I survived a full day of jury duty.

Since I didn’t have to be at the court house until 9:00, I went to the gym beforehand and ran at an easy 4.5 pace for 40 minutes.  Wow, just taking the long weekend off of exercising really makes a difference.  I had plenty of time to work out too, but just didn’t.  And since our computer was shut down because of storms, I didn’t track any points – which I realized I probably ate too much when I entered my points in for yesterday. 😦  My pre-workout snack was an arnold thin with 1 tsp. of peanut butter – 6 PointsPlus.

It took me about 30 minutes to get to the Courthouse from the gym.  Good old Woodstock, Illinois!

When I got to the Courthouse I was hungry, so I ate 1/2 of a Jimmy John’s sandwich that was leftover from the day before.  Um, not necessarily the breakfast of champions!

I really had no idea what to expect yesterday.  I wasn’t sure if I could bring in my own food and drink.  About 120 people are pooled into a large room.  A Sheriff came in to talk to us about safety and while beverages are okay to bring in, not to bring in any alcohol – apparently jurors have done that in the past.  Oh, and not to bring in any drugs – yep, jurors have been arrested before even serving for having drugs on them!

Then the judge came in and explained the whole process.  I mean to the point where she explained the difference between a plaintiff and a defendant.  And then we waited.  A jury trial was scheduled for the morning, 30 names were called, and they left the room.  By 11:30, they let us go to lunch – I didn’t have to be back until 1:00!

There is a downtown historic square in Woodstock that has shops and restaurants and a bakery.  As I was driving there I saw this sign:

Yep, the farmers market is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

There isn’t a whole lot of produce yet because it’s only May, but plenty of flowers, plants and other products, like honey and salad dressings.  I ended up buying 8 dinner rolls from a bakery and a bag of fresh spinach.  I looked around to see what my lunch options were, and saw a Greek restaurant that had a sign in the window “chicken kabob, $2.99.”

It was delicious, however there was a bit of butter on the pita bread – but the meat was seasoned nicely and favor tender.  I ate 3/4 of this and am counting it at 9 PointsPlus.  I sat on a bench in the square and listened to live folk music while I ate – it was delightful!

After walking around some more, I had to head back to the Courthouse.  I got a little turned around, so I put the Courthouse into my phone GPS, and was happy that as it directed me back to where I needed to go, I passed right by the house from Groundhog Day with Bill Murray!

It’s weird because there was this giant house on a big lot, and then just regular residential houses all around it. 

So back in the jury room, I am picked with 29 other people to be a possible juror in a DUI case.  My name was never called, but I heard the same questions asked of potential jurors for nearly 3 hours, and the Courtroom was freezing.  I am what’s called a Petit juror, which means I offer my services for a full week.  Since this is a short week, chances are I won’t have to go back.  For example, there were no jury trials scheduled for today, and its rare to start a trial on a Thursday or Friday.  I still have to call after 5:00 to see if I am needed tomorrow.

So with my schedule so out of whack, I don’t have much of a plan this week.  Going into dinner I only had 6 points left, but that didn’t stop me from having a cheddar brat, corn on the cob and grilled asparagus!  I loves me a cheddar brat. 😀

So dinner came in at 11 points.  Oh, but I didn’t stop there!  Over the weekend I made some shortbread to make strawberry shortcake.  I finally put it together for dessert last night, um, with some vanilla ice cream?  Dessert was 8 points.  So it’s not all lost – its Wednesday, I am ready to get back to my routine and make good choices.  Sometimes life gets in the way, but I am focused again – whew!

Some pictures from the long weekend – I may have found my new summer beer:

When I first picked up the lemon beer, I misread it and thought it was going to be like a 64 calorie Mike’s hard lemonade – but this is still good – and even better with a fresh lemon slice.  And I think this still qualifies as a one point beer!

Tony did a great job with our lawn as always.  In 10 years we’ve lived here I’ve only cut the lawn twice – apparently I don’t mow very straight and miss a lot of spots – which stinks because using a riding mower is fun!

