Week 3 of 101 Days of Summer Challenge

I am cheating this week – instead of doing a huge recap this week, I am asking my participants to leave a comment on this post on how their week went.  I know Errign had a good week – she found a job in her new town!  I know she’ll have more friends than she’ll know what to do with. 😀

And my sister is going strong on the exercise – even doing 50 minutes of TaeBo before her daughter’s softball game – way to go!

And Tracy has updated her blog after a couple years off – go Tracy!  Check out her latest post here.

Enjoy your Sunday!



42 thoughts on “Week 3 of 101 Days of Summer Challenge

  1. This week was a hard one for me. I started off with a migraine and ended with a sinus infection. Somewhere in between, I ran my 5 mile day, and was really happy with how I did. But other than that, I have taken the last few days off to try and recover. I worry that I am not doing the training program right and I won’t be able to do my half-marathon – sometimes it is hard to quiet those crazy voices in my head!

  2. gah you’re such a cheater. LOL j/k Loving the inspiration – great job everyone! Keep the news and updates coming!

  3. After my son’s injury last weekend, I spent alot of time at doctors and hospitals this week but did manage to do my two mile walk 5 days (I admire those of you who do so much more but at almost 70 years old that is as much as I can manage) and think I’ve done pretty well with my eating. I weigh in on Monday so don’t know what the scale is saying. My goal is 1# a week. I didn’t meet my goal of one new recipe a week but that’s OK.

  4. This week was hit and miss for me….I plan on posting about it later today:) Unfortunately I gained 1 lb…but I chalk that up to PMS and a job change, so it was a little bit of a stressful week. But, honestly I ate healthy everyday except for when my sister and her kids came to visit and I had my fave – PIZZA. I did get in two walks during lunch hours though, so that made me happy:)

  5. I had a suck ass week. Let myself get talked out of exercising two days this week, it was y ours truly that did the convincing. I also didn’t get out at lunch most days either. My eating wasn’t too bad and the scale is showing almost 2 more pounds down. But I think that is a misleading measure, I think it helped that I did it after sweating buckets on a long run in Saturday’s humidity. Here is to a better week this week!!

    • I was the same way this week with exercise. I was great at convincing myself not to workout.
      I also at least try to get a walk in during my short lunch, but found myself not wanting to leave my desk.
      Let’s promise ourselves we’ll at the very least get out for lunch!

  6. I just got back from Sweden on Thursday night. I ate Swedish meatballs every day I was there (I’m totally serious) and didn’t bother counting points. I wasn’t very good but I wasn’t very bad either. And we walked a lot. I didn’t weigh in yet…will do that this coming Thursday. Since I got home, however, I’ve been so very bad. But today I meal plan and get back on track! We’ll ignore the Dairy Queen sundae I had earlier….

    • Well, when in Sweden. 🙂 I find a lot of times when I travel, I don’t stress about what I’m eating, I just try to limit myself to foods I wouldn’t be able to find back home in the states. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never been able to turn down DQ!

      • I’m going to be taking a trip to Europe in a few weeks and I hope I’ll be able to limit myself the way you did.

  7. I am still going strong – down 4.6 pounds since the start of the challenge and on day 16 of exercising for 100 days straight!
    I rode my bike to work, rode my bike or walked during my lunch break, did Taebo, Jillian, played tennis.

    I’ve also avoided ALL food at work that I did not bring -HUGE success and I’ve kicked to the curb eating after dinner when I’m not even hungry!

  8. Wow, you guys are making me feel guilty. I’ll have to up my ante for next week’s update so I’m not the resident dud.

    My scale is either in IL or in the storage unit, so haven’t weighed myself. I’m working at an ice cream, sno-ball, coffee, fudge shop every day. But I’ve been avoiding temptation. I’ve had a few iced coffees I made myself with skim milk and a sample or 2 of some new flavors of ice cream to see how they taste. Other than that, I haven’t eaten anything there.

    I haven’t exercised yet. I’m hoping next week when I can FINALLY get unpacked and set everything up in my own apartment life will return to some sort of normalcy. I like habit and routine, it helps me stay organized, focused, and on top of things. So these past couple of weeks have been overwhelmingly stressful for me, living out of boxes and suitcases.

    My dad is reading this 21 day diet book. Basically the gist of it is to eat high fiber, low fat. So that’s how I’ve been eating the past week. We’ve made a lot of 1 pot dishes such as lentils, eggplant, pasta salad, etc. Most of them are vegan, but some have been vegetarian. All of these have been made with pounds and pounds and pounds of veggies from our local fruit stand. We’ve also been buying melons, mangoes, pineapples, etc. and cutting them up to snack on with greek yogurt.

    • I need to get my veggie on this week! Way to go Christina! Don’t feel bad about your life being in a million places, I have things at my parent’s house, in-law’s house, and grandparent’s house.

