Go ahead. . . push yourself. And naked locker rooms – thoughts?

I made it to bed by 10:50 the night before last – close to my curfew of 10:30. 😀  I set my alarm for 6:15 and as I lay my head down on my pillow to sleep, I just said “you get up when the alarm goes off.”  Guess what??  I did!  I was out of the house by 6:30 (note to self, make coffee before going to the gym!), and by 6:50 I was in the pool.

I swam for 40 minutes straight – a couple pauses to adjust my goggles, but pushed through.  I had a guy in the lane next to me, and the laps where we were head to head I pretended I was in the last leg of a race and I had to win.  When I pushed myself like that, I realized that sometimes its easy to go through the motions of exercising – and may be why my weight loss has been slow.

So I am making a promise to myself to go big or go home.  Push myself harder than I think I can this week, and see how that may effect my weigh in this week.  😀

My pre-gym workout was unphotographed 1/4 cup of frosted mini-wheats.  I also took 5 units of insulin – its weird, but if I wake up with a blood sugar of 120, and then exercise, when I am done it can be as high as the 350s!  So I have to eat something, take insulin, and it balances out – back home at 8:00 a.m. my blood sugar was 109.

After my swim I was going to hit the steam room, until I walked in and saw a women laying buck naked on one of the benches, and I felt kinda weird going in, and decided against it.  I’ve belonged to several gyms over the years, and in every one there are handfuls of women who have no problem blow drying their hair naked, putting on make up naked, stretching naked – no matter the body type.

While I had my lunch planned out, I ran out of time, so it was McDonald’s to the rescue – oatmeal with 1/4 cup of my homemade granola – 10 PointsPlus.

Although I reheated it when I got to work, and was surprised to see this sticker on the bottom.  I guess I thought the oatmeal was made to order, but I guess not?

The weather was picture perfect, although I forgot to add sunscreen, so I needed to wear a jacket on my bike ride.  OMG, this was a tough ride, 3/4 of the ride the wind was right in my face, and some of the hills I was going up so slow, I probably could have walked faster – but it felt good to finish the 8 miles in 50 minutes!

Lunch was soup and salad – I need to tweak the soup recipe a bit, so no recipe yet – that bowl is 5 points, and then a grilled chicken salad on the side for 5 more points.

I had pasta on the menu, but with gorgeous weather, I couldn’t pass up grilling, so yesterday morning I defrosted pork chops.  I went on Tastespotting, and found a recipe for Grilled Pork Chops with Garlic Lime Sauce.  Holla!  I did reduce the amount of oil though from the original recipe:

Garlic Lime Sauce – from Dine and Dish

Makes 8 servings – 1 tablespoon per serving for 2 PointsPlus

  • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes (up from 1/4)
  • 1/4 cup olive oil (reduced from 1/3)
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro (upped from 2 tablespoons)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

Whisk together the lime juice, garlic, red-pepper flakes, and salt, then add oil in a slow stream, whisking well.  Whisk in the cilantro at the end so as not to bruise it.

I love the table the sauce is sitting 0n – Tony made it for us for a grilling side table and it really comes in handy. 😀

I made grilled rosemary potatoes on the side – this flat cast iron skillet really holds the heat, but I have to be careful the tots don’t burn.

My 5 oz. pork chop, tablespoon of sauce and rosemary potatoes comes in at 12 PointsPlus.

Holy cow, these chops were good -not only did I cook them perfectly (which is sometimes hard with thick chops) the sauce made this dish.  The perfect bite!

Some exciting news for My Bizzy Kitchen – Gourmet Live website wants to make my Grilled Cherry Salsa the recipe of the day in the near future!  I’ll be sure to post the link when I have it.  How fun is that? 😀

Updated:  Thank Jenn for letting me know it was up!