Our dog Ed just loves hanging out outside. 😀

So we tried our hands at smoking baby back ribs on Memorial Day.  I started the smoker around 3 in the afternoon, got the coals hot, then put the ribs on the upper rack with apple wood chips.  We maintained the heat at around 225 for three hours – check out the how the smoked ribs looked after three hours!

Then we put them on the closest grate next to the coals and added K.C. Masterpiece bbq sauce – so good.  The smoke flavor brings them to a whole new flavor level.

Stats for Tuesday:

  • 40 minute treadmill run, 4.5 mph
  • 40 minute leisure walking around village square
  • 42 points
  • average blood sugar ??

Alright, I am off to make a healthy breakfast and lunch today – this week is going by fast since its already Wednesday – which is another Hanging with Hannah Day!  We might go to a movie tonight at the Catlow theater in Barrington – its an old movie theater that only shows one movie at a time, and they are showing Water with Elephants with Reese Witherspoon.  Did anyone see that movie?  Was it good?



37 thoughts on “I survived a full day of jury duty.

  1. I hope you don’t get called back in!! What a fun lunch break though. The kabob looks yummy and I always enjoy looking around farmers markets. Grilled corn on the cob is amazingggg. We made some this weekend too. Have fun with Hannah tonight

  2. Those ribs look so good. 🙂

    And yes, Wallene told me she really enjoyed the movie – but she also happens to be a big Robert Patterson fan. [the vampire guy]

    Have fun hanging with Hannah 🙂

  3. I’ve never done jury duty, hope I don’t! Sounds like a pain.

  4. I heard Water with Elephants was awful from a couple of friends – they think Reese Witherspoon and what’s his name were not the right choices for the leads. No chemistry.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you have no more jury duty this week!

  5. Our black lab Maggie says good morning to Ed. She likes to chase around the yard more so than hang out but she thinks your yard looks like a good one to do that.

    The grilled corn and asparagus look amazing.

    Off to WW and weigh in.

  6. THe lawn looks great and Ed is so cute! The kebob looks yummy too, as does the asparagus. This is my most forgotten veggie and I don’t know why!

  7. Mmm, the ribs look amazing!! I love to eat them, but have only made them myself, maybe once. haha I’m going to have to try that beer out as well 🙂

  8. I wouldn’t mind jury duty if I got to go to the farmers market at lunchtime, lol.

    Those ribs look yummmmmmmmmmmmy

  9. Those ribs looked so good. And that chicken thing too. We don’t have a farmers market set up yet but we have a place called Country Stop and it’s a little fruit/veggie stand and it’s pretty good except mighty expensive. Still got fresh corn, 6 ears and raspberries, 2 little boxes, there Saturday (came to $12.00 but tasted awesome).
    Jury Duty isn’t bad, in fact pretty darn cool (I suppose depends on the cases but what I was one was pretty great).
    Take care and have a blessed day.

  10. Biz, I don’t know if we can be friends any more. You tempt me with strawberry shortcake…and then share NO PICTURES?! I diiiiiiiiiie! lol. At least the ribs (kinda) made up for it. Glad you weren’t picked for jury duty! It can be a cool experience, but does take up a lot of time. I enjoyed mine but hope I never get picked again. I have days like those too, where I go way over on my points, but I don’t sweat it either. That’s what the weekly allowance points are for! 🙂

    • Sorry Veronica – I actually made the shortcake by using a bag mix of biscuits, and then adding a tablespoon of sugar to the batter – it turned out really good – next time I make it I’ll take a picture!

  11. I’ve been a WW failure this week too. It’s my lady time and this lady NEEDS some chocolate and Pop Chips! Oh well, what can you do?!? I’ll workout and call it a day. Sometimes chocolate is more important. Bahahaha!