      My goals for this week are to stay on track so I can splurge at a wedding next weekend. I also plan on rocking more fruit and veggies, as I’ve been lacking and STARVING all week! Not cute! My goal is also to mix up my workouts. I plan on doing a few C25Ks and perhaps Shred a day or two!

  9. I started out the week slow, but ended up doing 3 (1 hour) fitness classes (spin, zumba & body sculpting) and 30 mins of abs classes. So I met my exercise goal. However, weight loss….still zero!

  10. No loss this week – just maintained so that’s good. In the recipe front I was a cooking machine – 4 new ones.
    Other than that – not too much on the exercise front. Zilch on running. After that last race I lost any steam I had left for running. I’m taking a break on that front…but MUST get more workouts in this coming week.

  11. I did pretty well with home cooking and with lots of veggies this week, and I just barely made my exercise goal (yay!). Took a great hike with my boyfriend this morning through the Presidio in San Francisco.

  12. It wasn’t a stellar week for me, although I DID go to my WW meeting and saw a .8 loss on Wednesday. My husband and I have been having a non-talking standoff, over something he said to me, and I am ashamed to say, I did some emotional eating. I think I went through almost all of the extra points in the second day of my tracking week! Geesh! I have been trying to stay close to the 29 each day since, but have gone over almost every day by a handful of points of so. I am also fighting a bought with some sciatica, which has set me back with activity. I DID play mini golf today, and remember reading somewhere in my WW stuff, it counts toward activity points! haha I can’t imagine how. LOL Anyway…..not looking for a loss this week on Wednesday…but am going to try harder to do better next week.

  13. Like you, I’m rocking the slow and steady weight loss. Keep up the good work Biz. My update is at http://finallyfiguringitout.blogspot.com/2011/06/slimmer-this-summer-and-101-days-of.html

  14. I love doing the recap this way! It’s fine with me if we do it this way every week.

    I met my challenge of doing yoga every night. Some times for 1/2 hour, sometimes only 15 minutes but I did it even when I was tired and just wanted to go to bed.
    I also added ‘walk at least 15 minutes’ to my daily challenge. I met that. And now that we’ve brought my Dad home (he was in a nursing/rehab facility) I am trying to clean up my eats. Nursing home vending machine food is definitely not the healthiest and fast food veganish/vegetarian choices are surprisingly hard to find.
    I hope we all have a great week!

  15. I struggled this past week — everything was off. No food journaling, only 1 workout, terrible weather, crazy at work…just one of those weeks. However, I am taking all the leftover junk from this weekend to work today and I am anxious to get back into a routine 🙂

  16. Here is my recap!
    –Did not have any sugar free chocolate this week (one of my goals) and though I did have regular chocolate I was able to keep it down to 1 small piece (not even a full serving) per day. Awesome!! I was really happy about this because portions and snacking are my 2 big issues 🙂
    –Did not weigh myself this week because I felt bloated and didn’t want to be discouraged because I felt good aside from being bloated. Hopefully this was a good idea. I’ll weigh in next week though 🙂
    –Had a great workout every day (yesterday, Sunday, was my rest day) – I did an intense yoga one day, 2 days of bodyrock, 1 30 day shred (with weights for the first time ever – killer), a dvf stretching routine, and capoeira in the park (for free).

  17. I did pretty well last week. 3 days of 0-100 push-up challenge (75 push-ups). 4 days of exercising 30 minutes or more. 2 days of weight training. Good week on the food side too.

  18. The good news is I am MOVING! Feeling great and refreshed most every day. The bad news is I am not losing. Hopefully it will catch up.

  19. For whatever reason, when you wrote this:

    And my sister is going strong on the exercise – even doing 50 minutes of TaeBo before her daughter’s softball game – way to go!

    I read it as, “even doing 50 minutes of Taco Bell before her daughter’s softball game.”

  20. Last week was a *tough* week. 😦 I’m glad I had this challenge in the back of my mind to keep me motivated and on track. I managed to do my five workouts and did not gain any weight. Surprisingly I didn’t turn to food – I’m taking that as a win! 🙂 This is a new week…

  21. Perhaps Biz doesn’t realize I haven’t officially signed up for this year’s challenge….

    Here goes: I took 6 x 40-50 minute regular or Nordic walks last week. I had one monster day during which I took over 15,200 steps – not because I was exercising but because I was running errands and shopping in/at the city center! 🙂 I had one day of strength training with kettlebell.

    My eating was pretty irregular last week. I feasted on some days, and on some days I ate reasonably. I also learned to make green smoothies!

    I don’t weigh myself, so I’ve nothing to report on that front. (I did get kind of depressed when I shopped for new tops on Friday. Talk about middle-age spread!)

    Last summer was just a warm-up!!

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