Grilled Pizza Success!

I didn’t want to get up yesterday morning.  I need to give myself a curfew – like 10:30 p.m. is when I should go to bed if I want to get up to get the gym the next day.  Um, yesterday I finally got out of bed at 7, and had to blog, shower, put food together in 60 minutes – a pretty tall order!

Breakfast was a 2pt. light bun, with egg beaters, ham, cheese and chopped romaine lettuce (I actually liked the crunch of the romaine!) with fresh blackberries and cantaloupe.  This whole mound of found was only 5 points. 😀

When I left for work it was rainy and kinda chilly, but by lunch time it was up to about 72 – so I decided to run!  Well, walk/jog/sprint is what I did.  I ended up doing a 5k in just under 40 minutes – not too bad!  Although I wear a fanny pack to run with – being diabetic means I have to travel with glucose tabs, my blood sugar test kit, my cell phone in case of emergency, and my iPod. 

On my last sprint, somehow the zipper that holds all my diabetic stuff got open and I could hear all my stuff fall on the ground – but I had already envisioned my finish line for my last sprint and continued on – then had to go back and pick my shit up – it takes a few minutes to pick up 40+ test strips on the ground – hopefully they are okay – they are expensive. 😦

I seriously may have this lunch every single day this week.  We ordered chicken fingers to bring home yesterday.  These are so good!  My guess is that each one is 5 points (if you think its more, let me know!).  My salad:

  • 1 chicken finger (heated up in the toaster oven to recrisp) 5 pts
  • romaine lettuce – 0 pts
  • broccoli slaw – 0 pts
  • apple – 0 pts
  • 2 tablespoons dried cranberries – 1 pt
  • 2 tablespoons light poppy seed dressing – 2 pts.
  • splash of Tabasco to even out the sweetness of the dressing – 0 pts.

A super filling salad – what you see in this bowl is only half of what I ate – I didn’t have a bowl big enough!  Not bad for only 8 pts. 😀

Want to know how I know Tony is feeling better?  He met a friend out for beers last night – so happy he went out!  And that meant I was alone in my home.  That never happens!  I had caught up on all my Rachael Ray and America’s Test Kitchen episodes that were piling up on the DVR, then I grilled some chicken breasts and made a chicken breast sammie for dinner.  I now have more grilled chicken for lunches later this week. 😀

I just stacked my tiles from the grilled pizza in the corner – worked perfect!

Dinner comes in at 10 PointsPlus (um, the 4 pts. of chips and salsa I ate while watching t.v. sorta didn’t get photographed!)

So Sunday night, Tony and I decided to use unglazed quarry tiles to grill pizza, to sort of mock a pizza oven on our gas grill.  We bought them at Menard’s for .44 cents each.  We figured 9 would fit our gas grill.  Only one problem.  The tiles overhung so the lid wouldn’t close shut all the way, so the grill wouldn’t get hot enough.  Tony moved the tiles so it was four across and two deep – I just had to adjust the shape of the pizza to fit the tiles.

And I have Liv Life to thank for the pizza dough.   I use semolina flour when making ravioli, so had some on hand.  I think this is our new favorite dough!

Semolina Pizza Dough (courtesy of Liv Life)

  • 2 teaspoons active dry yeast
  • 2.5 cups white flour
  • 3/4 cup semolina flour
  • 1.25 cups warm water
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1.5 teasoons sea salt (next time will add 1 tablespoon)

While the original recipe was made in a bread machine – I did it the old fashioned way – bowl, spoon and hands. 😀 

Mix the flours and yeast together.  Add remaining ingredients and when the dough starts to take shape (I did add about 2 tablespoons more water) I put it on my counter and kneaded it for about 5 minutes.  There is just something theraputic about kneading dough – I love it. 😀

I let it sit on the counter for an hour – while this could easily make 4 pizzas (at 11 points each), I just split it in half since Tony and I were splitting this.

We ended up putting half our grill on high – the other half on low.  We cooked the dough for about 7-8 minutes, turning half way, then put the toppings on and then put it to the cooler side until the cheese melted.

Our grill got up to 550-600 degrees – and like an idiot, I tried to put the toppings on, while the crust was on the grill – until Tony said “why don’t you just take the pizza off to add the toppings” – duh! 

Yep – this one was a winner for both of us – Tony liked the crust as much as I did, although the canned pizza sauce I bought was on the tangy side (which I love) so I will need to tweak that.  Maybe I can bring back Party Pizza Friday if I grill it!  (fingers crossed) 😀

I had our ingredients on hand and ready to go - the sausage is cooked - I didn't think raw sausage would cook through at the high temps and shorter cooking timeafter just a couple minutes, the dough started to bubble

I used cornmeal on the pizza peel to put the dough on the hot tiles and to take it off when it was done – I liked the added texture on the bottom of the dough. 😀

Half of this pizza was 18 points (11 points for the dough alone) but totally worth it – and the cherry peppers kicked it up a notch. 😀

I cannot wait to make this pizza again. 😀

Stats for Monday:

  • 27 points plus
  • 40 minute 5k run
  • average blood sugar 131

Guess what? I am off to the gym to swim!  Make it a great day!

38 thoughts on “Grilled Pizza Success!