  12. Jury duty can be so frustrating. It’s the last thing anybody wants to do. You survived though!

  13. Ohh what are you going to buy with the .45c you probably made? 😉

    I just freaked the eff out over the Groundhog Day house! I did NOT know that was here in IL. J is totally getting an earful for not knowing that and taking me there! Awesome movie!

  14. Jury duty is the worst! Glad you survived!!

    The husband was going to buy that beer this weekend, but thought it might not be good. Glad to know you liked it! And it’s only 1 PP!

  15. I’ve never had jury duty. I know I’m due for it one of these days.

    I loved Water for Elephants. The book was amazing. And the movie was entertaining!

  16. I’ve not seen the lemonade beer, but I will be looking for it! Those ribs look amazing, and I’ve never had jury duty, so I know my time is coming! I was called several times when I was younger, but I always managed to get out of it.

    Took my first spin class today! Summer challenge is starting off well, let’s see how long I can stick with it!!

  17. Damn those ribs look good!

  18. Fingers crossed that you’re all done with jury duty!

    I second the disappointment over the lack of strawberry shortcake pictures!!! 🙂

  19. Ribs look good, I have been deciding if I should get a smoker, Aubrey said he will only eat smoked turkey legs and not often enough so getting it at a festival is fine with him 🙂 Guess we will see.
    Hope you don;t have to go for Jury duty again 🙂

  20. Sometimes you just need “off days” to get you back on track (just like you did!). Those ribs look delish – my husband would be all over them!

  21. Here is hoping you don’t get called! When I had jury duty last year, I was a whisker away from having to serve. They were choosing the alternates and I was in that group that was in the jury box. I thought for sure I was going to have to serve, but didn’t. Now I am free for 3 years! John actually did get picked on his turn and the trial went on all week and it was supposed to last 2 days. Yuck.

    I say go for it on the 7 mile bike ride. That is very doable at an easy pace of 10 mph. If you do faster than that, it will be a great workout in a short time. 😀

  22. Gotta love the extended lunch breaks! I remember having to go to a detroit courthouse to get something signed by a judge and didn’t know about the crazy long lunch hour and got there at 11:45 and had to sit there until after 1.

  23. I would have assumed it was lemonade as well. Have you tried the Skinny Girl Margharitas? They remind me a lot of a lighter MHL, although they are so acidic I cannot have more than one. And your town is absolutely adorable! The shot of the downtown where the farmer’s market is looks adorable.

  24. I want to see Water for Elephants! If you ended up seeing it, review please! I loved the book.

    The ribs look awesome. My parents looove cheddar brats…I’m partial to the plain’ ol beer-soaked brats. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

  25. Gotta love jury duty! I was called a few years ago but got sent home.

    Oh and Kev and I go tot he Woodstock Farmer’s Market a lot. Love it! Can’t wait until they have more produce. We were headed to the one in South Barrington at the Arboretum Sunday but we skipped due to the storm. We’ll try again soon.

  26. I’m not a citizen yet, so I’ve never been called up for jury duty. I think I would follow Tina Fey at 30 Rock and pretend I’m some kind of crazy Star War fan to get out of it. But it still seems like you enjoyed the day some how!

  27. i love the sound of that lunch, i love eating outside to live music! sounds like you made the most out of a hectic day!

  28. I’ve had to serve on a jury before. It ended up being a 6 week trial!! I got another summons for end of June. I am crossing my fingers I don’t have to go in since my work doesn’t pay for it!!
    I love the you walked by the Groundhog Day house. I love that movie!

  29. Oh jury duty…how i love thee. i’m almost 26 and well, i’ve been summoned 4 times and served twice! i think the process is very interesting though!

    oh, and great job getting in that run before jury duty! i always ran afterwards because sitting all day made me crazy!

  30. I had jury duty last year and it was sooo boring! My sister managed to get out of it- lucky!

  31. I haven’t seen the movie but did read the book. I’ll let you know what I thought after you see the movie so I don’t sway your opinion in any way. Have fun with Hannah!

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