And I also finally took advantage of a Living Social deal – I normally don’t because they are never convenient, but for $20, I got six 70 minute sessions at a yogo studio near my house.  Normally six sessions cost $75!  They have early Saturday morning sessions for beginners, so I think I will tie it in to my WW weigh in – I may just have to go the 7:00 a.m. meeting.

Stats for Tuesday

  • 33 points
  • 40 minute swim
  • 50 minute bike ride
  • average blood sugar 98 – nice!

I am having lunch out with my old WW work buddy and one of the secretaries from my office – and tonight is Hanging with Hannah night – we are going to the gym, but no froyo tonight. 😀  Make it a great day!

27 thoughts on “Go ahead. . . push yourself. And naked locker rooms – thoughts?

  1. Rachel Palmieri

    I can never cook thick pork chops…they always come out dry!

  2. yum . I am crazy over the combination of lime and garlic . naked people in the locker room, not so much.

  3. Great job on the AM workout! It is very easy to go through the motions with a lot of workouts. I always say that to my classes during abs because I feel like abs are so easy to “fake”. We definitely have naked ladies at our gym. I guess more power to ya! And your dinner is making me crave roasted or grilled potatoes- yum!

  4. Way to get up and go! I’ve gotten my behind to the gym the past two mornings and it feels great! Keep it up girl!

  5. I saw two ladies who were neighbors fully naked and hugging each other in the locker room. It was funny because my neighbor and I were there for our kid’s swim lessons and we were looking at each other like – um, we’re good!

    Congrats on being being recipe of the day at Gourmet Live. I just hopped over there and I think your recipe is already there?

    Love the juicy drip off of your bite of pork! Delectable!!!

  6. I sometimes do that too – “race” other swimmers – NOT go nekkid in the locker room, lol. I know it’s a locker room, and changing must occur, but for crying out loud, would it KILL people to be a little discrete?!?

  7. When I used to belong to the Y, the older ladies would walk around naked all the time after swim class. Yikes.
    Jealous of that Living Social deal!

  8. As always, the food looks delicious. I can’t wait for that soup recipe! And hell no, I’m not walking around naked at the gym! I don’t want to see anyone else’s mess hanging out either. Of course, when I get my super model body, I might go grocery shopping in a string bikini 😉 (I’ve never had a super model body, so I’m pretty sure everyone is safe)

  9. Woo hooo on the yoga and early morning gym going 🙂

  10. I really don’t like naked people in the locker room that just walk around and talk while they are butt naked. Makes me feel weird. Like don’t talk to me unless you have clothes on. And people who sit on the benches naked also gross me out. At least put a towel down! i don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with that. I have a hard time changing in general when others are around. I just don’t care to share what I look like.

    Your dinner looks amazing. I have a ton of baby red potatoes that I need to make. In fact I need to find a good way to make them so they brown and get crispy without burning. Harder to do than most would think.

  11. You know, that salad looks wonderful. I haven’t had enough greens on this vacation.

    I like your new exercise philosophy. Otherwise known as “stop phoning it in”. I know people who do that. It’s okay to phone it in ONCE in awhile, but not as your regular thing.

    Mark’s Daily Apple blog has a great philosophy about exercise (though he hates chronic cardio, and I like it). “Make your hard workouts shorter and HARDER and your easy workouts LONGER and EASIER.”

    My triathlon training has recently started and I love it! I love group fitness and I get inspired by others and pushed to work harder and longer. The first workout I swam 1000 yds, then got ready for the run, and they said “we’re doing 3 miles”. I said…wha?? I didn’t exactly hold back on the swim. But it was awesome! I was pretty hungry all day though.

  12. I could live off pork chops!
    I swear – your swimming workouts make me want to take lessons & get in the pool.
    Congrats on the featured recipe! It was only a matter of time your delicious recipes would be featured!

  13. I want to try yoga when my classes are done (only 2 more weeks! EEEK!). My only worry is that Ryan will get home early and I’ll be SOL after paying for it. We shall see!

