WI Saturday and $20 Date Night In

I got my sticker!

I am down exactly 15 pounds!  While I was hoping for more than a .8 loss – I got my sticker, and now I am only 2 pounds away from hitting a 10% loss – woot!  While the scale isn’t going down as fast as I want, I know my body shape is changing.  I wore a pair of size 14 pants to work yesterday, and while I was at the copier, they literally fell down to about my knees!

Thank God I work in a small office and no one was around!  Those pants (and a few other size 14’s!) are in the goodwill pile. 😀

I had egg beater spinach tacos for breakfast yesterday.  I was heating it up in my work kitchen.  Another co-worker was having a bagel with a teaspoon of jelly.  Both of ours were 8 points, but lets just say I got more bang for my point buck and I was full until lunch time – she emailed me an hour and a half after eating her bagel and was still hungry!

I had chicken tortilla soup in my deep freeze, so now I am officially out of soup – need to fix that this weekend.  On the side I had a spinach corn tortilla quesadilla – 5 points for that and 5 points for the soup – again, a filling 10 point lunch. 😀

Did you guys know that I like cheese?

On my 50 minute jog/walk, I found a $10 bill!  When I got back to the office I emailed Tony and said “how about I pick up some steak?”  At the same time I was at the copier when my pants fell down, I thought “I’ll pick up some fresh rosemary to make rosemary butter for our steaks.”

When I got back to my desk, Tony had emailed me back and said “why don’t you pick up some rosemary – I have a taste for rosemary butter!” Yep, that means we’ve been living together way too long! 😀

Tony was the grill master while I made the best shrimp cocktail.  You have to make this shrimp cocktail – you would sweat that it is restaurant quality!

So with my $10 find, this was actually a $10 date night in.  We had a bottle of cheap pinot grigio and when I told Tony this was just as good as any resaurant for a fraction of the cost, he said the only difference is that we would have ordered better wine if we had been out. 😀

Tony melted 2 tablespoons of butter and I added about 2 tablespoons fresh chopped rosemary.  He had that in a small cast iron skillet, and basted the steak while it cooked.

Tony cooked the steaks at a high temperature to sear the outside, then moves them to the cool side to finish – these size steaks took about 15 minutes to cook for rare/medium rare.

I ended up eating 4 ounces of shrimp, 2 tablespoons shrimp cocktail sauce and about 7 ounces of my steak – still plenty of leftovers from both of ours to make steak tacos later this weekend. 😀  Dinner comes in at 12 points.

Holy shizz, this was a great meal  – the method of cooking the shrimp makes them taste almost like lobster, and the steak was perfectly seasoned and cooked.  A hint on making great steak?  Make sure your meat is at room temperature before grilling – if you go from cold meat to hot grill, you’ll have tough meat, no matter what cut of meat it is.

And simple seasoning – we have a mixture on our counter that is 2 parts salt, 1 part black pepper.  Season generously when you take the steaks out of the kitchen while letting them come to room temperature.  Um, the rosemary butter helps too! 😀

Stats for Friday:

  • 50 minute walk/jog – found $10 bucks!
  • 30 points
  • average blood sugar 129

Hope everyone has a long weekend!  I do have some chores I want to do around the house, but other than that, we don’t have any concrete plans – love that!

It’s not too late to join my 101 Days of Summer Challenge – just leave a comment on this post, or email me at mybizzykitchen@gmail.com with your summer goals – you can read the recap of last years participants here

Another flashback – it was already a year ago today that Hannah graduated high school!  So crazy how fast this year went by.   And for the record, my arms are still messed up from the sunburn I got at her graduation – I think I’ll have a permanent farmers tan for the rest of my life. 😦

Here is Hannah last year with her favorite teacher, who was her German teacher.  She’s already been back to see him a handful of times this past school year just to keep in touch. 😀

Enjoy your weekend! 


