball gown & tiara?

  13. total hairy gorilla! haha

    Love the shirt – me and my husband are both half irish so I know he’d get a kick out of it!

    I get summoned a lot – but always get ‘the call’ the night before saying don’t bother. Which is nice because my county is 80+ miles long and I live at the top/northside and it would take me 1.5 hours in traffic to get to the dang capital – eek!

    Your beef leftovers/wrap looks AWESOME!

  14. I’ve come close but was never chosen for a jury. It was interesting the first few times but I’m over it now – having to drive, park, listen to lawyers – ugh. Of course, that’s your everyday work, so it will be familiar to you, lol! It will be interesting to see if they choose you, considering your profession.

    Sad face on the pizza fail. Nothing is so bad as bad pizza. Ooh, I feel like a philosopher this morning! I should put that on a t-shirt. 😉

  15. I have had to report for jury duty multiple times but only ended up being selected as a juror once on a drug case. It was about 2 years ago and the trial lasted for 3 days and it was very interesting but I have no desire to serve ever again! It was also quite stressful.

    I have used the whole wheat pizza dough recipe from Eating Well with good results.

  16. Hi there –
    Sorry your pizza crust did not turn out! 😦 My advice for making wheat pizza crust would be the following:

    — use half bread flour and half white whole wheat flour (while whole wheat flour has exactly the same nutrition as regular whole wheat flour, but tastes a LOT more like white flour).
    –add vital wheat gluten – start with 1 tsp per cup of whole wheat flour and up that the next time if needed.

    The extra gluten from both using the bread flour and from adding the vital wheat gluten should help a lot with texture issues.

  17. I’ve been called for jury duty twice; the first time I changed my residence before the date occurred (sheer coincidence in timing, I swear!) and the second time I got dismissed because it was a methamphetamine case, and I was the manager of a drug abuse research center. Booyah! haha.

  18. I’ve never even been called for jury duty. I have no idea how that hasn’t happened, especially when I was living in Massachusetts. They were notorious for having college students (which I was when I first moved there) as jurors and somehow I never got called in the 5 years I lived there after college either. Go figure.

    It hasn’t happened in the 1 year since I’ve been living in Illinois either. I cannot decide if I am happy or sad about that. But let’s go with happy, it doesn’t seem like much fun and it’s not like the work from my regular day job would go away.

  19. To bad about the pizza. We’ve had our fails too but you know what, daycare eats it anyways. YUCK!!!
    I did jury duty once, a property dispute. I was 9 month pregnant with Mike and had a slight cold but they still picked me.
    Try not to worry about it. It’ll be a learning experience if you’re choosen.
    Take care and God Bless!! Have a great weekend.

  20. Pre- stay at home mom days, I worked for an attorney, hands down my favorite and best job ever! I still miss it!!! I always wanted to be called for jury duty, but i’m hoping it doesn’t happen anytime soon now 😉 Too lazy to spend all day in Court!
    Bummer on the pizza 😦

  21. CheckBounced

    I was called for jury duty. Had to sit through the whole selection process – 3 days worth. Then they were going to sequester whoever they picked. I was OH NO! Had a 3 year old and was a single mom. That might not work for me. Well then I was dismissed since the Doctor who was one of the witness in the trial actually delivered my son.

    Bring lots of reading material in case you are sitting for a long time.

  22. Weighting For 50

    Hi Biz, I’ve never been called to jury duty! Geez, I hope I don’t curse myself by typing that….
    DARN about the pizza, but yay for the thrift store finds! Can’t wait to see them! Have a good Friday!

  23. I’ve been called to jury duty 3 times since living here. And of course it’s in some nasty ass part of ghetto south side. Each time I call up and say that I’m out of town and can’t make it.

  24. I got called once, went and spent all morning there while they picked the jurors…but, thankfully once they found out my husband is a cop, they sent me packing!

  25. I was called for jury duty once. Sat there for 2 hours then was dismissed. Glad to have done my civic duty! 😀 My husband has been called twice and he was selected the second time. The case was interesting, but it still made for a long week. Hope yours is painless! Try practicing your facial ticks and declaring your love for Donald Trump! That may be just the amount of crazy to get you out! 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  26. Jury duty could be fun! Maybe? Possibly? Well, hopefully interesting. I got called for jury duty when my son was about a month old. I laughed and laughed… and turned in my exception fast!

    You are eating some delicious looking food! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  27. ah, bummer on the pizza! i hate it when that happens, especially when you’ve really been looking forward to it.

    i’ve been summoned to jury duty like 100 times, but rarely actually have to go in. good luck!

    must. find. dilly bars.

  28. The roast beef wrap looks great…no wrap for me though as I attempt to be as gluten free as possible. I love just the lettuce and the beef though.

    I was selected to go for jury duty, but after one torturous day and being the first one picked out of the hat (no idea what they used) they didn’t want me. Yay!

  29. No jury duty for me yet, yayy!

    My pizza dough is usually half white whole wheat & half AP…. Sorry your dough was a fail!

  30. Bummer about the dough. I’ve had mixed results when I make pizza dough a day or so in advance and keep it in the refrigerator. I’ve been adding Vital Wheat Gluten to the whole wheat breads I make in my bread machine (with very good results) ever since I saw this recipe in “Clean Eating Magazine”:

    Jury duty: Ugh! They are horribly unorganized in Fremont County, Colorado… I’ve lived here 19 years and have gotten about 10 notices to report. In our county, you call the courthouse on the telephone the night before you are scheduled for jury duty to see if you actually need to show up and I’ve had to go four or five (maybe more)times in 19 years. They always send me home as I work in law enforcement which much mean I am horribly jaded! Ha, ha!

    Hey, I graduated from High School in 1986, too! Love your sister’s lacy looking dress in the prom photo… uh, that’s so “Madonna”!

    Love your blog! I’ve been trying lots of your soups and they are fantastic! I have all sorts of folks I know who are now making your Buffalo Chicken Chili after I’ve told them how great it is!

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