Corky Goes Swimming!

My bagel Wednesday wasn’t as good as it could have been.  First reason – I bought the bagel the night before, and it was kind of dry by the morning.  And second, I forgot the zucchini eggs I made in the microwave, and didn’t realize it until I got to work.  Luckily, we had leftover light veggie cream cheese in the fridge at work.  😀

On the side I had strawberries and banana – love that combo.  Breakfast comes in at 10 points.

I found a new walking route from my office.  My office is on a busy road, but all around it is residential/farm land and this giant church complex called Willowcreek.  This church is so huge that on Sunday mornings, they have police handle the traffic.  Well I found out I can walk a big loop around the church – it took me 55 minutes and there were hardly any cars – a much safer route than what I was walking.

I’ve been trying to be mindful of my veggie and fruit intake – I’ve got the fruit covered, but still need to add more veggies, so for lunch yesterday I made a tofu stif fry with 6 oz tofu, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, tablespoon of unsalted peanuts and two clementines that I added after I reheated the stirfry – I loved the citrus in this tofu.  Lunch comes in at 9 points.

I’ve been seeing buffalo wings everywhere lately.  While I had originally planned to grill the wings, we had a HUGE thunderstorm last night that started just around 5:00.  The kind where it gets pitch black and when you have your windshield wipers on as fast as they go, but the rain is still coming down too fast.

So I decided to use the deep fryer – my wings raw were 8 ounces – never sure how to count the points for them, but I am putting my dinner plate at 10 points – does that sound about right?

I goofed up.  I thought the Bridesmaid movie was called Something Borrowed, but I guess that movie has Kate Hudson in it and it sucks ass and didn’t get good reviews at all.  The Bridesmaid movie doesn’t come out until this Friday, so next Wednesday we’ll see it – I’ll let you know how it is next week. 😀

So the storms passed and Hannah and I went to the gym to swim.  While we swam for 45 minutes, 15 minutes were spent goofing off, doing somersalts and trying to come up with a cool name if we ever decided to start a two person synchronized swimming team.  😀

But 30 minutes of swimming is hard – I was telling Hannah I could probably walk for half a day but once I get into a pool I realize still how out of shape I am.

I keep telling Tony that my swimming is getting better.  When we first got together, I still had a fear of my head going under the water.  His parents had a pool in their house and one time my step-son Joe came up from behind me and dunked me and I got all freaked out.  I used to wear these big goggles they had, and the nickname “Corky” emerged that day for me – so every time I got in the water it was like “Corky’s going swimming!”

Fast forward a few years from that in 2006 I told Tony I wanted to do a triathlon.  It was a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride and a 5k.  I joined a gym near my office then that had a pool and became an okay swimmer.  Tony kept saying “you can’t put your foot down in a lake!” 

The open water did freak me out a bit, but I was going strong, until about 3/4 through I flipped on my back to back stroke and some lady swam right into me, and I went under the water – I didn’t see it coming.  A lifeguard brought me a noodle to compose myself – when I went to hand it back, he was like “keep it.”  And I did!  The look on Tony’s face when he saw me come out of the water was priceless!

So here is what Corky looks like – I love that Hannah left the flash on for this one – it’s like I am a retarded shining star!

After our swim we finished it off in the hot tub for 10 minutes – so relaxing, although Hannah is convinced the hot tub smells like urine when we go in.  Thank goodness I have no sense of smell. 😀

On the way home we stopped by Yums – Hannah’s friend was working, so I had her weigh my yogurt – it was 3.5 ounces of no sugar added cheesecake, and then I put fresh fruit in it – on eTools it comes in at 5 points.

Then we watched American Idol – while Hannah doesn’t really like the show that much, Lady Gaga was the mentor last night and Hannah is gaga over Gaga.  I can’t stand Scotty the country singer, not only because I hate most country music, but I can’t stand the way he tilts his head and holds the microphone.  I bet its Lauren who wins it all. 😀

Stats for Wednesday:

  • 41 points, including yums and a couple glasses of wine
  • 55 minute walk at lunch
  • 30 minute swim
  • average blood sugar 132
  • 23 flex points left and 18 activity points earned so far this week

Tony fixed our computer yesterday – he said it needed a power supply, which I thought meant the power strip on the floor – I know nothing about computers!  So yesterday I had to use Hannah’s laptop, which I have a hard time using.  Not only is the computer fixed, it is super fast again!  Thanks Tony!

I am off to figure out what to fix for breakfast and lunch – for some reason I had Thursday blank.  Have a great Thursday!


27 thoughts on “Corky Goes Swimming!

  1. OMG the picture of you in the goggles almost made me pee in my pants!!!

  2. Mmm, I wish we had froyo places like that! Yum 🙂

    Looks like you & Hannah had a great evening together!

  3. OK, how much do I love the idea of Cheesecake Yogurt with fruit on it! No Yums around here though so I’ll have to see if I can find a substitute…

    I’m just the opposite of you: I need to work on fruit. In fact I’ve often thought that if I could get myself to be better with fruit, I’d want sweet less.