23 thoughts on “WI Saturday and $20 Date Night In

  1. 15lbs!! Congrats, Biz! You are melting away! I had every intention of just ordering a salad last night, but we waited until nearly 10pm to have dinner and we settled on sushi. They didn’t have any low-sodium soy sauce and I knew it would sabotage my weigh-in today. But, I guess that’s what happens when you go from 1pm to 10pm without eating. Luckily, I was only up .8. Your loss is my gain…unfortunately! 🙂 I need a good week…this is the one, I feel it! 🙂

    P.S. That meal looks…amazing!

  2. P.S. I love that pants story!

  3. Ha ha pants on the ground 😀
    Congrats on your awesome loss!

  4. Congrats on the 15 lbs lost – woot wooot!

    I emailed you my goals, but not to that address, so I sent ’em again.
    Looks like you & Tony had a great night in!

  5. I just love your blog so much, i so look forward to your updates…again thank you so much for taking the time for pictures,recipes and making me smile with your humor….your my fav blog…..

  6. congrats on the weight loss

  7. I can’t believe your pants fell down! Yeah, I’d say it’s time to move down a pant size or two! LOL! Congrats on your weight loss–you are such an inspiration!

  8. Congrats!!! Love to hear your weight loss goals:)
    Okay, you convinced me – I’m joined your 101 Days of Summer Challenge! I head back to work on Tuesday (boo), and I figured it was as great of a time as any to get back in shape after baby #2. Here are my goals (if you need them separate in an email let me know…along with any other rules)

    1. Lose 20 pounds by Labor Day, or sooner, via Weight Watchers.
    2. Attempt to get in 3 long walks a week with my kiddos in the double stroller.
    3. Continue to blog at least 3 times a week, with new and exciting recipes.

  9. WHOOOOOP! Congrats on the loss and the sticker 🙂 – so happy for you!!! I love a good quesadilla! And a spinach corn tortilla quesadilla sounds and looks awesome! So cool that you found $10. And what a perfect way to use it. We have date night tonight and I cannot wait. Josh wants Italian food. Hope you have a fantastic weekend

  10. Yay, Miss Biz–15 lbs gone (I think I picked yours up) and a steak dinner with your hubby–what a great deal and congratulations on finding the $10 bucks to boot. Thank you for your lovely comments on my new blog picture and my old backyard (I will have to unveil my new one this summer). I will be cooking up cherry hand pies this weekend, but unfortunately, they won’t be point friendly.

  11. Congrats Biz! And time to buy new pants!

  12. 15 lbs gone, finding money, steak & shrimp….damn girl, you’re on a roll 😀

  13. wtg on the 5% and the pants falling off. 🙂

  14. You are so totally inspiring!! I’m proud of you! And Hannah is adorable…she has such a sparkly smile. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? And even when you’re not, for that matter…hah!

  15. Way to go Biz! That’s awesome! I LOVE Weight Watchers so very much!

  16. Congrats on your sticker BEth!!!! And your surf n turf dinner looks divine! Woo for the $10 score — guess you can say your exercise paid off?? 😉 snort snort

  17. Congrats on the loss – woo hoo!!!!! Awesome job!
    Those steaks look divine…………mmmmm…..

  18. girlfriend, way to go! 15 lbs is awesome! don’t you love that you can eat such a delicious plate of steak and shrimp and still lose? ww is the best!

  19. 15 pounds lost! That is great!
    I love cheese too! I could eat it with every meal. 🙂

  20. Woohoo on the 15! Nice job!!!

    For the challenge, I think I’m going to commit to eating super healthy for 5 out of 7 days each week. Time to get back to basics for me, and hopefully fit back into my smaller pants by the end of summer.

  21. Congrats Biz!!! Did you ever think that being half naked at your work would be an NSV someday??? 😀

    Everything about this day had me salivating! Especially the price tag of the date! 😉 Ever since my husband stopped drinking beer, our dinners are like $30 and I thought that was good!

  22. Congrats on the sticker! I know you love your stickers!
    And holy NSV on the pants around the knees! I actually LOL’d!
    Steak & shrimp – where’s mine?

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