I can(‘t) run!

Tony and I are lucky that we have an awesome GP doctor.  Sadly, he’s leaving his old practice because of the buracracy he endured these last few years – he wasn’t able to practice medicine they way he wanted.

In the letter we got from this doctor group, it offered us about a dozen other doctors to choose from.  Our doctor said that most of these doctors went to medical school in countries that have low standards, and most of them graduated in the bottom of their class.  Case in point one doctor that was suggested.  My friend went to see him because of a wide variety of reasons – and after explaining the symptoms to this doctor, he looked at her and said “when is the last time you went to a movie with your husband?”  He then went on to say all her symptoms were because she worked too hard, and he prescribed rest and relaxation.  Really?!

Tony gave him a call last week, explained our situation with our gap in insurance, and he agreed to see us anyway.  Our appointment was for yesterday morning, but he got side tracked at the hospital, so we are headed over to his office this morning. 😀

When I was trying to figure out what to make for breakfast yesterday, I forgot that I had these mini flat out wraps – two are only 3 points!  So using some leftovers, I made some spinach egg wraps – 2 mini wraps, 1/3 cup refried beans, 1/2 cup egg beaters, 1 cup baby spinach, 3/4 ounce cheese and lots of Frank’s hot sauce.  With a side of unpictured watermelon, breakfast came in at 7 points.

It was a perfect weather day yesterday.  When I left to go on my walk, it was 60 degrees, sunny, nice breeze.  I have a fear of running outside for some reason.  I always think I go out too fast, I convince myself that I am probably breathing too hard, and just stop and walk.  Even though I know I am okay, I still talk myself into stopping.

Well, I had an idea yesterday.  I figured if I walked/jogged far enough, I would have no choice but to run back so that I got back to my office on time.  I walked/slow jogged 2 miles in 25 minutes.  I had 1.5 miles to go to get back to my car, and I just said “run.”   I had my iPod on, I had some faster songs playing, and I felt okay.  Whenever I started to think “I can’t” I literally said out loud “you can!”

Guess what?  I ran 1.5 miles in 15 minutes!  That’s a 10 minute mile pace.  And it felt good.  I ran with my head held high, kept my breathing under control, and just put one foot in front of the other.   Part of my Second Annual 101 Days of Summer Challenge this summer is to run two 5k’s outside – I am feeling more confident about it after yesterdays run!

My lunch was leftovers – a 3 ounce baked potato, 1 cup broccoli, 1 cup of buffalo chicken chili and 3/4 ounce of cheese – this took me forever to eat, and it was 10 points.

When I got home from work, since both Tony and I had late lunches, I decided to do my 30 Day Shred almost as soon as I got home to get it over with.  Tony had to run an errand, so by the time he went and came back, I did the advance (Natalie) side of Level 1 of 30 day shred.  Well, all except the push-ups – I can’t do them all on my toes yet. 😀

And you know what?  I finished Shred at 6:30 and dinner was ready by 7!  😀

I had grilled chicken cordon blue on my menu – perfect grilling weather and this couldn’t be easier.  When I took out the chicken breasts from the package, half of one breast was 11 ounces, so I only cooked one for Tony and I to split.  I actually for once cooked food for just two people!

It’s easy, I just salt and pepper the chicken – cook on one side, and then when you flip it, add a couple slices of ham and swiss cheese.  By the time the second half of the chicken cooks, the cheese will be all melty.

On the side was one zucchini – all for me because Tony isn’t a fan.  I’ve been brushing my zucchini with this sauce – so good – and only 25 calories for a tablespoon, which is plenty.

So dinner was 5.5 ounces of chicken, 1/2 ounce of ham, 3/4 ounces of swiss cheese, one whole grilled zucchini with the spicy thai sauce and 3/4 cup cooked brown rice.  Delicious 12 point dinner.

Did you watch the Biggest Loser finale?  I am not going to spoil it in case some of you still have it on the DVR – but everyone looks great.  But the biggest thing I got out of the finale was that these people never quit.  Yep, it was hard – but hard work shows results.  I can’t tell you how many times, just in the 2 1/2 years since I’ve started this blog, that I am “on” for a few weeks, and then maybe I’ll have more wine, an extra piece of pizza, maybe some cheese and bacon on my fries, and those choices never gave me what I was after.

I have been going strong since about March 1st.  While the weight loss is slow and steady, I’ve lost almost 15 pounds in the last two months, and I haven’t really lost a pound in the last 2 1/2 years!   I have decided that my weight is important, and I am making good choices to get to my goal.

Have I told you that my doctor wants me to be around 125 pounds?  Turns out I am short.  I have 34 pounds to go to lose it, and each day I am going to do my best to reach that goal.

Stats for Tuesday

  • 29 pounds exactly again!  no wine 😀
  • 32 flex points left
  • 14 activity points earned
  • average blood sugar 121

Tonight is another Hanging with Hannah night. 😀   We are going to the gym, finishing off with the hot tub, and then watching last nights episode of American Idol and the finale tonight.  Two season finales of my favorite shows back to back?  Pinch me! 😀

Make it a great day!

