Menu Monday

Our weather was so gross this weekend.  Cool, rainy, damp.  After I got back from WW on Saturday morning I did something I haven’t done in ages – I went back to bed!  I got home from WW around 9:45, and went back to bed and woke up at 11:15 – it felt really good. 😀

I always feel like baking whenever it’s chilly outside.  I decided to make a batch of my pumpkin scones for breakfast this week.   I love that each one is only 4 points!

Tony doesn’t like scones so they are all mine. 😀  One thing Tony does love is red beans and rice – and his method could not be simpler.  One box Zataran’s red beans and rice.  1 package of cooked kialbasa.  Combine rice mix according to package directions – add in diced sausage, put it in your rice cooker and press “cook.”  In my mind I was going to soak red beans, make it from scratch.  Um, this was so easy and good, I think I’ll stick with it.  It was cooked in just 45 minutes.

We also brought out the smoker again even though it was so cold!  We finally were able to maintain the temperature around 250 degrees.  On the bottom layer, I made hickory smoked baja fresh salsa – so smokey good!
 My plate: (FYI, I ate 1/2 the turkey on my plate) turkey, mashed potatoes, 1/3 cup gravy and fresh broccoli.  Perfect for a cold spring night.

So what’s on my menu this week?  I spent $96.22 this week at the grocery store.




  • Buffalo Chicken Chili Mac 3 Ways
  • Crock Pot Pot Roast with Carrots and Potatoes
  • Pork chops milanese with caulflower gratin
  • Burgers and Pretzel Rolls with Corn on the Cob
  • Party Pizza Friday – pretty please Tony?! 😀

I am off to the gym.  My goal this week is to hit the gym before work Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  It looks like it might be rainy those days and I am not sure I’ll get my lunch time walk in. 

Look at this cool picture I took with my telephoto lens – it was a full moon last night – it was so bright outside on my deck when I let our dog out.

Hope everyone had a great weekend – anything new on your menu this week?  I am off to swim! 😀


29 thoughts on “Menu Monday

  1. YUM! Pumpkin baked goods are the best. And I fell in love with red beans and rice while camping a while back…I don’t think I’ve ever tried to make them on my own? So tasty! Great menu. I need to make your Zucchini lasagna again

  2. The pumpkin scones sound good. I’ll have one for breakfast. I always feel like baking when it’s cold and crummy too but then I get into trouble as I eat too much. It’s been a rotten, cold May so I’ve GAINED weight! I need to bake less!

  3. LOVE scones! Nothing new this week. My son will be home from college, bringing a friend, so it will be the old standby family favorites.

  4. Your food looks amazing and thanks for the idea about the rice and beans will have to give it a try! Congratulations my friend on being in the 150’s! I’m chasing you hard it is my goal to be in the 150’s again by the end of this month only two pounds away so hopefully I’ll get there:)

  5. I used to make the exact same rice and bean dish when the teenager was little. I bet it would bring back lots of memories if I made it again for him… Love food memories! 🙂

    Your menu sounds great! Nothing new on our menu this week, but I did a lot of pre-cooking, slicing and prepping this weekend, so I hope this week will be stress-free when it comes to food!

    Have a great week!

  6. Yes, we are making Carne Asada tonight.

  7. Wow, that is a cool photo! Glad you still managed to have a good weekend despite the blah weather – we had that here too. My weekend was a combo of relaxing and productive = my favorite!

  8. Noting new on the menu but I brought back an old favorite that we haven’t had in a while: Chicken Shwarma!

  9. Hey Biz!!!! I am so far behind in my blog reading, but I wanted to say congrats on being in the 150’s!!! Whoo hooooo!!!

    Everything sounds delicious for the week ahead! You are gonna love those breakfast bakes! I’ve been hooked on them for the past week! I made a Banana Bread version that is my fave so far :

  10. That picture is so cool! And creepy – love it! K – what is this buffalo chicken chili mac 3 ways?! I’m intrigued – you know I love that stuff!

  11. I love the red beans and rice mix–soooo good! I need to copy you and make some with sausage stat! That turkey dinner looks so good. Kinda funny b/c I had smoked turkey at lunch yesterday and for dinner….a big plate of raw broccoli! I had to eat 0 points because I had a 50 point lunch (Church potluck and way too many good things to choose from that I didn’t choose-took some of everything! haha). I love that crazy cool night photo! It’s so artistic. Your menu plans always make me feel guilty, esp this week since we’re having a gospel meeting (which means Church every night) and I won’t have time to cook anything that takes longer than 15 minutes. I’ve seen those triple oat bakes on Marissa’s blog and now on yours. If you start raving too, I guess I’ll have to break down and make myself one. 🙂

  12. Yay! I’m doing a freezer cleanout this week and have some kielbasa to clean up so I’ll be making red beans and rice this week for sure! Thanks for the idea!

    I don’t bake because I always make such a mess, the results are 50/50, and when it does turn out, I usually inhale what I just made. 😦

  13. I absolutely love Zatarain’s products, especially the red bean and rice mix and the creole seasoning. I usually just cook it in a pot on the stove for 25 and it is done so if you don’t have as much time or want it quicker….

    Awesome picture!!!

    Congrats on the 150’s!!!

  14. Weighting For 50

    What an incredible photo of the moon!!! I howled at it when I saw it. (I’m so silly!!!)

  15. That picture is AMAZING!

    I must try those scones – 4pp is unreal! I had some in my freezer that were 12-14 pp – got rid of those immediately!

  16. Oh my gosh, pumpkin scones are my absolute favorite. That sounds so good right now.
    That picture is amazing!

  17. Love that smoked salsa – sounds totally delicious!! 🙂 (Plus, pumpkin scones – YUM!!)

  18. That pumpkin scone looks so scrumptious, yum!

  19. I feel like I haven’t cooked in ages!! Either my husband isn’t home for dinner or I’m not so I haven’t been cooking. Must change that ASAP!
    I LOVE kielbasa!!!! Looks delicious!

  20. I love scones! So easy to make and so tasty!

    I am a fan of the Zatarain’s jambalaya….I’ll have to try the red beans and rice!

  21. Thanks for the WW encouragement! I followed the plan two years ago and lost 30 pounds. Sadly, I’ve gained all but a few lbs back. I love it because I can still eat my favorites, but I’m forced to be mindful about it. I love toying with recipes and my eats throughout the day to see how much bang I can get for my buck! You can’t beat the free fruit, I agree!

  22. Awesome photo! You should print that one and frame it.

    We had crummy weather over the weekend too so I had a baking fest yesterday and it was fun! I made the most amazing Almond butter chocolate chunk cookie!

  23. Pumpkin scones for breakfast = <3. I'm moving in with you, hope you don't mind 🙂

  24. I wish I was as energetic as you to make all this yummy food. I just make basic food most of the time. I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Wish I would though. I’m going to try to start making your recipes. Thanks!

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