    Not only are you the second blog I read everyday, you are the first on the days Shelley doesn’t blog 🙂

  4. Swimming is just different. When I was running 1/2 marathons, I switched to swimming because of injury, and I couldn’t swim a few lengths of the pool without getting out of breath (and not just because I was afraid of the water). So just because you can’t swim 30 mins DOESN’T mean you are out of shape, it means you are out of SWIMMING shape.

  5. I want Lauren to win too! She is so adorable and sweet!!! Glad you found a new walking route- that is awesome. And how yummy does your lunch stir fry look? Fruit adds that special something to veggie dishes. Glad you two enjoyed your swim. This had me laughing out loud: “trying to come up with a cool name if we ever decided to start a two person synchronized swimming team.” hahaha awesome! Frozen yogurt! We’re going tomorrow night and I can’t wait.

  6. Bahaha I can’t stop laughing at that picture! I’ve really missed reading your blog!

  7. A retarded shining star? That’s nice. That’s a pretty offensive thing to say.

    • I agree.. i get the corky joke because of the goggles.. but the “retarded shining star” is kinda harsh.

      Heck, even LeBron James apologized for saying “that’s retarded”..

      • Biz is only human. I’m sure you are guilty of saying things that can be viewed as offensive because you too, are human. I know I am 🙂

      • I wasn’t super offended to the point where I wouldn’t read her blog anymore. I just don’t like when people post a picture of themselves looking silly, or doing something dumb, and then referring to themselves as a “retard”.

  8. You scared me :whimper: I keed, I keed. I had to laugh – that is a wicked pic’.

    Fruit. Fruit. Fruit. I am craving fresh fruit. But we won’t get back to the farmer’s market until Sunday. booo!

    Hope you are having a great day 😀 Say hi to Tony & Hannah for me.

  9. You are hilarious! I’m going to see Bridesmaids tomorrow night and will let yo know how it is. Entertainment Weekly gave it an A…and they are stingy with the good grades! Your wings look good…I bet 10 pts is appropriate! And I want some of that stir-fry!

  10. Glad to hear you found a safe walking route!! The stirfry looks delicious… I love citrus in my stirfrys, too!

  11. Cheesecake yogurt? Yes, please! I have a hard time getting my veggies in too. Sometimes I think if they were sweet like fruit, it’d be a lot easier!

  12. I remember Corky from that show, but can’t even remember what the show was called! You are tooooo cute in those goggles. Sounds like you and Hannah had a great time together. Good for your for fitting in more veggies!

  13. Good to know Something Borrowed isn’t supposed to be good, it looked cute from the previews to me so I was actually considering seeing it.

  14. I really need to work on my swimming too. I just signed up for the Danskin Triathlon again this year. I want to swim another open water tri with the extra support until I’m fully comfortable. Then maybe 1/2 Ironman! 😛

    Glad you found a new and safer walking route! It also gives you another option should that route get old after awhile.

    Happy almost Friday!!!

  15. I’m glad I’m not the only one who posts funny pictures of myself!! Ha!
    That bagel looks delicious – I’ve been craving them like mad lately.

  16. Hi Biz, the new walking route sounds FANTASTIC!!! Love the shining star picture!! You absolutely ARE that Biz. (and not a retarded one!!!!) Have a great day!!!

  17. haha Corky is my dog’s name. And I love the retarded shining star pic!!! So freaking funny! Mmm now you have me in the mood for wings. I may have to coerce J and my dad into wanting them too! 😉

  18. I think it’s great that you’ve worked through your fear of the water and keep on swimming. And the picture is priceless! 🙂

    I’ve been just catching up on your older posts, and I hope the health insurance situation is getting resolved. We are in some very uncertain times ourselves right now, and not having health insurance is one of my biggest fears. When I went back to grad school, I had to get some very expensive, and very lousy, insurance for the teenager and myself since I didn’t have a full-time job at the time. It’s scary.

    Your froyo looks great!

  19. I too have a bit of a fear of water! I learned how to swim as a kid but for some reason as an adult I am afraid of deep water!

    Love all the good eats you had.

  20. The competitor in me wants to start posting every day just so Helen will have a dilemma… 😉

    I burst out laughing at your Corky picture. I keep thinking I should bring my camera to my pool workouts, but haven’t had the nerve. You look pretty cute!

    Agree with you on how hard swimming actually is compared with, say, walking. I had no idea, but three days in a row and my arms are TIRED.

    Hope you are having an excellent day – we are getting your thunder storms today.

  21. love reading about the swimming and the new walking route. your tofu lunch looks amazing too…..enjoy your friday!

  22. I was a diver in high school and only had to swim to the side of the pool. Just doing that wore me out! LOVED the pic! So funny!

  23. Ooh, may made my day, Corky! (I was surfing the Net in a really bad mood before I came to your site). My plans on improving my swimming/diving haven’t progressed (well I haven’t bothered doing anything), so how come you make somersaults already!? 🙂

    I refuse to believe that you’re in a poor shape, it must just be the whole body resistance you have in water…

  24. I love chicken wings. Fried or grilled….it’s all delish.

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