  1. I need to make this pizza….wow. It absolutely looks amazing!

  2. Nice job on the run! And the lunch salad looks amazing. I need to make up some chicken so I can throw it into my lunches as well. Grilled pizza totally rocks. The edges get so nice and crispy 🙂 Glad to hear Tony is feeling better

  3. How funny – after I finish commenting, I’m off to the gym for a swim!

    Jeff keeps wanting to try grilled pizza, only he wants to put it directly on the grill. I just have visions of ruining our brand new grill, which is why I’m not on board – but maybe getting some tiles might make that work for both of us. Your pizza looked great!

    • Shelley, I’ve totally made pizza on the grill with no tiles. You just have to make sure it’s preheated and sprayed with a little cooking spray, should be good!

  4. Great job on your run – by the end of the summer, you’ll be smokin’ that 5k!

    Loooove grilled pizza. Another thing to add to my list of things to do when I go home for a weekend in August – shopping, visit my favorite restaurants, see my friends & family, play with McKinley, make ice cream! and grill pizza.

  5. Upskirt pic’ pls 🙂 looks delicious & the tiles @re @ gre@t ide@.

  6. I’ll have to look for some grill tiles. I’ve been thinking about making grilled pizza and yours looks delicious!!!! With the tiles I won’t worry about dropping the pizza onto the burners.

    You should check out SPIbelt to hold your stuff while you run and ride. It is a low profile fanny pack that doesn’t bounce. I don’t have one but they get great reviews.

    • Thanks for the idea – I think those would work, I am just worried all my diabetes crap won’t fit though – I should see if a store sells them so I can see them in person.

  7. Every year I say we’re trying grilled pizza, then we don’t. Maybe this year? Yours looks fabulous!

  8. Me too Helen! I think this is the year I HAVE to try grilling pizza!

  9. Grilled pizza is on our menu for Friday, hopefully it turns out as good as yours!

  10. I’ve never tried grilling pizza but I think I might have to now! Great job on your run! Hope you enjoy your swim!

  11. I have a weakness for pizza… This looks great! (and I’m not one for meat on my pizza either!)

  12. I love grilled pizza… Jake and I made it last year, and it rocked! I’m missing our grill this summer, there are so many great BBQ recipes that keep popping up!

  13. Whoop de whoop de doo… A great post. glad to see so much use for your grill. Go wild now and back some bread or quick banana bread scones in the same way… really, it works

  14. Oh how I love pizza!

  15. I’ve always heard you could just buy tiles at a home improvement store to use for pizza but I didn’t really how much cheaper they were – 44 cents each? That’s awesome. The finished pizza looks delicious. I love grilling just about everything in the summer so I don’t heat up the house.

  16. I may have to treat myself to some grilled pizza this summer! It always looks so quick and easy as long as you have everything prepped ahead of time.

    Way to go on your 5K! You’re a true athlete to keep going despite your entire pack strewn all over the trail! 🙂

  17. DiningAndDishing

    yummm, ive only had grilled pizza once but absolutely loved it! what a great meal :).

    – Beth @

  18. I’ve never grilled pizza but it sounds and looks so delish! I’m glad Tony is feeling better. 🙂

  19. That pizza look soooooooooooooo good! Cherry peppers — yum yum yum! I love homemade pizza…it’s so delicious!

  20. Glad Tony is feeling better.
    That pizza looks delicious! Must come over for dinner one day! Haha!

    Hm…lettuce on egg sammie? Interesting!

  21. Grilled pizza is one of my all time favorite foods. Yours looks AMAZING.

  22. That looks delicious! I am going to make a sourdough pizza crust this weekend. Maybe I should cook it on the grill!

  23. Grilled pizzas have such a hearty taste. They are a nice surprise for people not expecting the grill marks!

  24. Pizza on the grill is still on my to try list! I have finally made some good pizza in the oven so my next challenge has to be the grill! It would be nice to keep the heat out of the kitchen so I must give it a try. Thanks for all the tips!

  25. what an amazing pizza! so love the grill idea. i would say it is worth the points for sure. i saw johnny cakes today at a new market and thought of you 😉

  26. Yummy, I need to try the grilled pizza. This looks awesome 🙂

  27. All of your meals look and sound wonderful…5 pts for that great sandwich….I’m gonna learn alot from you. Oh that pizza is mouthwatering….

  28. Weighting For 50

    Hi Biz….oooh….I’ve gotta get us a couple of tiles for grilled pizzas. (I’ve made them straight on the grill, but they burn really easily….the tile would definitely help) Hope your week is going well and that you are enjoying a glass of wine or two! 🙂

  29. I have yet to make grilled pizza. It’s everywhere I look these days (blogs, Food Network, etc)! I think I even have pizza makings at home right now – not sure what I’m waiting for. 🙂

  30. Looks yummy. I’ve always wanted to try pizza on the grill. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl now.

  31. OMG ~ my morning was totally like that yesterday too. Way to go on the run!!!

    I totally think your salad is like a Mock AppleBee’s Chinese Chicken maybe? LOL I don’t know it’s what I thought when I saw it.

    Gaahhhh ~ Grilled Pizza is everywhere, I might just have to cave to make it. I’ve seen people use stones but not tiles. Where did you get the tiles or who makes them maybe? I like that idea more than using my pizza stone.

    Those peppers ~ I just tried them for the first time ever in Vegas last week and I am not sure why they were missing from my life….YUM! And on pizza……Biz you are a genius LOL

  32. I popped my Pampered Chef pizza stone right on the BBQ and it is now BLACK! lol Oh well…but I gotta say the pizza was DELICIOUS! I loved the way the dough came out! So much tastier than when cooked in the oven! 🙂 YUM!

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