  14. Pork is the reason I’m not vegetarian. That chop looks DIVINE and is making me want chops for dinner!

    That is quite the deal you got on yoga – wow! We have both Groupon and Living Social around here but the offers are usually in cities that are at least a 45 minute drive from me, which means they’re not a deal at all.

  15. At Ballys a lot of oldddddd Asian men used to walk around naked but it was ok because most of them were “Mr chowesc”

  16. Your poll made me laugh. I used to always walk in to the locker room and see naked older women every time! I’m not that comfortable with my body to stroll around that way and besides, it kinda grosses me out!!

  17. Hey Biz. First off I would of rolled out the door giggling to find someone standing there naked! That is just something I am not used to ( can’t you tell this chick has never been to a gym?). Gee, that’s just crazy. I could never do that! Congrads, on your weight loss. I just love the cast iron pan you are using on your grill. Cast iron is perfect for heat distribution. I always cook with cast iron. Matter of fact, that’s all I have in my kitchen 🙂 Girl, your chicken looks fantastic. I know that sauce had a lot of flavors 🙂 Great post !!

  18. The pork looks FAB! I’m going to try this one!

  19. biz, what a great day from start to finish 🙂

  20. There are so many naked people in my gym’s locker room all the time! I mean, it’s fine if you’re getting dressed, but I don’t really feel comfortable when someone is blowdrying their hair 2 feet away from me naked… or sitting completely naked on benches… yikes!

  21. Weighting For 50

    Wow Biz…you are RACKING up the activity points!!!!! You (and Jenn) are UNSTOPPABLE right now!!! Congrats on being featured on the site too. Not surprised, that is one STELLAR recipe!! Hope you had a good time hangin’ with Hannah! Have a good Thurs.

  22. So cool you are on Gourmet Live!

  23. Congrats on the salsa recipe on Gourmet Live!! Woo Hooo! Your salsas always look so good!

  24. The locker room at my gym has open group-showers, like in high school. Since everyone who showers there is doing so in clear view of anyone that is in the locker room at the time, there are very few who even worry about trying to be modest. When I first became a member at the gym I would wear a towel to and from the showers. But very few women bother wearing a towel at all, so after a few weeks I just said the hell with it, and just go nude the whole time. But I’m almost certain that no one is bothered by the nudity in the locker room at my gym? When you first inquire about a membership at that gym, they have one of the employees (It’s a female only gym) take you through the whole gym, locker room included, and they warn you as you are about to enter the locker room that you will be seeing a lot of naked women in there. So I figure most of the people that are bothered by seeing other women in the buff, choose a different gym to join?


    When I was 10 years old my family moved to a different neighborhood. Our neighbors had a 10 year old daughter that became my best friend. Our mothers were only a couple of years apart in age, also. After about a month in the new house, my neighbor girl’s mother suggested that she and my mother take us swimming at the local Y.
    So, one night the four of us went swimming at the Y. When we first went into the locker room we started undressing to change into our swimsuits. But whereas my mom, my friend and myself put our swimsuits right away, my friends mom just stood there naked continuing to talk for several minutes before putting on a swimsuit.
    But the biggest shock to me was still to come.

    After our swim, not only did my friends mom shower in the nude (Also a group shower room) but so did my own mom. I had probably only seen my mom nude at home a few times ever before that. She never walked around naked at home. So I was in shock that she would choose to shower in the nude in a locker room full of people!

    The gym that I’m a member at now allows members to take their daughters there to swim one night of the week. I take my five year old daughter swimming there. So now I’m one of the naked mom’s. But at five years old, nudity means nothing to my daughter, so it’s not even a blip on her radar.

    • This is the same with me. Took my 10 year old daughter and her two friends to the beach over the summer and showered in the park “bath house” after. The shower room was a group shower. I think the girls were shocked to see 15+ naked women/girls showering, but were more shocked when I removed my swimsuit to shower.

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