28 thoughts on “I can(‘t) run!

  1. Good doctors are hard to find! Josh’s Dad is a doctor and his brother is in Med School. Med School is crazinesssss- I have no idea how people make it through! What a lovely breakfast! A great way to start the day. And you really kicked butt on the workout front! Great job on the run & shred. And your note about short made me laugh. I am super tiny too 🙂

  2. Great job on the running! I am going to put on my injured hat here: be careful, and if it starts to hurt, go to an expert and figure out how to fix it. Don’t just run through it.

    BL finale was awesome. You are right they just quit. My fave did not win, but that particular player continued to lose weight at home at a pretty normal, healthy pace. There are the people that go “balls to the wall”, and the people who are slow and steady. I’d be happy with slow and steady.

    For the last 3 months, I am down 2, up 2, down 2, up 2 every single week. Hubby traveling, work stress, PMS, it is frustrating, but I’m just gonna shut up and get it done.

  3. Good job on the run! And good job on making the right choices for you! 🙂

    Have fun with Hannah!

  4. The same thing happened to me with my doctor. I LOVED him but he left the practice, now I’m stuck with trying to find a new one. Not happy.

    The grilled zucchini looks awesome, it all does!

    Great job on the running! You’ll only get faster!

  5. Great job on the run Biz. You can do it and it will get easier as you continue to lose weight. “Turns out I am short.” LOLOL!

  6. Great job with the running! I really need to push myself harder to exercise regularly. I think I can, I think I can!

  7. You CAN run! I can’t wait to see you finish those 5ks!

  8. You are doing AWESOME at running!

  9. Wow, that grilled chicken looks so yummy! What a great idea to do chicken cordon bleu like that! 🙂 Plus, congrats on the running!

  10. I need to make another batch of your buffalo chicken chili! That and your chicken tikka masala! Yum, yum, yum!

    Way to go on the shred and the run!!!

    LOL…us shorties don’t get much to work with, huh? I’m 5′ 3/4″ and my highest weight should be 132. 😦

  11. Great job on the run Biz, that is an awesome pace!!

    I can’t wait for the Idol finale tonight, though I’m still unsure of who I think will win 🙂

  12. congrats on the 1.5 mile run! its amazing what we can talk ourselves out of doing if we arent 100% sure it can be accomplished…so i’m glad you just went out there and made it happen!!

  13. I always love your breakfasts. I really need to be more creative.
    And FANTASTIC job on your run! Way to go!!!

  14. Good doctors are out there and when you find one it is hard to let them go!

    You are doing so well with your food and exercise. You are an inspiration!

  15. oMG – 125? We are the same height and my heart of hearts goal is 135. That is hard enough. I would have to stop lifting to get to 125 or cut off a limb.

    Great job on the run!!!.

  16. You’re doing great, Biz! I’m so proud of you. 15 pounds is nothing to sneeze at. It’s noon and all I’ve had is a banana. Needless to say, all your meals look to-die-for and I think I really might kill for the chili right now. I’m off to make myself something to eat!

  17. Have fun with Hanners tonight!

  18. Keep up the good work. You are inspiring lots of people through your blog. Good job. 🙂

  19. Go Speed Demon!!!! Way to rock that run!

    So happy for all you have accomplished in the past 2 months! You’ve totally got this, Biz!

  20. I am so proud of your run!! Way to just go with what your body feels like. I have similar issues when running.. I look at my garmin and think I’m going to too fast and slow it on down. But when I’m just running my natural pace I feel so much better. I think I actually naturally run faster than I let myself. It’s a mental block I need to get over. Anyways, I’m proud of you! 🙂

  21. I love that last paragraph. I am so with you. I don’t make bad choices as a whole, but my reins seem to loosen so easily and it inhibits any weight loss. It’s a slow race, but we will win it!

    And um, CONGRATS on your running! A 10 min/mile pace is challenging for me, so I give you lots of props!!!

    As always, gorgeous photos and that meal looks fabulous!

  22. this made me so happy! glad you were able to prove yourself wrong 🙂 just take it slow, and you can do it!! And holy moly, you’ve been on a roll lately! congrats on the 15lbs 🙂

  23. I have a solution: eat more anchovies! Then you can grow and you won’t have to lose as much weight. Heh, silly joke. My dad is always telling me to eat more anchovies because it helps me “grow” even though I’m already 23.

    I think you’re doing awesome though. It always take a self decision to make clear changes, and I’m glad you have! 🙂

  24. I love your determination. And your grilled zucchini.
    Happy Hannah night!

  25. Happy Hannah night! I hope you have lots of fun together!

  26. Great job! It just takes little by little. I feel so good after I run. I’m probably at the point where you are on the running thing. Thanks for always sharing your food and recipes. Now I just need to get my lazy rear in gear and try to make them 🙂

  27. CONGRATS on the 1.5 miles in 15 minutes – woo!

    Love the breakfast you put together – you’re so good about whipping up dishes and getting beans/protein in!

  28. you ROCK! 🙂

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